Don’t Forget, The Market Manila Eyeball is this Saturday, November 4th!!!

Okay, the venue is set, the menu is selected, the guest list is firmed up and approximately 75 folks are getting together this Saturday Night at 6:30 p.m. for the Second Market Manila Eyeball at Gourdo’s restaurant at Fort Bonifacio. I am pretty sure I have sent a confirmation email to everyone that is on my list. But if you think you reserved a spot BUT have NOT received a private email from me, please send me a follow-up email immediately. We are pretty much at full capacity but I’ll see what can be done. Also, please let me know ASAP if you have confirmed attendance but now need to back out for any reason. If there is one thing that is totally annoying, it’s a NO SHOW. Please let me know if your plans have changed. Also, I will unfortunately have to turn down anyone who just shows up at the door without a reservation as the restaurant cannot handle an unlimited number of diners…sorry. As for the pot-luck dessert, please just bring what you enjoy eating and I am certain that we will have a spectacular array of Manila’s finest desserts…commercial or home made! Don’t forget that the cost of the buffet meal with service charge is PHP550 per person. See you on Saturday Night!!!


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  1. To my home boys and girls have a fabulous time with MM and his family. MM you are really amazing and I know there will be a great momentum at your Market Manila 2006 Eyeball! You know how to keep the ball rolling. Sorry, I miss out this year. I am shooting for my attendance at the 2008 EB believe it or not.

  2. I’m sure it’ll be a great fun night….what with the good company of a great man like MM and wife. MM, some pics of yr EB. Thanks and you all have a great weekend!

  3. was really looking forward to going, with either a durian cheesecake or a durian sans rival in tow, MM. however, my dad passed on a few days ago, and we are all in the process of re-arranging our hearts and lives in alternately painful and joyous ways (but always marked by food, food, food!). so, here’s wishing everyone a happy, delicious EB, while the rest of us wait with bated breaths for the stories and photos.

  4. Millet: My heart goes to you and your family on the loss of a great man – your father. May you and your family find strength and courage at this difficult and unbearable time. My prayers go to you and your family.

  5. wish nasa bohol lang ako my home province so i can join you guys,but am in far away usa so all i can do is imagine all the fun.

  6. Hey Katrina, you’re going to make it after all :)

    MM, please take lots of great pictures so we can enjoy the experience vicariously.

    Good luck!

  7. I’m definitely jealous that you guys can meet and partake of a great lunch. Too bad I’m in LA and wont be visiting until almost end of this year.

  8. it’s 10:47pm friday night here in arizona (where im at) ergo its 01:47pm saturday afternoon in P.I. and im in front of my computer nothing to look forward to as compared to most of the guys here…..sob! inggit ako. dont forget to post the pics na lang MM so we can see what we’re missing and be more green with envy. Enjoy the EB though. sana balang araw….. in the meantime, the clock is ticking away and i know majority of the peeps here are excited. pati na rin ako. Have fun all!

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