Cebu T-shirt/Tote Pick-Up Information!!!

These are the items that I managed to bring in my luggage to Cebu:

18 Suki Totes

Marketmaniac T-shirt (BLACK) 2-Large, 2-Medium, 2-Small
Marketmaniac T-shirt (WHITE) 1-XXLarge, 2-large, 4-Medium, 3-Small, 2-XSmall
Suki T-shirt (BLACK) 2-Large, 2-Medium
Have you Been to the Market Lately? (WHITE) 4-Large, 4-Medium, 2-Small
I Beat My Eggs to Make Mayonnaise (WHITE) 2-Large, 4-Medium, 2-Small

Anyone in Cebu who would like to get the items, please call (032) 231-5238 starting now, and during office hours only, and look for Eva or Beverly. Confirm the desired shirt colors and sizes and totes (items and sizes could run out), leave your name and let Eva or Beverly know when you can pick it up from the Jollibee branch at the corner of Gorordo and Mango Avenue, between 9am to 4pm, Tuesday 20 November and Wednesday, 21 November, 2007. If I am in the office and not in the middle of business meetings, I will bring the shirts to you, otherwise, someone from the office will meet you. Many thanks again, and I hope to see you in the next few days…

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27 Responses

  1. Hey MM!! The Boss, my wife (hehehe), and I just thought of giving as gifts to our relatives here and abroad your totes and t-shirts!!!

    We will send them a note with the item that we have donated in their names for your feeding program.

    Its the perfect gift to give!!

    Thanks again MM!

    PS. I called Eva & Beverly to increase my order.

  2. Hi, MM. I just talked to Eva and confirmed my order. Thanks for letting us participate in helping the kids out. Pay it forward, that’s a concept I’m trying to teach to my own kids.

  3. MM, i got a shirt and tote earlier at megamall. love them! thanks for your good work, we’re all so proud to have done our part in helping these kids. :)

  4. rocoi, thanks for your help! To everyone who picked up at Megamall, sorry I wasn’t there (I actually posted that in an earlier comment on Megamall pick up details), but I was on a flight to Cebu, bringing more totes and shirts for Cebu pick-ups…thanks! Gia and Artisan, thanks again!

  5. Hello MM,
    I just opened my mail. Busy Monday. I will call Beverly tomorrow morning. I initially ordered 5 shirts and 1 tote but since you can only carry so much to Cebu I will just order for one medium T-shirt and one tote. I hope they are still available.

  6. Hi MM. I, too just opened my mail–just got so busy today. and some not so good things happened during the weekend. :( Anyway, Im from Bacolod City and I will ask a favor from my friend tomorrow to get a shirt and tote on my behalf. will that be ok?? I would like to request for (1) MARKETMANIAC small shirt or 1 HAVE YOU BEEN… small shirt and (1) SUKI tote.hope I can still get the stuffs.

  7. I love the tote! Perfect for a Salcedo Market raid. I really wanted to buy more but finances were allocated elsewhere and was limited to 1 shirt and 1 tote. I got the eggs/mayonnaise thing. Good fabric and feels good too. I will beat my badminton opponent while wearing it. Coincidentally, he is male (and i’m not, hehe).

  8. MM, are there still shirts and tote available in Manila? I would like to get 3 shirts (any design/color in medium) and 6 totes. Someone can pick up for me starting next week… last weekend was just bad timing and I couldn’t get anyone to pick them up.:(

  9. MM, are there still shirts and totes available in Manila? I would like to get 3 shirts (any design/color in medium) and 6 totes. Someone can pick up for me starting next week… last weekend was just bad timing and I couldn’t get anyone to pick them up.:(

  10. Grrrr Typhoon Lando made me miss MM’s post. Mondays is always a meeting day for me so I don’t get to open my mail till I get home. And guess what? It was lights off due to Typhoon Lando passing by and hoisting Signal No. 2 over Cebu. (MM if you flew in today hope it wasn’t too turbulent up there). Anyway, I will definitely call Beverly tomorrow. I probably will have to do the pick up on Wednesday. Thanks for going through all the trouble just to let us in Cebu participate in this worthwhile endeavor MM.

  11. tinsi, I barely made it into Cebu before the landings got too rough…and then the lights have gone out as well… ragamuffin, I do have extras, so I will send you a separate email to discuss pick up next week… zena, your badminton opponent may get so distracted by your shirt and will lose…but I guess that is your strategy! JM, I will check on shirts in morning… Evangeline, call Beverly, I think there are still shirts left…

  12. MM, my sister has called your office and she will be picking up the stuff tomorrow. Can’t wait to get hold of ’em! I understand that Cebu’s in a blackout tonight, as are we here in Leyte. Gale force winds around noon knocked down power lines. We just got our phones working but have no idea when the lights will turn back on…

  13. Oh Yay! i think i have a better chance of getting the totes in Cebu. will ask my sister to pick up tom. Thanks MM! =)

  14. Hi Marketman! I’m glad that you had a Megamall pick up as I missed the one at the Fort last weekend. My office is just a few meters away from Megamall and I had enough time to scoot out of the office during lunch. Got two shirts and two totes! Thanks and God bless your project :)

  15. MM, I am one of those who missed both the S&R and Megamall pick-up dates. If there are still shirts left, please do include me in your mail for the new Manila pick-up dates. I would like to get the “I beat….” shirt + one more, both size XL.
    Many thanks and again, congratulations on your noble project!

  16. i wish i was home in cebu so i too could pick up some totes and t-shirts. sheesh! oh well, any chance you can bring some for us here in the far away land MM when you take a vacation in the near future so we too can enjoy the shirt/tote? nevertheless, i truly commend your project. im sure someONE is smiling up there, not to mention the ones down here who will truly call this holiday a blessed one. God bless you and your family MM.
    p.s. hope everybody is okay in cebu and that the typhoon didnt do too much damage to my beloved city.

  17. so it was a typhoon then? our street just got our electricity back by 4 pm today (wednesday). from the newspapers, pag asa insists it was just signal number 2. hmmmm methinks this pag asa is in the same league as emilalva…

    sorry MM, i had to do a rant against pag asa…

  18. MM, I am soooo sorry I was not able to make it. Monday was raining cats & dogs here in Cebu and unfortunately I was not feeling very well (my BP just shoot up) and was not able to report for work for 2 days. Unfortunately also I cannot ask my hubby to go to the pickup station because there’s no one to look after me, and the weather is not cooperating. I just got in today and I knew that I was too late. Am so sorry…


    i wish to volunteer on your feeding program in cebu but it seems eva (the person whom i talked to about the shirts) seems not informed on the activity. she even gave me the shirt outside the building despite the heavy rain.

    any info?

  20. Edik,

    Thanks for picking up the shirt. I think we just missed each other as I was talking to another couple when you arrived! The feeding program is starting on Dec 3, Monday. Parents at the school will prepare the food, so it is self-sufficient. Initially, we plan to start with 50 kids, but discussions are on to see if this can be increased to 75. Volunteers aren’t really required, but if you would like to see the program on its first day on Dec 3rd, I can forward details to you by private email next week. I need to be considerate about the number of people who “invade” the school that day so let me know if you would like to come… regards, MM

  21. sorry i missed the weekend drop :(. was hoping to get the tote but then work scheds didn’t allow me to go to either pick up point. i hope there will be another pick up point in the makati area. its lovely that the feeding program will start next week. will do my best to get to the next pick up point.hopefully it won’t be this fri-sat as i will be in laguna with my family for a reunion.

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