Dinner at Paradosiako, Athens


This would be the first of three meals we would enjoy at this unpretentious, clearly family run taverna just 30 meters from our hotel in Athens. One guidebook described it as lacking ambience, and I am happy they did that, or we would have trouble securing a table. With the mom running the tiny kitchen (say 4-6 square meters), the dad watching the restaurant located in two retail storefronts and the sidewalk outside, and a daughter and/or son waiting tables, this was a hole in the wall that served honest to goodness Greek food, at extremely reasonable prices. We over-ordered our first time at the restaurant, but that was done on purpose, so we could taste more dishes over the span of just a week’s visit to the country…


The first sign that I was really going to like this place was the menu. Handwritten on paper with a ballpen (and then subsequently photocopied), it left all of the slots for the prices empty. The “dad” explained that they only put the prices on the menu after the marketing was done, and they only offered dishes if they felt the ingredients were the freshest they could find that day… ahhh, a restaurant after my own heart. So after a few finishing touches to the menu, with the available items priced with a pencil, we ordered a meal good for 5 or 6, even though there were only three of us that evening…


The first thing to arrive at the table was a huge loaf of crusty bread, and if you worked your way through all of that during the meal, they brought you more. That along with your forks and knives meant a Euro1.50 “cover charge” per person. The service was efficient for a place with some 15 tables and one waitperson, and the folks who ran the place were incredibly accommodating and friendly.


We ordered a plate of tatziki which was garlicky, lemony and filled with dill…


…some salty taramasalata… made with fish roe…


a huge serving of moussaka…


and a wonderful dish of shrimp with tomatoes and feta cheese good for four! And up top, a grilled squid served with lime/lemons. Everything was delicious. The seafood tasted slightly different from our own (temperate vs. tropical waters perhaps) but it was perfectly cooked. We couldn’t finish everything, but we didn’t leave that much on the table. And at Euro 35 (USD50 or PHP2300) or so, including three softdrinks and water, I thought it was an excellent deal. I mean, where in Manila can you eat like this for just PHP700+ per person. Don’t expect much of the place, think upscale carinderia, but the food is worth it. After leaving a hefty tip (I knew we would be back), we walked back to the hotel knowing this was going to be one great foodie vacation…

44a Voulis Street
Plaka, Athens


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  1. Nothing beats a warm crusty bread dipped/soaked in to a bowl of zuppa di pesce (last pic.) Great selections MM, although I’d skip on the moussaka.

  2. I hope you eventually tried the fresh cod on the menu, as it is becoming a rarity.

  3. warm and freshly baked bread and all the sumptuous food that went along with it…yum!

  4. Everything looks good! Even the bread. Can imagine it with the yummy-looking tatziki. And the grilled squid is a great “cover” picture.

  5. Good morning marketman, i’m a complete stranger to Greek food. Any suggestion on MetroManila Greek restaurants where we can try the dishes you had(or similar maybe)..Thanks

  6. Delicious.

    The taramasalata is made of fish roe? It reminds me of burong isda, the kind from Pampanga. :)

  7. Everything looks delicious! Those little tavernas are the best :) That shrimp/tomatoes/feta dish reminds me of garides saganaki…could that be it? or some kind of version? I have a recipe on my blog although mine does not have as much sauce :)

  8. Buti na lang I already ate lunch. If not, I’d be drooling upon seeing those photos.

    That menu concept is really smart. It’s very logical to price on a daily basis, since market prices change sometimes from day to day. And that it is handwritten… very charming!

    I hope I can one day go there and try those dishes for myself. For now MM, your pictures will have to do.

    God bless you, Mrs.MM, and the Kid.

  9. Tatzki and freshly baked bread… hhhhhmmmmmm=)

    You really take good pictures of the food MarketMan!:)

    It makes me want to grab it and eat it hehehe!=)

  10. Oh my g! *salivating* this is too much! i love, love greek and mediterranean food. i wish i get to visit athens someday!

  11. OMG! These dishes are so morish! We always order lots of different dips when we go to a greek or lebanese resto and by the time our main course arrives we are almost full from eating the delicious dips!

    Love your pics,MM!

  12. UUmm grilled squid, so yummy! I love tatziki, I always asks for extra. Oh by the way, have you tried greek fries yet?

  13. I have been reading your blogs ever since I was in NY. Now, I am back in the Philippines with my husband who doesn’t feel the need to go abroad to earn money. He always takes me travelling around the world as a perk because I left my good job, friends and etc in NY.
    We are going to Greece in a few months. My husband assigned me to find us a clean hotel close to the Acropolis.
    Can you tell me what hotel did you stay in or can you suggest one? I don’t want a very expensive hotel because I am planning to spend the money eating Greek food.

  14. MM, when my mom, sister & i went to athens so many years ago, we really enjoyed the food over there. never mind that we went to eat at those restos with the insistent waiters calling out for customers. everything was GOOD!! even their kenny rogers was good. heehee.

  15. We’ve been to this restaurant. I was just daydreaming about some of my favourite places in Greece, and I decided to see if there was anything about this wonderful place on the web. Thank you so much for bringing it back to life for us with your pictures. We will be racing there the next time we are in Athens, hopefully this summer



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