dalandan fruit Dalandan. Tangy, tasty and refreshing, dalandan juice must be one of my all-time favorite citrus juices. There are four categories of sweet oranges – Navel, Blonde, Blood and Late oranges. Dalandan or kahel oranges as they are locally known, fall into the last category.

Originally from China, dalandans have adapted to local conditions and have developed a terrific flavor that is both acidic yet sweet. dalandan offering They are related to Valencia oranges; think Sunkist, albeit in a smaller and greener form. Fresh Dalandans have a bright and deep green skins, smell great, possess a natural shine and are firm to the touch. They have an obovate shape (look it up in a dictionary). They were at the market in abundance yesterday. Priced at just P15-20 a kilo, depending on size and vendor, they were a bargain. I purchased 3 kilos that are displayed in the Balinese offering vessel at right. A day or two later they will be perfect for juice or shakes.

Dalandan Juice. Pick your pitcher, preferably glass. Wash dalandan fruit well (I always wash citrus before squeezing — just because you don’t eat the skins doesn’t mean you want the gunk on it squeezed straight into your juice!). Slice the fruit in half, squeeze into the pitcher using a strainer. Add two or three parts of water for every part dalandan, adjusting to your personal preferences and taste. Add some sugar and stir it all up. Serve over lots of ice and for added zing throw in sliced dalandan, lemon, dayap and sprigs of fresh mint.


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  1. you pulled me back to 37 years back when im back home

    in the wonderful island as far as i can remember……


  2. Please tell me where I may buy “Dalanda” juice that is ready to drink. I live in the USA.

    thank you, Cris

  3. I love to eat dalandan.. i have a question..because dalandan is a part of my diet and because it is cheap, i often eat it than eating carbohydrates..i even eat dalandan as my dinner already.. is it ok if my diet is on fruits? particularly dalandan?…please send me the nutritional values and health benefits of dalandan..please and thank you…

  4. Ken, I am not a doctor nor a nutritionist. I suppose eating fruit is a good thing…but I doubt that it takes the place of more complex carbohydrates that your body will probably also need… say from oats, rice, etc. Best you consult with a professional source on your diet…

  5. i’m 36 weeks pregnant and I’m craving dalandan juice!!! omg!!! my husband loves this juice and he’s mexican/italian :)

  6. Hi there,

    I’m currently looking for sellers who produces 10,000 kg per week for dalandan. I will use it for fruit business. Can you help me?

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  7. Edman, I know this is very late, but did you find where to buy dalandan in Iloilo City? You can buy it at Central Market in City Proper, not far from Robinson’s. This fruit has many amazing qualities — yesterday my yaya recommended I use the juice for a severe itchy dandruff problem I had. She rubbed it into my scalp and I shampooed it out — It worked, no more itching. Today, my 6-yr-old son had a persistent cough and my yaya recommended feeding him some fresh dalandan — it worked instantly and effectively. Best wishes, Randor in Iloilo.

  8. Hey excel… where are you from? we have the same surname…..
    we are few in this world… maybe we are relatives, My grandparents came from Samar but settle in Lutopan, Toledo City right now….

    nice knowing you

  9. for the best dalandan juice concentrate, get in touch with aguila manufacturing in manila.

  10. Thailand has also has started exporting this to singapore…. another lost opportunity for our farmers :(

  11. I’m currently looking for supplier of CITRUS and could deliver in Quezon City, Manila for the livelihood of “out of school youth”.Can you help me?

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    Glenilyn Catalla

  12. I’ve been always drinking dalandan juice every day when I went back home in Philippines weeks ago. Daladan fruit and juice tastes really good.I actually I could buy dalandan juice at Oriental Store in White Plains, NY.



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