Chorizo Stuffed Green Peppers a la Marketman


Whenever I find phenomenal farm fresh green capsicum or sweet bell peppers, I immediately think I should make some stuffed green peppers… I only ever do them once a year or so, but they are a throwback to childhood eats and they are extremely comforting for me. Mrs. MM absolutely detests the taste of green peppers (though she is coming around to cooked versions that include it), so this is a eating solo kind of deal…


Instead of our typical recipe with ground beef, I decided to sauté some chorizo (removing the skins) with some onions, fresh tomatoes, herbs and some tomato sauce.


I stuffed the peppers raw (I used to blanch them first) as suggested in previous posts on this dish, and decided to bake them straight away in a hot oven.


I tried one version that was all meat/vege which turned out really nice — flavorful and just the right balance between green pepper and filling, eaten with lots of steamed rice on the side, of course.


And a second version with the rice mixed in like my mom sometimes used to make. This one was okay, but the filling was a little blander. Overall, it was a nice experiment though there were quite a few chunks of fat from the chorizo that I set aside on my plate. Maybe 30 years ago I would have wolfed everything down!


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  1. They look delicious, specially the last two shots. I have now transferred my allegiance to stuffed sweet peppers since cabbage rolls, a favourite fare of youth, seem to have turned against me in mine age. It’s now a prominent reminder for discomfort food.

  2. The taste of green peppers transform beautifully when given a quick oiling and charring over coals or a hot griddle. Do that if you can, before stuffing and baking. It really makes a difference to remove what I would describes as their ‘ants’ smell, which may be what’s putting the Mrs off.

  3. My mom’s version is to add raw scrambled egg to the filling(she uses sauteed minced pork with potatoes & carrots)before putting inside the bell pepper and frying it. She serves it with catsup and hot piping rice. Yum! Next time I’ll try to bake it just like what you did MM.

  4. Thanks-I never even thought of this..such a welcome addition to recipes I will try to cook.

  5. I haven’t made these in a while. Thanks for this post! I usually make these using red, yellow, and green sweet peppers. My family of four has preferred colors/types and it makes a pretty dish with the variety of colors. (Thankfully, the big sweet peppers don’t cost as much as they do in Manila.)

  6. Oh, what a big difference the chorizo would make! Mother used to make hers like May’s mom.. We all loved them. Longganisa burp, flavored with capsicum..

  7. one of my all-time favorites. i sprinkle fine bread crumbs and grated parmesan on top before baking for a crisp, yummy crust

  8. mr marketman, how about using lechon sisig from zubuchon as the filling instead of chorizo. Baka pwede ilagay sa menu mo sa restaurant as a special.



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