“Bloody” Orange Juice


From Sicilian Blood Oranges (previous post) comes gorgeously bloody orange juice. Nothing simpler to do. Just stick the oranges into the chiller section of your fridge and make juice2sure they are really cold before squeezing. If necessary, throw them into a bath of icy water for half an hour or so before making the juice. Then squeeze on an electric or manual juicer, taking care not to overdo it as including some of the pith can make your juice somewhat bitter. Serve straight up (no addition of ice cubes that will dilute the flavor) and enjoy… In this case, the glass is as much of a marvel as the juice… the high lead content brilliant cut American crystal from the late 1800’s is a beautiful way to show off the juice. I didn’t realize there was a brief and stunning tradition of high quality crystal manufactured in the U.S., but my sister who is an avid collector of tableware let me use this glass for the photo… in the days ahead, I will also feature several other unusual plates, silver pieces, etc. that are also from her fantastic collection…

Comments in the previous post on blood oranges raised some of the wonderful ways to enjoy this fruit besides the basic juice. Sliced juice3and added to salads, as a sorbet and an ingredient in a vinagrette. I suspect they would make a stunning addition of several rich and creamy desserts as a garnish or flavor point, and I suspect these would make the most amazing cocktails if paired with dry champagne… Wedges of this orange would also make a great addition to a fresh fruit platter…hmmm, the possiblities are increasing by the minute. The final photo here captures a perfect NY breakfast… some brioche, some blood orange juice and a vase of the most stunning first cut field peonies that are just bursting with enthusiasm!

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  1. One of the free spectacular treats you can still enjoy along Fifth Avenue is the Steuben store. Their display is quite effective and magical, specially in winter when it gets too cold and dark outside. Great for momentary scaping the crowd too around Christmas time when people tend to pack the sidewalks like lemmings.

  2. Apicio, yes, the Steuben store is a free delight. Moved to Madison and about 62nd. The American Brilliant glass with the blood orange juice is a Hawkes glass, he cut blanks purchased from Steuben.

  3. Your last picture arrested the beauty of your breakfast treats juice and assorted pastries in diamond cut crystal glass and silver pedestal cake stand and the accompanying peonies in beautiful crystal vase.

  4. On the rare occasion my wife and I are able to enjoy Sunday breakfasts at home, we really go all out. To us, going all out doesn’t mean fancy food, but rather hauling out our best china, silverware, and crystal. Scrambled eggs served on her Grandma’s Wedgwood plates and orange juice from my mom’s Waterford flutes always seem to taste much better. It’s good to see your sister enjoying her heirloom pieces as well, rather than just admiring them from a glass case. I look forward to your posts featuring her collection.

  5. Kieran, yes, the china and silver always seems to make the meal taste better… Jade 186, it looks like a panetonne but it is a craquelin or brioche with orange rind… I did a post on it two years ago… Apicio, I know the store location you speak off…the rent must have gotten exhorbitant so they have moved to more modest digs…

  6. Never paid attention to NYC rent until a friend who owned Bob Prior Antiques right accross Lexington from Payard told me what his landlord was extorting from him for his tiny fraction of a store-front. Simply shocking. Remember the original location of Maison du Chocolat on 73rd almost cattycorner from the Polo flag-ship store on Madison? Below street level.

    Btw, just found out that it takes an awful lot of grenadine to fake this blood(y) orange juice.

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