Balikbayan Breakfast Buffet a la Marketman


What’s for breakfast when you have a houseful of balikbayans? Yesterday it was an over-the-top pinoy baked goods or kakanins spread… The buffet had bibingka, large ensaimadas, bub-bud kabog, puto, cuchinta, sapin-sapin, puto bumbong and cassava cake! Throw in some ripe chico, mango and tons of pomelo and you are in memory lane heaven. Of course we had all the grated coconut, panocha and toasted coconut to go with all the appropriate things… And yes, there is definitely a point where your body screams “too much already!!!” and it becomes impossible to consume any more of the things you have been dreaming about for several years. No such thing as moderation in these parts, you must gain at least a pound a day if you stay with us…

Since there are only so many meals available to guests pinoybfst2who stay just a week or two, you have to hit several specialties in one sitting! And that was just breakfast/snacks/sweets! Leftovers were saved for snacking the rest of the day… Other favorites served in the last few days were halo-halo, leche flan, sans rival, turon, etc. It’s funny and heartwarming at the same time to see the expressions of joy on people’s faces when they taste something for the first time in several years… good memories flood the senses and for that brief moment you know that everything is just perfect… If I could send a plate with a little bit of everything we ate to each and every one of MarketManila’s readers abroad I would… but for now, enjoy the photos instead!

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20 Responses

  1. How fantastic! Did you prepare everything from scratch? Or did you do a combination of freshly-made and store-bought?

    When I cook for more than 10 people I take shortcuts and buy some things already made. =)

  2. wysgal…you give me too much credit…all were purchased from the Salcedo Market in an early morning raid…

  3. Hey, market man! Damn you are so good! I am OC when it comes to entertaining. But…(takes a haughty, unpanicking stance ala Stepford wife)…never fear, early or last minute market raids are a 1950’s host’s (in a petticoat, cardigan, and pearl accessories, of course) best friend…lol!

    I made the cheese pimiento, by the way. Thanks a lot! Hey, feel free to visit my blogspot… ;-)

  4. You’re a devil,MM! I was in kakanin heaven for two minutes while reading this blog.Anyway,thanks for sharing kahit na photos lang.

  5. This is the ultimate torture. Seeing those pictures and reading your Blog! I know I’m new here but please… PLEASE… PLEASE…… invite me for breakfast…lol

  6. Heehee, sorry folks, I kinda knew this would be a double-edged post, particularly for those who can’t zip out and buy a bibingka (I like mine with no red egg) or freshly made cassava cake…

  7. how about some tuyo, tinapa, champorado, dilis, itlog na pula, sinangag etc, o your next balikbayan breakfast buffet?

  8. Aha, so that’s the reason for the early sighting at the market last Saturday. The spread looks amazing.

  9. i love everything on that spread!!!!! how i wish i was one of your lucky guests =) good comforting treats that are truly filipino–all for breakfast?? i bet evryone had a smile and was in a good mood the whole day =)

  10. Hi MM, going through your website makes one want to drop everything and head back to Manila. I miss the food so much. I bet you’ll do well opening a restaurant here in Sydney, where you’ll find excellent restaurants from different countries EXCEPT the Philippines. Thanks for sharing your recipes :o)

  11. arthur, it’s a double edged sword, the food of your memories and childhood against the poverty, poor job prospects, pollution in the city, etc… the grass is always greener on the other side… glad you are enjoying the site!

  12. Marketman, I live in Sydney now… and I absolutely drooled after reading this blog. Excellently presented and well described. Can’t wait to come home this year!

    Wish I could bring home some strawberries and lamb!

  13. You are actually able to bring meat and fruit to the Philippines from Sydney. Just make sure you declare all food items to customs.

  14. I don’t have website, but I like to get some recipes from your website, I miss the filipino sweets ..could you send me this bebingka recipe…thank.

  15. mila king, I have the recipes for bibingka in my archives, just do a search of bibingka and KEEP scrolling down again and again until you hit the recipe you seek…thanks!

  16. Yummy looking at those pictures you prepared for your quests..wished I was there hhahah. Could you send me how to make this Bibinka? recipe? look so good..

  17. Hello Market man, i have been looking for an ARIPAHOL RECIPE which I think a visayan casava recipe, but cannot find any input in the web. Do you know the recipe hope you can send me.
    Thanks for all the recipes i have tried some of them and makes me feel like i am close to home.

  18. ARIPAHOL has been favorite kakanin of mine and it seems very rare nowadays even here in Iloilo. There used to be vendors plying the street selling them. Though i wont give up …

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