Cebu Lechon/Inasal Eyeball Final Guestlist


The Marketmanila Lechon/Inasal Eyeball in Cebu is just 10 days away! Here is the final guest list. Please note that a couple of you who were on the top of a “waitlist” can now squeeze in if it isn’t too late for you to make reservations on planes or ferries or buses to get to the site. Let me reiterate some of the logistical details:

Marketmanila’s Lechon/Inasal Eyeball

Date and Time: November 15, 2008 (Saturday) from 11:30 am to 2 pm.

Location: near the Cebu Capitol, exact adress to be emailed to you separately. Do not be fooled by the Anthony Bourdain post photos. This is a cowboy style meal. Outdoors in an empty-ish lot on our office premises. It is NOT glamorous. But there are decent bathrooms…

Dress: Totally casual attire. Shorts if you like, but use bug spray or insect repellant…

On the menu: A LOT of lechon in several ways. But for those who prefer other dishes, there are several non-pork items including fish, possibly crabs or prawns, and several salads. You should come hungry. If you have any cholesterol, hypertension or other medical conditions, you are attending this lunch completely your own risk and should be heavily medicated if necessary. :) One of the guests is a doctor, but he isn’t a heart/fat specialist. :)

Waitlist: Doy and John Paul, please leave a comment here if you can make it, otherwise, I will reduce the list to 45 guests total. For out of town guests, I hope you have your hotel reservations set. Please let me know if you have any questions about accommodations. Many thanks, keep your fingers crossed for dry weather and see you all on the 15th!

Oh, and one last thing. If you can’t make it for any reason, please leave a comment here. If there is ONE THING that really ticks me off about RSVP’ing for parties, it’s a no-show. I don’t mind that you can’t make it, but please let me know at least 3 days in advance… Thanks!

Final Guest List

1. Mila
2. Amina 1
3. Amina 2
4. Lee 1
5. Lee 2
6. Katrina
7. Felipe
8. Feyoh
9. Moni
10. Ging
11. Fabian M. 1
12. Fabian M. 2
13. Millet 1
14. Millet 2
15. Toping 1
16. Toping 2
17. Siegrez
18. Mary Joan 1
19. Mary Joan 2
20. Marichu Tayag 1
21. Marichu Tayag 2
22. Joey 1
23. RM 1
24. RM 2
25. Guest 1
26. Guest 2
27. Artisan Chocolatier 1
28. Artisan Chocolatier 2
29. Socky 1
30. Socky 2
31. Edik
32. Ivy 1
33. Ivy 2
34. Mel
35. Nina
36. Marghi 1
37. Marghi 2
38. Marketman
39. Mrs. Marketman
40. The Teen
41. Myra P (?)
42. Mrs. a 1
43. Mrs. a 2
44. Sheila 1
45. Shella 2
46. Doy 1 (from waitlist)
47. Doy 2 (from waitlist)
48. John Paul Sarabia 1 (from waitlist)
49. Negley 1
50. Negley 2


56 Responses

  1. Hi MM. Just in case there will be slots for 2 more, hubby and I would love to attend. We did not reserve earlier because of a previously scheduled meeting on the day of the eyeball but the meeting has been cancelled so we are available on the said date. We hope we can be accommodated.

  2. Is it too late to join MM? I just arrived form the US and failed to make arrangements…

    Joey Pacheco

  3. Hi Ley, I had two slots for “lawyer 1” and “lawyer 2” waiting for your guys until the last post! :) See you there. 50 is truly the max number of guests… Joey, let me put you top of the final final waitlist. If anyone from the list above drops out, I will let you know…

  4. ..countdown…fans who can’t make it will again await the delightful narrative and beautiful pictures. i’m so happy for everyone who’ll be there. it will be just fabulous!!

  5. ok.see you the way mm can i know where your staying among the 3 recommended hotels coz there might be a midnight snack party he he he .

  6. Obama won! We won! :-) That almost makes up for the disappointment of not being able to join the EB. Happy for the 50 who made it. If anyone backs out, please say so asap so I can squeeze in!

  7. How I wish I could be at the lechon EB. Dare I hope for a Feb 2010 EB in Manila for our next trip? ;-)

    GOBAMA!! (sorry, MM, couldn’t help it. I’m just too giddy. Feel free to delete this anytime.)

  8. I’m SOOOOO EXCITED to eat the Best Pig…EVER!!! :-D

    I’m also looking forward to meeting even more MM readers. :-)

  9. Hi MM, my wife and I would like to know if there would be a second Cebu Lechon/Inasal Eyeball, please also let us know how we can get invited,
    we enjoy reading your blogs, thanks.

  10. poor me, am stuck with work….by the way wish you all have fun and enjoy the lechon…i will pray that it will bu sunny.

  11. Hi, MM… I’m really sorry to inform you this late. There is currently heavy workload in the office, foreseen to overspill into the last week of November… Will be doing overtime over the next weekends. With regret, I give up my space on the guest list for another who will be freely and joyfully eating lechon on that day.

  12. Marketman, dito naman sa Cagayan de Oro or Zamboanga City gawa ka ng event…. please…. I’ll provide the softdrinks as I work for a softdrink company. hihi

  13. I already did a test run and had a kilo of lechon with some friends earlier today just to prepare myself for this event.

  14. gosh! as you were listing the menu, i was already salivating and i’m not even going hu hu hu. I’m writing this with a lot of envy but sending best greetings for a very successful EB. I’m still hoping this will be an annual thing so that we at least have a chance to go on to the next. Good luck and happy cholesterol filled feast you guys!

  15. How I wish I could come but just can’t, better luck next time! For sure everyone it will have lots of fun!

  16. MM, pls. plan the next EB to be in Manila so we can join… will be looking forward to the Cebu EB post…enjoy everyone!

  17. My ticket is ready, my hotel reservation is confirmed, and I’m preparing (c/o Joey’s advice) on having some good eating in two weeks, TEN Days!!! (yay for Obama!)

  18. Enjoy everyone!!! Will await the one in Manila…(MM, hoping you will consider..More power to you and your good deeds! This blogsite is addictive, BISYO na ito! hehehe)

  19. yeah, sana meron sa Metro Manila.. and sometime around summer (mainit nga lang) or katilad na rin nito (Nov/Dec). And then people abroad can get their vacation around the date. Enjoy kayong lahat, happy litsunan and tsibugan. Pictures ha.

  20. All my bags are packed, I’m ready to go…where is my invitation? ha!ha!ha!

    My mother’s b-day on the 15th and I will be joining you in spirit in Australia with roast pork crackling. Three cheers for the crunchy pork crackling!!!

  21. Should I send simvastatin tablets as my contribution to this EB? just kidding…happy eating but take care…all of you should meet up again the following day for an early morning jog around Cebu. Have fun!

  22. Huhuhu..ang layo naman sa manila ng EB mo MM..just like the others, i’m looking forward to an EB here in metro manila..if anyone of you who are invited to the EB have any cholesterol problems, let me know, may mga gamot ako dito for that (from the statin family)..hehehe

  23. Pigging out á la MarketManila – that’s great! Have a ball on your Inasal Eyeball!

    Oinky greetings!

  24. Hope you’ll have one here in Manila, MM !!! Have fun everyone!! Nakakainggit….I’ll think of all of you on the 15th…So nice to think of a group of people with one interest (food) get together!! Enjoy!!! Will pray for travelling mercies for all of you….Godbless.

  25. Hi MM! don’t forget we have dessert! i’m just looking for a dry ice supplier so i can make sure the silvanas are still frozen by the time you guys can eat these (IF you still have space for dessert after all the lechon and seafood! hehehe)

  26. inggit at gutom ang aking nararamdaman..haha! Have fun, and please if you can, upload a video of the eyeball on youtube =)

  27. Pag nagkaroon ng EB sa Manila, no. 1 ako sigurado sa list!1 Sige enjoy na lang kayong lahat! Boo hoo.

  28. Hey lucky 50! Anyone among you willing to give up your slot? :-) Will forever be thankful and to show my appreciation, I will eat for you during the EB. Promise! :-)

  29. Joey you don’t happen to be a former PAL employee or
    are you? I have a friend kasi same name as you. just wondering…

  30. Hi Joey, sorry to keep you hanging so long, I was out of town. Feyoh dropped out of the list due to work commitments, so you make it to the 50 if you can still manage to get to Cebu on the 15th… thanks!

  31. this is the 3rd EB and i didnt join due to work commitments. I was there at the 1st and 2nd but this 3rd is a different one. Enjoy the day and i’ll pray for a good weather. Hopefully no one gets sick… ;-)

  32. Bubut, thanks! And considering a storm just blew through Cebu, we will need heavenly intervention again for a sunny day! annette and others, there have been two eyeballs in Manila in the past. joan, yes, and I have a freezer to keep the sylvanas as well! Edik, at the site na, details out by early next week…

  33. I’m booked na MM- just purchased my ticket on line. Hindi ako masyadong excited ‘no?! :-)

  34. yhehey.. i can’t wait… so excited for this.. finally found a friend that i can come along with.. it’s perfect coz it’s his birthday. see u soon..

  35. wow, i am getting so excited for all you guys who are attending the eb! too bad we’re flying to manila on dec. 16th so huli na ang lahat. enjoy and i look forward to seeing some feedback and pictures after the event.

  36. wow that’s great MM! i don’t have to worry about the silvanas melting! and you’re so lucky Joey coz if you didn’t get a slot, i’ll give jojo’s slot to you para lang maka-attend ka.

  37. Thanks a mil for the kind gesture Mary Joan- much appreciated… You heard the panaghoy of a desperate foodie huh :-) Sandali… si Joan ba ito ng PAL/Marriott? :-) Heeeeeeey!

  38. Hello people…. ^___^

    I am new here… I hope you will enjoy your party..
    and I hope next occasion… I can come…



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