Christmas Food Presents a la Marketman, Part I


This month’s topic for Lasang Pinoy is Holiday food gifts. It is the first time that I will have several appropriate posts and completed and on-line super early to boot. gift2We have already sent out the first wave of christmas food presents and here is one version. A terrific “banig” or “mat weave” basket that I purchased several dozens of during my last trip to Legaspi, into which 6 freshly made budbud kabogs were carefully placed and tied up with curling ribbons. This was actually a token food present that accompanied a card that indicated that books were donated to public and private school libraries in the name of the recipients… we made several hundred budbud kabog over the weekend so that we could send out these baskets on Monday…

Traditionally, food presents are one of the true harbingers of a Filipino Christmas. In the “old” days, homes had specialties and they were whipped into a frezny before the holidays gift3and Tita so and so sent her brilliant ensaimada, or Tito so and so sent his wild boar tapa. There was a pride in the food that was lovingly made, whose recipes were carefully guarded and which were all cleverly wrapped and delivered to the recipients a few days before Christmas. Today, fewer and fewer families have the inclination, time or desire to continue this wonderful home-made food tradition. Instead, take-away delicacies are taking hold and as long as they come from brilliant sources, I suppose they are the next best thing to doing it yourself… For me, home-made is still the best and it isn’t just the quality of the delicacy, it’s the fact that you put in the time and effort to make it as well.


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  1. Banig baskets were wisely utilized in your Christmas gifts. After the recipient enjoys the gift they can use the basket to keep knickknacks, in the bathroom to keep potpourri or in the laundry room to hold clothes pin if they are creative as you. The concept of recycling goes on and on. The banig basket is a keeper. All I can say this is just one of your 101 Christmas bright ideas.

  2. That native bag really went well with a native delicacy! Really nice! I still dont know how to wrap and present my food presents though,,ughh! Marketman, any suggestion for several trays of maja mais?

  3. The banigs are gorgeous! I wish I were a recipient! I would be tickled pink getting one of these, especially from you,MM!

  4. oh my oh my they look gorgeous! … how i wish to be on your gift list :)
    it’s just last year that i’ve enjoyed wrapping gifts, and i’m always on a lookout for ideas, thanks!

  5. how lucky the gift recepients ! not just it was properly wrapped but the kabug budbud is really terrific. I’m so happy that i attended the 2nd eyeball and have tested one of MM’s best kabud recipe.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  6. MM, All I can say on this food gift giving yours is WOW and WOW. So creative. How much it cost for the banig??

  7. Susan, I think I paid PHP100 per dozen baskets or roughly PHP8.50 each or 18 cents per basket. Then a few pesos for the ribbons so the packaging looks great and cost less than the Hallmark Christmas paper they sell at National Book Store. Bubut et al, thanks for the early Christmas Greetings…hang on, there is more to come. aridelros, shelf life of budbud is about two days not refrigerated and a few more if refrigerated. You can freeze them for several weeks if you like and bring them back to room temperature before you eat them. And no, I don’t sell anything… tulip, for trays of maja, why not get some of this clear cellophane like wrapper (it isn’t cellophane and it IS waterproof to ward off moisture) and between two sheets of it, put some colorful papel de japon and some ribbon??

  8. you always come out with good ideas… hope you don’t mind if we tried using some of them.. teehee!! am sure my friends would all start reading your blog when i tell them where am getting all the new stuff and ideas am trying out in my kitchen most of the time.. hehehe!! keep ’em coming!!

  9. inggit ako sa packaging! saan kaya ako makakabili ng banig dito? even the little baskets (philippine-made or other asian country) are so expensive! i think i’m going with gold ballotins this year, but if i could only get my hands on some banig….

  10. Wow, I wish I was on your Christmas list as I am craving for your budbud right now! =)

  11. Very much filipino i must say! I would love to receive one of those! :)

    About 4 yreas ago, somebody gave me a very easy shortbread cookie recipe (using cookie press), from then on, i’ve been making them for valentines, thanksgiving,and christmas and i’ve been handing them out to friends and family! Although my daughter is only 4, she’s my little helper, she’s been helping me with the sprinkles and dried candied fruits that goes on top of my shortbread cookies. I enjoy making the cookies with her it’s a great bonding time! Not only that it’s a home-made, it has a lot of love too!

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