Banana Blossoms


These are some fresh, or semi-dehydrating banana blossoms that I picked up at the market today. Not to be confused with banana blossoms/hearts that include the whole flowering unit, blos2these blossoms are more like the individual fingers that might turn into the actual banana fruit. They are the things hidden by the tough red or maroon sheaths that peel away from the banana heart. They are used in some stews and sometimes are substituted for lily blossoms called for in some Chinese dishes such as hot & sour soup (they have a similar look and feel but are not the same thing). The banana blossoms are more interesting for their texture, chewy, yielding and an unusual mouthfeel…although they have a very faint flavor as well. Visually, they add interest to a stew as well. I got some because I have seen these many times before and I figured if I bough the ingredient, an interesting use would probably present itself…


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  1. yes, for paksiw na pata as well. it would be interesting to know other uses for these as well. these ones are nice-looking, a lot fresher-looking than the dried up supermarket types.

  2. we had two versions of paksiw na pata at my parent’s home: salty (dad’s version) and sweet (mom’s version). an addition of banana blossoms was the one constant in both.

  3. Wilson, I don’t think it even have a taste. *laughs*
    It just gives your dish some texture. I expiremented once before , using it for a tofu sweat and sour soup, it was OKish. Although I think is was not the banana blossoms fault, more like my cooking. LOL. I also tried adding some of it in my chicken adobo, I actually like it, just a different texture mixed with your onions and I love lots of onions with my adobo.

  4. i use this when i make humba — taste enhancing. the ones in your pic look quite fresh though, the ones i get here in packs from the Asian shop are a bit older and browner. needless to say, they’re nice and chewy! :)

  5. im gonna use it as an alternative ingredient for alamang instead of using shrimp paste(its my thesis). can somebody here give me an idea on how i should use it? or how i should prepare such dish without using any shrimp paste? any comments and suggestions will be apreciated! :) please, people! HELP ME!!! :)



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