Dessert at Antonio’s, Tagaytay


As if the meal at Antonio’s that I described yesterday didn’t include enough calories to sink a rhinoceros, here are the four desserts that we had as well (and some of them multiple plates ant1since there were 7 of us in the lunch party!). First up, in the photo up top, is a Dark Chocolate Souffle with Cardamom Creme Anglaise that my daughter had, and she truly has an ability to make her father feel like a million bucks… her comment on this dessert (she is the avowed dessert expert, after all)… “hmmm, it tastes good, but NOT AS GOOD AS DAD’S CHOCOLATE SOUFFLES!” How’s that for setting yourself up for a wonderful holiday season…Santa is listening, after all!!! We also had this Flourless chocolate cake that was very good as well…


I had the Panna Cotta with Oven-Dried Fruits and Fruit Coulis that was interesting but nothing to write home about and I looked enviously at those who had ordered the Tartufo Nero with Grand Marnier instead…


Overall, the serene setting, the wonderful food, the terrific service and cool green setting made for a wonderful Sunday lunch with friends. Life doesn’t get much better than that…


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  1. Did you sample the turon with different flavors? Im not sure if the serve this at Antonios or the breakfast place. They come in diff flavors as i recall, they had tikoy and ube, tikoy and banana , tikoy and lanka– real comfort food for me fried perfectly and caramelized… eaten with hot chocolate, yummy !! The owners Tonyboy and Agnes are really great people too.

  2. silly me, as i was scrolling down the post, i didn’t see the flower pic fully. i thought there was something(another dessert) in the middle of the flowers. heehee. they all look so yummy. i love anything chocolate…

    my daughter’s just like the kid. anything i do is the best for her. heehee. no need to look further our home for fans. :)

  3. Sounds great. I must have eaten in Antonio’s 4 times in the span of two months when they first opened, but haven’t been back in years. Nice to know they’ve added new menu items and still provide excellent food and service.

  4. MrsA, the turon is served at their Antonio’s Grill restaurant. I’ve been to Antonio’s several times ever since it’s opened and I must say it has gotten even better. Their service is always excellent. I remember when it first opened, Tonyboy and his son would sit eat with us. It was as if you were eating in a nice house which served good food except that you had to pay before leaving…hahaha.

  5. I heard mixed reviews about Antonio’s when it was new, so didn’t make an effort to go. I did, however, very much enjoy Breakfast at Antonio’s (Chorizo Roesti!) and Antonio’s Grill (Ginger shake & Tikoy Ube Turon!). Knowing how hard to impress you are, MM (not to mention, seeing all those foie gras dishes and chocolate desserts), I am now convinced that I should finally make the trip to this restaurant. Uh-oh, it’s not even December yet, but already the dinner plans are piling up…

  6. Hi! I’ve been to Antonio’s fine dining place once, and to the breakfast place, about five times. The restaurant was quite good, till the last time I was there about two years ago (2004). Had a horrible experience, I ordered a burger and when I was just about to bite into it, I saw that there were molds in the bun! Unbelievable, I know, so I was kinda still cool about it, and I changed my order to a roesti, and on pure dismay, I found naman hair, literally incrusted in that roesti, I was getting pretty unlucky on that day, the waiter again apologized and offered me free coffee..(Gee I think we deserved a free meal!). This is not black propaganda, have nothing against Antonio’s, but I’m just nasasayangan, to a restaurant that showed a lot of promise, I just hope that these things will never happen again. And please, please keep the premises clean.

  7. I like what I had for dessert there before, its chocolate mmint ckae or something. . .really nice. . .

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