Cotton Candy


Cotton candy is one of those universal “good things” and an old-fashioned doled up cotton candy stand is almost irresistible. In the heart of Dam Square in Amsterdam the other day, there was a mini amusement park set up for the Queen’s day festivities. The Kid was getting tired or possibly had a low sugar moment after walking all morning and miraculously this cotton candy stand appears… A “small” order (can you imagine a “large” order?) of cotton candy was made to order with two spinning wheels makes yellow and pink spun sugar that was twirled onto the paper stick.

The Kid thought it was excellent. I have to admit it was pretty good… fluffy, sweet cotton2and characteristically DRY because the humidity levels were really low… this was strolling and munching material. At Euro 1.50 it was a reasonable snack/sweet/diversion and a great photo opportunity. The next day I was walking a crowded street and this drunk guy took a big wad of cotton candy and he meant to put it in his friends face…without full control of this faculties, he smacked a huge gob of cotton candy right into my left cheek. Either the candy was so dry or my face so oily that nothing stuck to me at all…


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  1. I love fairy floss!!! Locally I go to tickles for it cos their floss is “finer” compared to the street ones.

  2. Hmmm… Perhaps a faster spin of the hot centrifuge makes for a finer floss? Or a well-tuned speed and temperature ratio, because if the speed is too high the threads of molten sugar will break before it recrystalises again to form the floss.

  3. Maybe better calbrated holes for the molten sugar to come out ofBut I also think the lack of humidity in the atmosphere is a key reason it tastes and feels so different… yikes, I am about to go into a week without internet…so I may not comment much from here on in…

  4. Just last week I had my first try of ‘foreign’ cotton candy–in Everland in South Korea. I noticed the same thing you did, it tastes very different and feels very different from the ones here. It was dry and when i popped a puff in my mouth it felt like air! Bought it also for pretty much the same price you did, although mine was much smaller, I needed two sticks :( Cotton candy has to be the most perfect food ever invented. EVER.

  5. I remember reading an article that El Bulli has a dish. . . they used powdered fish bones they made it into floss, they used cotton candy machine, I wonder how that tastes. . .hehe weird, I know, but if I Have a chance to dine there, I really will, it will be a great experience. . .

  6. could please help me where i can buy locally the sugar floss to make a cotton candy. please…. thank you so much.



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