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Here is a simple and easy to do coleslaw recipe that is a far cry from the mushy watery and sweet versions you get at most Manila restaurants (fast food or not)… First I like to hand slice some red and green cabbage (usually double the amount for the green), slice some good celery, use a mandoline to julienne carrots and maybe some green apples if you happen to have them and place those all in a large bowl. Make a dressing that is mostly mayonnaise, some apple cider or other vinegar, salt, pepper, mustard, celery salt and or seed (optional but I think it is a must if you have the spices) and mix into the greens. Serve this chilled. This is a nicer, lighter, crunchier and more substantial coleslaw than most. I find it is almost a side salad in its own right. The larger pieces of cabbage are the base ingredient (with the red cabbage adding visual interest), the apples provide crunch and some tartness, the carrots the sweetness and of course the mayonnaise that familiar fat laden binder to bring it all together. This is perfect with fried chicken, ham sandwiches, ribs, you name it. All of the ingredients are generally available in Manila with perhaps some difficulty finding celery salt.


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  1. your recipe sounds good but somehow, and i hate to say it, i happen to like the (gasp) KFC coleslaw, baduy as it is. i have tried making coleslaw with recipes similar to yours but i still prefer the KFC version. Now if only, they would cut down on the sugar.

    Btw, the worst restaurant slaw is at Max’s fried chicken. Terrible, served in a crispy dough cup with raisins, pineapple, and– horrors– a slice of maraschino cherry (what year are we in, 1958?).

  2. on second thought it might not have been a maraschino cherry, maybe it was red gulaman, equally horrific.

  3. Hello gonzo, here’s a site featuring horrific culinary stuff gathered from old cookbooks. This is a fun site to browse. I’m sure Marketman may not have these cookbooks in his library. Blast in the past fun… James Lileks’ Gallery of Regrettable Food…

  4. your coleslaw looks like my favorite one — very colorful — not the boring green and white stuff (though to be honest, the crunch and texture is pretty much the same). my dressing though is a hot dressing, with either poppy seeds (also good on cold coleslaw!) or caraway. either way, yummy yummy yummy! unfortunately, hubby detests coleslaw, lots of arm-twisting required for him to take one bite.

  5. I found some celery salt in South Supermarket (Alabang). Have been trying to get for sometime. I still see some stocks available – if anyone is interested.

  6. I think I’d take MM’s recipe to KFC’s. Just thinking about KFC’s coleslaw gets me dizzy with all the sugar and mayo. But I might swap the mayo for “nayonnaise” instead (soy-based, found in Healthy Options). I know… some people might find it gross. Lee, great site.

  7. I had the worst bout of food poisoning after eating slaw from KFC. Stayed away after that.
    I prefer sauerkraut to slaw, but a good slaw with ribs is also to die for. Apples in slaw also sound yummy. If I added walnuts, it starts to sound like a russian salad.

  8. marketman,

    have you seen the new McDo RiceBurger?

    surprisingly, red/purple cabbage is integrated into the mix.
    so it’s so much better to look at than the old riceburger version launched a few years ago. tastewise, it’s not much of an improvement though.

    i saw the new Nestea ICE Lemon Green Tea in a 7-11 today. of course I had to try it!! “this tangy tea leaves your mouth absurdly cold” says their marketing pitch. works like Sprite Ice. not bad at all. C2 could have real competition!

    your friendly neighborhood convenience store lurker,


  9. I am ashamed to admit this as a food professional but I actually like KFC’s coleslaw, or whatever it is. At first taste, it’s ghastly- thin, watered down and too sweet. I surely won’t eat it alone as a salad but it works quite well to tone down the HOT hot’ncrispy chicken they serve, which I am equally ashamed to admit that I like. hehe What can I say? I’m easy to please.

  10. Chris, I have to have a Big Mac or hash browns from McDonald’s every month or two… if that’s any consolation… heehee. But I do not like the watery cabbage from KFC…

  11. hi there:)
    I would like to know if anyone can help me find celery seeds or celery seeds tea in manila.

    Thank you :)




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