Blueberry & Filbert Biscotti


To end a simple Italian meal of pasta and meat, how about some crunchy biscotti served with a cup of strong coffee or a scoop of good gelato? I have posted a basic recipe for biscotti (double baked cookies) before and while I like the more classic biscotti (say only with whole almonds), I have started to experiment with different dried fruit and nut combinations. I have made cranberry, apricot, fig and raisin biscotti with a variety of nuts like almonds, walnuts, pecans and filberts or hazelnuts. I don’t really like it when one strays too far from the “original” – for example I find blueberry bagels bizarre, but I experiment once in a while with interesting though often mixed results…

In my most recent bake-fest, I decided to bisc2make use of lots of nice dried or dehydrated blueberries that my sister sent from New York. I typically eat the dried blueberries in my homemade granola but I still had a ton in stock. So I decided to try them in biscotti paired with toasted filberts or hazelnuts. They were surprisingly good! This batch in the photograph are a bit overcooked (just a bit) but the intense taste of the blueberries combined with the fragrant nuts was a keeper. Try it the next time you make some biscotti…one of the easiest cookies or snacks to make and relatively healthy eating at that!

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3 Responses

  1. Ooh, how apropos that I’m the first commenter on this “baked” post of yours, MM! :) I’ve only just recently learned to
    love biscotti, and now they’re one of my all-time faves. While I prefer my cookies chewy, when it comes to biscotti, the crunchier (harder) the better! If you like ginger, try
    this recipe of mine, MM.

  2. I like to have it with vin santo, one of the classic pairings with good biscotti. always a wonderful way to cap a good meal. then, of course, espresso, afterwards.

  3. Hi MM!

    Would you know where i can find a steady supply or a supplier or dried blueberries?

    Many many thanks!

    Annie Dionisio

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