Confiserie Aristokratikon


Just a few steps away from Ariston, is a wonderful small confiserie, carrying some truly irresistible chocolates and sweets. Thankfully, we saved this and other shops of its ilk for a different day of snacking, and we had space for a little taste of something good from EVERY shop we entered that sweet afternoon.. Aristokratikon announces itself with a beautifully red lacquered storefront, with gold lettering on all of its signage. With a small window jampacked with chocolates and other sweets, it was an absolute jewel to behold. The Kid has a sweet tooth, and an ambition to check out the maximum amount of chocolate and ice cream shops around the world in one’s lifetime, so she was so ready to plunge into this shop as soon as she got the go signal!


A wonderful selection of dried fruits dipped in chocolate, fine hand made chocolates, pralines, marzipan, nut-based sweets, etc. was on offer, and it simply overwhelmed the first time visitor. We decided to go with something we get all the time, orange peel dipped in dark chocolate, and try something totally new as well – marzipan coated in chopped pistachios. We ended up with a little bag of goodies that we ate right on the sidewalk while strolling and we finished it all before we even reached the next corner!


At some Euro 35 to 40 per kilo the chocolates sound costly, but a small bag like this one only had 150 or so grams of goodies, so the value for money was pretty good. And considering all of the effort to pull off such a stunning little shop stocked with such appealing looking sweets, we were happy to pay a little premium. Established in 1928, and apparently celebrating their 80th year in business, I wish more little food gems such as ARISTOKRATIKON last another century longer…



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  1. Orange and chocoloates are a perfect match. I remember the Mayfair orange flavor chocolates they sell at 25c when I was a kid. They are a recess classic!=)

    I sure want to try some of what you had at that store Market Man. I have never heard nor tasted a chocolate covered orange peel before.=)

    Pistachios are great too!

  2. AleXena, up to now the Mayfair Chocolates are still in the grocery stores and they are my kids’ favorites as well.

    Yup, the dark chocolate covered orange peels look yummy! These are probably candied orange peels, right?

  3. AleXena and Cecile J: if you are up to it, it’s not that difficult to candy your own orange peels. Just wash them well to get rid of possible wax and when you peel them, do not include the pith, the white part because it’s bitter. I just use a simple syrup (equal parts sugar and water) and reduce till i get the peel to my desired consistency and taste. Use good quality bittersweet chocolate to dip them in. I’m sure the others have their own style too. Betty q.? =)

  4. Last night, 14 July 08, Travel & Living channel of Discovery featured Athens in the food show. Featured many of what you’ve discussed.


  5. Wow, this post is timely. I have been seriously planning on making orange peels dipped in dark chocolate. Have been saving my schaffenberger dark for this. Will try MM’s recipe first then the others. Thank you all!

  6. thanks for the candied orange peel recipe, mm. i am going to find time this weekend to make both the candied and chocolate dipped orange peels. i love fresh squeezed orange juice. now i know what i can use the orange peels for…

  7. Marzipan coated in chopped pistachios.. pure bliss. Those must have been delicious.
    Reminds me of the pistachio marzipan covered in chocolate from Jean Paul Hevin.. Am now wondering, what about Pili marzipan and chocolate? Wonder if that will work too?!

  8. Zena and MM, thanks for the tips. Will try making candied peels. Will sunkist orange peels do? Siempre, hindi siguro pwede dalandan peels. Hehe!

  9. CecileJ, good thick sunkist peels will do. But are probably coated in wax… so please wash and scrub it very well before using…



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