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No, this isn’t another porky post. :) Marketman is recovering from a 27-hour door to door journey to get to the U.S. east coast. These long-haul flights are definitely getting harder and harder to do as I get older. As soon as we got through the airport in a small New England city, we headed straight to the grocery to stock up for a simple dinner and inevitable 4am breakfast that comes with jetlag. It’s always nice to hit a large U.S. grocery coming out of Manila — some stuff is just CHEAP compared to prices back home — and I get to eat stuff that isn’t so readily available in Manila. First up, the half loaf of sourdough bread with the cute name and packaging…

Very clean looking small bottles of Sprite Zero (still sticking to this after my diet)…

Easy takeaway packages of greek salad and some peeled and cut up cantaloupe.

Salt and vinegar chips. :) My first crisps in 3 months or so!

For dinner we had simple turkey sandwiches on sourdough bread. Mrs. MM and I split the Greek salad. We ate half of the melon for dessert. And for an early morning breakfast this morning? Some melon, pretty darned good blueberries (from North Carolina, not local yet) and several dollops of FAGE yoghurt. Yum. :)

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  1. I also feel like eating a substantial meal after getting out of a plane. I don’t know…must be the airline food.

  2. You’re right, when flying it does not get better as you age. I found that out some time ago and I tell you, you need no enhanced interrogation techniques to break me. Threaten to put me in a middle seat in economy and I shall spill everything I know and if you want to really be wretched and mean (think Cheney), show me that the flanking seats already occupied with corpulent passengers. Fortunately, I have all the free time to pick and choose airlines and flight schedules for the least punishing seat locations.

  3. Oh… blueberries.. On my last year in Jacksonville, NC – I had the chance to pick blueberries. It was fun and I pick, and pick, and pick – came home with almost 10 lbs of the fruits. At home, I ate as much as I can (after taking many pictures), then gave the rest to neighbors who made jam out of them. One lady made pies, the other home made ice cream. Oh. I love the country side. Much much different here in Houston.

  4. MM, are you going to New York?!! Great! I live in one of the 5 boroughs of NY. I hope to bump into you in NYC :D

    The Cape Cod kettle cooked chips are my fave! I am trying to curb my salt intake so I have to settle with the NO SALT/low sodium kind :(

    Have fun! Enjoy the lobster, scallops, clams (if you are in Maine) and the summer heat in the USA!!

  5. Yup, flying and getting older don’t get easier…compression socks are great for long haul travel though. I haven’t had a great turkey with swiss on rye for ages, kindly eat one for lunch on my behalf, MM. Have a grand adventure!

  6. Welcome to New England! Its a little bleak outside (in Boston), I hope you have better weather where you are. Enjoy your stay!

  7. Top of the morning to you MM and Mrs MM. You must be staying just for a few days as EB is in a couple of weeks. When are you coming to the West Coast? Our weather had been fickle this year and no local strawberries, raspberries nor blueberries in sight yet. But I did go up North to Surrey, BC and pigged out on the beautiful and sweet lanzones a couple of weeks ago.

  8. How about an EB at the CIA in Hyde Park, NY at their Apple Bakery Cafe…MM. I’m close by. Just holler! Enjoy your short stay/visit though.

  9. Just got into the States from Mania, My son goes to school in Vermont so spent a couple days there and now in our “other” home in Florida. Spent a fortune at Target. When I’m here, I miss miss there and visa versa>

  10. your photos are so vivid and professionally done. are you a camera pro? what camera are you using, a simple digicam or an SLR? Just curious.
    hubby and I do the same, go halves on servings. we can save and help to keep fit.
    have a great time on your us sojourn

  11. Pasingit, MM! I got a reply from Gejo kaya lang …Gejo, my reply did not go through again. I kept getting this same reply from the previous one I sent you asking me to register to boxbe. com so my reply will go through. is this your filter? I googled it for I am reluctant now to open anything I am not familiar with. Of course, I deleted it! Google said it could be a phishing scam? Please let me know how to reply to you!

  12. At first glance on the first picture I tought it’s a zubuchon skin meant as export product, kasi the word on the packaging “when the pigs fly” hehehehe

  13. Hey you are in my neck of the woods. Email me if you need help experimenting with lobsters!

  14. A good read for a long-haul flight back (in conjunction with relief from tiny airplane seats by assuming certain hatha yoga poses along with some one-sided freely adopted Kama Sutra positions), one person’s quest for the perfect recipe and the acquisition and reading of cookbooks. Fully resonates with me because its time-frame is congruent with that of my awareness and pursuit of cookbooks. Link may not be accessible everywhere.

  15. Footloose, you made my morning again, as usual!

    Thank you for the link…I can certainly relate to her. However, it was just recently (maybe the last 5 years) that I have resorted to just borrowing cookbooks from the library should I have a desire to cook the perfect something…This way , hubby need not buy another shelf!

    Everybody’s mom makes the BEST this or that…Why? Because they put so much LOVE into what they are making. Others would say a bit of PAWIS does the trick, too!

    And speaking of searching for the PERFECT this or that, I have found the PERFECT CHOcolate Chip recipe that surpasses those of famous cookbook authors. It is from a cookbook called Cooksmart. I have tweaked her recipe to suit my taste and if I may say so, my version is really good! I started to brown half the amount of butter called for. It gives the cookie depth in terms of flavour. I decreased the amount of granulated sugar , the amount of salt to since I preferred to use regular butter so I can brown the butter, and decreased the amount of chcolate chips. Dove semi-sweet is what I used ….so silky smooth even after baking.

    I shaped them into walnut size balls thinking if I made them smaller, I will not feel guilty eating 3 cookies! …wrong! I will not tell you how much I ate! Since they were a lot smaller, needless to say baking time is also shorter. My search for the Perfect Chocolate Chip cookie recipe has ended! I can tick this one off my list!

  16. Hi Bettyq! Is this the cookbook you are referring to? I just copied and pasted. Thanks.

    CookSmart: Perfect Recipes for Every Day [Hardcover]
    Pam Anderson Executive Editor (Author)

  17. i also love those small soda bottles as well as the 90 cal. mini-cans, MM. and yes, we do get good blueberries from the farmers markets here in NC.

  18. Wisdom tooth: that is the one! Are you searching for the Perfect Chocolate Chip cookie, too? Send me an e-mail to the old one and I will reply to you with my tweaked version that I can guarantee you will be really HAPPY with. I did some MAJOR tweaking with most of the ingredients including baking time.

    I have had major problems with the old e-mail addresses that I am reluctant to reply to ANY e-mails. Hubby told me to just open and read BUT not to reply and let it die down on its own in a few months. So, I have a new e-mail address. I know it is great to keep up with technology . But now, I think the PONY EXPRESS is way better, has no complications other than postal strike.

  19. Oh BettyQ. Thanks for the response but I don’t think I know your new email. Tried emailing you awhile back for the pang award winning na choco cake recipe but I don’t know if you got them. I’m giving you my email instead and awaiting for your Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe tweeked version. :-)
    My family and I enjoy all your recipes that we’ve tried (from suman to salad dressings to yorkshire puddings to lemongrass bbq chicken….) Maraming salamat.

  20. Fage! Oh yum! Just came from Barcelona and that’s one of the grocery items I bought for breakfast too :)

  21. Hi Ms. Betty – This is Carol. I have been trying to contact you to say hullo and wish you well since I heard you were sick. Kindly email me since what I have is your old email address, so we can correspond again through email. I also wanted to ask you when I can have your palayok sent through your sister? Many thanks and take care! (Sorry, MM, and thanks for the space!)

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