Christmas Food Presents a la Marketman, Part II


For me, an interesting holiday food gift isn’t judged by its cost. It is the thought, the effort, and the quality of the item that makes it special. Not all recipients may appreciate the gift as much as others, but for the giver, they are confident they have tried to send gifts2something nice and with “soul.” This is why I consider home-made food items to be so appealing a present for the holidays…it means you took the time to not only plan and make the items, but package it and send it out. It’s different when you just order out or buy it at a store. Here is round 2 of the food gifts that Marketman & Family sent out this year. Instead of just the banig basket filled with budbud kabog, this version is a small bilao with several budbud kabog and three Visayan style tortas with rum soaked golden raisins. This was all packaged with grease proof paper, then wrapped in waterproof clear food wrapper, and tied with a nice red grosgrain ribbon. If you want a fully native touch, you could also use a natural colored raffia fiber ribbon. Inside the cards, a brief explanation of each of these “native” delicacies was printed out. And if these are sent out early enough in the season, the recipients are more likely to eat them rather than closer to Christmas when their fridges are jampacked with high-cholesterol goodies!

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9 Responses

  1. can i give you my phils address so i can have one of these?…..hehehehehehe…..just messing :) … am so curious about this torta, as being a tagalog, i only know torta as ulam……can’t wait to be home, one week na lang !!!!…….

  2. My lola and my mother used to make this torta nearing Iligan’s fiesta and the Christmas holidays. Our kitchen would be full of trays of this and it was served in our house warmed, with butter melting and a sprinkling of sugar on top. I remember my mom sliced it into quarters too before serving, ready to be picked up by hand by guests.

    Come to think of it, my mom stopped making these when we 3 siblings started trooping to college in Manila. As far as I know, she has not baked torta in more than 20 years.

    Thanks for the recipe, MM. Will try it out one day.

  3. I totally agree with giving home-made goodies Marketman. I always give our leche flan but am tired of the same old oval tin with plstic wrap!Any suggestions on how to package leche flan? I’ve tried a bilao lined with foil and banana leaves but the syrup still seeped through.
    Christmas cheer to you and the family! :)

  4. Homemade goodies give away for Christmas are the best. They are the labor of love and best efforts. Come to think of it -you put forth your efforts in planning what to give, preparation and packaging them. They even come with tell tales of the gifts written from the bottom of your heart. Everything coming out of your kitchen is to die for since they are well tested recipe! Cool gift presentation. How can you beat that?

  5. People who give presents they made themselves are in my list for the most thoughtful and selfless individuals. Like Maria Clara said, these gifts are fruits of your labor of love. I salute you all and Merry Christmas in advance.

  6. I wont be giving away food gifts this holiday season but instead my husband and i are giving a birthday cum christmas party to my son.itm means cooking galore,no ordering of food for the event.we make it a point of doing the preparation itself kasi mas masarap talaga ang labor of love,besides i love cooking.torta boholana is one item in my dessert list,hindi pueding making suman but not sure yet kung anong klase.MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL OF YOU.

  7. Was just reading a few of your recent posts and have to say that everything looks brilliant! Those would certainly be among the best gifts I could recieve. I still remember when you posted the recipe for the torta and the one featuring the buri fabric… my goodness , has it been that long? You must have exceptional organizational skills MM, getting all of that planned, done and delivered in the first week of december!Enjoy the rest of the season, I know I will as I wait to read more of your Christmas posts. Thank you!

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