Dimasalang Flower Market, Sampaloc Manila

The Dimasalang Wholesale Flower Market adang1is the only place to go when you need a lot of flowers or a broader selection of flowers than is generally available in one’s neighborhood flower shop. The prices at Dimasalang (also referred to as the Dangwa wholesale market due to its proximity to the Dangwa Bus Terminal) are very affordable when compared with retail florists. The market is about 30 years old and I would guess that it’s location sprung from the fact that the buses from the North (Baguio, Benguet, Cagayan, etc.) use to terminate their routes here in Sampaloc and the flowers that were transported from the North were distributed to retailers as soon as they were unloaded. Slowly the market has grown to its current size of over 100 individual vendors that sell flowers, leaves, unusual plant related goods, ribbons, floral supplies, etc. Even large importers of flowers have set-up shop here as this has simply become the recognized epicenter of flowers in Metro Manila.

When I first heard about this market in the late 90’s, I first assumed adang2that the best time to go there was about 1-3 am in the morning. There wasn’t much traffic getting to this downtown market and it seemed that I was there when some of the shipments from the North were arriving. Needless to say, I didn’t go very often as the trek and hours were difficult, maybe I got there twice a year. Over the years, however, I have figured out that the trucks (most of the flowers are brought in small trucks now, not sent through the bus companies) seem to arrive around 8-10 in the evening and the best time to shop is in fact around 9-11pm. And better yet, my closely guarded secret, the best night to shop seems to be Thursday nights. Seems that the florists around Manila do strong business on Fridays and Saturdays and they all stock up on Thursday nights!

The offerings in the market can be erratic in the sense that it’s best not to have your heart set on a particular flower and then schlep all the way there and not find it. adang3However, if you have a good eye you can almost always find a terrific bargain or a particularly fresh find. The vast majority of business here is targeted at florists, though many businesses are also set up to arrange flowers for a buyer and this is especially true for wake driven flower arrangements. There is an incredible oversupply of chrysanthemums which are extremely hardy and colorful (but which I do not generally like), roses and dendrobium orchids. But on good days you will also find small naturally colored calla lilies, Casablanca and other varieties of large lilies, hydrangeas, bromeliad flowers, vandas, cattleyas, anthuriums,gerbera daisies etc. If you are in for the unusual I have on occasion found palm nuts and flowers, strange tropical tree fruits, coffee beans on their branches, mini-pineapples and unusual foliage. Importers are also present and their goods make it to the larger wholesalers along the main wholesale (Dos Castillas) street with flowers like cabbage roses, tulips, humongous roses, viburnum, etc. The more unusual imported flowers have to be ordered about a week before delivery date.

Prices are incredibly good. On a good night, two dozen red roses can cost as little at PHP60. adang4Of course these are not what would be graded top quality blooms due to their irregular stems, inconsistent sizing, etc. but if you buy two dozen you can easily get 12 very good blooms. The same dozen in a Makati flower shop would run you at least 4-5 times the price. I generally buy in bulk when I go to Dimasalang so in the end I don’t save much but I do get a whole lot more volume. Check out some of the arrangements that I am going to post in the next few days to see what I mean. The Dimasalang market is open 24 hours a day every day of the week. It is located along Dos Castillas St. near the Dangwa Bus Terminal in Sampaloc Manila. From Makati on a normal Thursday night it can take anywhere from 20-40 minutes to get there by car. If you like flowers, it’s really worth the trek! If you live near there, take advantage of the proximity!


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  1. While growing up in Cebu flowers are identified with death.
    strange… but I do adore them. When I went home last I went to the market (Carbon) and bought some just to be asked when I got home: are you going to the cemetery today? oh dear

    slightly off topic:
    My Manilena cousin who recently just moved here in Europe to be with her Italian husband had her first cultural blunder regarding flowers.

    She loves chrysanthemums, she said its very popular in the Philippines. The day she bought some, her Italian husband ask her to throw them away. In Italy chrysanthemums are for burial, death!

  2. I agree chrysanthemums are for the dead. They have gained popularity in Cebu because they thrive in the mountains and are wicked easy to grow. The Japanese are said to have first introduced them (In Japan, they are well regarded, a royal flower in fact) and now they are the predominant commercial flower on offer. I don’t like them because they are the cookie cutter equivalent of the floral world. But they are practical for the most part.

  3. Arggh! IvanM you are completely right. I must have had a geographical nervous breakdown last night. Dimasalang is in Sampaloc, not Sta. Mesa. Thanks for that! For confused readers, I mistakenly posted that Dimasalang was in Sta Mesa instead of Sampaloc…you can tell how bad I am with names…

  4. well, now that you posted your “closely guarded secret”, don’t be surprised if people suddenly flock to your favorite flower market on thursday nights:-D

  5. I was not a big chrysanthemum fan until a few years ago when I started learning chinese brush painting. The chrysanthemum is considered one of the 4 major foundations for learning the art of brush painting along with the bamboo, orchid and plum blossom. In any case, painting a flower taught me to appreciate the differences in the flower, plus there are a lot of varieties to the bloom – spider, powder puff ones, and wild varieties. The ones we get in Manila are relatively boring, so they are best as fillers, but I do like to keep an eye out for the more elegant blooms.

  6. i passed by dangwa last saturday night from our trip in pampanga. i also bought a bunch of long-stemmed red roses for only P60. i thought it has only 12 pcs for a bunch so i bought two.
    boy was i surprised when i started unwrapping the bunch,there were 2 dozens! talk about real bargain… i just removed the wilted leaves, cut the the stems and placed it in a clear vase bundled up, no fillers no whatsover, simply gorgeous!

  7. i remember going to dangwa at 1am to order flowers for a wedding many many years ago. i’d love to go back. now i’m glad to hear that they have even better choices of flowers now! i love love love flowers. do peonies get to dangwa, i wonder?

  8. hello there..
    i am getting married in boracay this coming december and looking to buy flowers in dangwa but i dont know nothing on how to get it shipped in boracay and what to do with it when it arrives in the island..
    anyone who knows please HELP..

  9. jane, a do it yourself buying, arranging transport and arranging from Sta Mesa to Boracay seems a bit dicey. I would find a decent florist and let them handle it. Otherwise, work with whatever you can get on the island itself. The flowers wont travel so well unless you airfrieght them in coolers with ice or something to keep them cool…

  10. Anyone have an idea of where in the Phillipines major bamboo companies or producers are located?

  11. Hi, need your help guys. Since I want to buy more than 300 flowers(rose) and want it delivered, do you know any flower shops in dangwa that deliver flowers. I know there are a lot of online flower shops in the internet but I prefer looking at dangwa because it is much much cheaper? Pls send me their contact number ASAP. Tnx so much.

  12. Guys, do you know if there are roses that are grown without the use of fertilizers in Dangwa? I am in need of good suppliers of these kinds of roses… Do you know of any suppliers?? Please send me a message at my email(melsia14@yahoo.com) or text me (0915-5185432). I am really really in need of your help. Thanks!!!

  13. hi there!im from cebu,im a florist & i have a shop,i am looking a flower suppliers.hope somebody can help me.just a contact numbers or email address ill be the one to communicate. vendors in cebu said that most of the flowers came from bagiuo and davao,i want to buy directly to those suppliers because i know they have a lesser cost.please help me…..thanks

  14. mitra, I think it best you take a trip to visit Dimasalang and arrange buying from the wholesalers there… But transporting it to Cebu is another matter…there must be someone who brings in flowers in bulk to Cebu… but I must say, I am impressed with some of the flowers available locally, beautiful more natural roses (not the more predictable ones from baguio) in natural garden colors, the sometimes spectacular gladiolas (they are in season now), etc.

  15. Hi! I’m planning for a wedding next year in Tagaytay. Is it advisable to buy flowers from Dangwa and had it made by a florist there?

    Would you know of a florist I can hire?

  16. Hi. I am from Dumaguete City in Negros Oriental, would you please give me contact numbers/email addresses of suppliers from Dangwa whom I can order from? I would need their help on shipment, airfreight works best. Thank you.

  17. Marketman, m going to get marry this comming nov 23, can you make a quotation for me? flowers shuold be a combination of green chrysanthemums and white roses. please send it to my e-mail and also your contact number. Hope to hear from you the soonest possible. Thank you in advance.

  18. yoj, sorry, I don’t do flowers commercially. Anale, I don’t have their numbers, its a market, I go like I would to any other market. April, best you visit dimasalang and see for yourself…but transporting already made arrangements to tagaytay may be a chore…

  19. eliana, Dimasalang/Dangwa Sampaloc Manila. I don’t know the street address, but everyone in the general area would know it. It is a bit difficult to get to, traffic and all, but if you go late at night, its preferable you go with a local at least…

  20. Hi! we’re getting married on Feb 16. Accdg to to my friends, roses are very expensive before, during and right after valentines day.. any suggestion as an alternative 4 roses, that may not cost me more?thanks and god bless!

  21. dambu, ALL flowers double or triple in price around Valentine’s. You will also have the added problem that there won’t be many flowers on the 15th or 16th as they were all cut earlier for Valentines. However, you may want to consider milflores which you can book in advance from suppliers and they go a long way because of their size. Look up milflores or hydrangea posts in my archives for more information…

  22. hi can you send me alot of email addresses from manufacturers of flowers in dangwa? we are a whole sale based in dubai.

  23. hi do you know any stores in dangwa who can deliver flowers to my place?please let me know if they do,and can you give me there tel numbers?thanks..

  24. GOFORFLOWERS specializes in WEDDING FLOWERS. We deliver wholesale flowers that are gorgeous, and as fresh as your local florist since we ship overnight express straight from our flower farms. You can order flowers in bulk bundles, or you can order Made For You wedding combo packs that are beautifully arranged according to your custom order. Our expert team has specialized in wedding flowers, delivering the highest quality, fresh cut flowers directly from the flower farms in Benguet. actually we do supply also flowers orders from clients who have flowershops from different places mostly visayas and Mindanao we transport to cargo in Pal or Cebu Pacific. For imported flowers we have also our own supplier from Ecuador, Colombia and other exotic locations. We do ship only Ecuadorian long stem roses, which are known for the large heads and come in a variety of beautiful colors. We also send flowers to restaurants, events, hotels, personal flower arrangements, and any occasion that calls for flower arrangements.

    for those interested u may contact us at 09189379115/ 7852946 or 4907534 and look for Maybelle

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  25. How to commute to Dangwa? I’m accessible to MRT and LRT, but I do not know how to go there by public transportation? I am from Makati near Gil Puyat station.

  26. Beautifully arranged to impress your Valentine, our fresh bouquet in romantic colours is full of drama and passion. we do arrange all kinds of flower arrangement for ur love ones, either bouquet or in a vase arrangements.. with balloon and bears. pls visit our website go4flowers.multiply.com or can visit our shop for more displays of different arrangements which is very affordable ranges from P250 above…location of the shop is 1400A San antonio Building, Dos Castillas Street, Sampaloc Manila..near along Maria Clara Street.. pls look for Marlon or Maybelle..hope to see you soon.

    Wholesaler and retailer of fresh flowers
    TEL NO: 09189379115 / 4907534 / 7852946

  27. I am into gardening now and I want to plant gerbera.Where can I buy in manila some varities.how much and what’s the best time to plant them.I am from cagayan valley region 2.thanks for your help.I’ll appreciate it so much.

  28. Hi. I supply imported flowers from Vietnam.
    1. Imported Roses
    2. Stargazers
    3. Orchids
    4. Tulips
    5. Mums
    6. GErbera
    7. Carnation
    8. Yelloween
    and many more at a very very low price.
    If you are interested please kindly email me at

  29. Hi I am Liza, 32, a government employee. Just interested to have a flowershop business in dangwa or dimasalang. I am looking for a place to rent in dangwa. Just looking for a place to rent in dangwa. Please email me in my yahoo.account. TY

  30. mag-ingat kayo sa mga fixer dun ! sa una plang wag niyo na silang kausapin dahil mapapasubo lang kayo at mapapamahal lalo ………. buti pa dumiretso kayo sa loob ng flower shop .. dahil pag kinausap mu ang fixer di ka nia tatantanan !makakuha lang ng pera sayu ……… kung gusto niyo sakin kayu magpagawa guaranteed pa ! all kinds of arrangement.balik pera pag di kayo masiyahan ..

  31. ` local calalily -50.00-70.00/dozen
    ` long stem calalily -100.00-120.00/dozen
    ` yellow calalily -40.00-70.00/piece
    ` this are the prices of calalilies for december

  32. hello po.. any one knows na pinakamurang mgbigay ng price ng entourage package s Dangwa? of which includes white roses, local white calla lilies, green & blue mums.. ang wedding ay s Dec.29 n.. kasama na kasi sa fees ng Church & reception yong fowers pra sa Decor, problem n lng nmin yong s bridal car at s whole entourage.. ‘m from Bicol p, i have a friend n ngsuggest s Dangwa, gusto sana nmin, direct n kmi ppunta don s store n pgbibilhan since wla nman kmi mttuluyan s Mla kya balikan din plan nmin, tnx.. GODBLESS =)

  33. I’m from Gen. Santos City, a caterer/florist I’m looking for a supplier from Dangwa, which can ship directly in GSC… how much po ang per doz. ng Cala lily, tulips, dancing lady at stargazer. how much po ang minimum order. Thanks.

  34. hi to ms Romela m. Go
    we are supplier of different kinds of local flowers direct from our farm and we have as well shop sa dangwa din and if ur interested contact ms Mhae at 09166712397 or 7852946.

  35. hello im eunice my wedding is on may 15, 2009..ask ko lang magkano ang per dozen po nitong mga flowers pong ito sa dangwa:
    1. paper roses
    2. mumps (white and pink)
    3. buttons (green)
    4. carnation (fuschia pink/white)
    5. calla lilies (local only)
    6. rose (white and pink)
    7. ASTHER
    8. pastels/leaves

    un po..im from bicol and i wish to buy those flowers on my wedding for my bouquet and decorations.


  36. We specialize on selling assorted roses on a wholesale/retail basis such as white, baby pink, gala(bloody) red and other colors. They come per bundle(2 dozens each)with different length(s,m,l,xl). Prices vary on the colors and sizes. Our roses are gathered direct from my father’s farm at the rose capital:La Trinidad, Benguet (30 mins. from Baguio). In fact, other flower shops at looban, Dimasalang market order to us sell it too.
    Why not go directly to us?
    it’s great for flower shop owners and those who want to order for special occasions and design it on their own.
    We don’t deliver but we do wholesale and retail at our shop.
    go directly to us!!!
    For a good quality and fresh roses visit us:
    Unit B San Antonio Building, Maria Clara St. (near Dangwa market) and look for Alfredo’s roses or contact my mother Mrs. Lina at 09104444139.
    or email:razen01@yahoo.com

  37. I am looking for sunflowers…to be delivered in quezon city…I am an Expat working in Bahrain who would love to surprise a girlfriend. Any contacts of florist will be highly appreciated. Thank you!

  38. hi goforflowers, im looking for a possible supplier of flower for my cousin’s wedding on may, that is to be shipped to oriental mindoro, can you help me with this? Send me a text message at 09213160030. Hope to hear from you soon. tnx a lot. . .

  39. I am planning to put up a Flower shop please help me how to maintain fresh flowers.I am a churchworker and assigned as flower arranger in our church every week.I am from Cainta,Rizal Can anyone please help me how to start in the business.Sayang naman,almost every otherday ako nag-aarrange ng flowers,aand i go to Dangwa weekly,I am looking for a “suki”.Or is it possible if you deliver it to our place?Whats the minimum order?thanx! malu fajardo mail me @ malu_faj@yahoo.com

  40. Hello ^^

    i am looking for a flower supplier
    pls text me at 09277833547


    salamat ^^

  41. Hi, I’m a Wedding Coordinator from Bacolod City. I’m looking for a wholesale flower suppliers from Dangwa. Please email me or call, I badly need it asap. And I’ll be there in manila this july to visit your place.

    09173012148, 09209816929

  42. Hi, Is it possible if you can send me a listings of flowers with prices. Also, how much do you charge if you will be the one to decor and arrange. Thanks

  43. id like to know how much per dozen of different flowers.i have shop here in laguna.id like to know how much the price if wholesale.
    pls.i waiting to hear from you soon.heres my contact no.kindly sent me any message ragarding my queries.gud day and thank you very much!0928 9459815.

    til here,
    carol habon



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