Easter Flowers

Easter lillies are the traditional flower during this holiday. mum1Other typically available flowers in colder climates include daffodils, tulips and roses. I generally NEVER buy chrysantemums because I dislike their uniformity, their “never die” quality and their often atrocious colors. I associate chrysantemums with someone who has already keeled over. Anyway, having said that, I may have to eat my words as in an act of desperation, without any other flowers on hand, I actually bought several bunches of mums from a roadside vendor in Tagaytay so that I could have a colorful centerpiece for this simple lunch at the beach. I broke two cardinal rules in that one act — no mums ever and buying them from someone who was going to definitely fleece me (think at least double the price in the flower market at Dimasalang).

I got several bunches of light green mini-mums, white and slightly green mums and white mums. mum2I am not going to bother looking these up for additional information and scientific names… I filled several water glasses with clean water then cut the mums down to about 8 inches (threw away all the other stems), stripped a lot of the leaves off and bunched them in the glasses. I alternated the different types of mums in a straight line down the center of the table and voila!, not too shabby huh? While I have not quite been converted to mums, I am grateful they were available on the roadside in such abundance. Please note the patterns of the petals in the first photo up above – isn’t nature at work stunning? You could pull this centerpiece off in less than 15 minutes. And it lasts for a really long time… Happy Easter!


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  1. I believe that’s what they call “willingness to pay” in economics. :-)

    How beautiful indeed! They almost look like fractals, and that’s not a bad table setting either. Almost good enough to eat as a salad! Hehehe! Happy Easter Marketman!

  2. They’re beautiful, Mr. MarketMan! I particularly love the ligt green ones in your first photo. Lime green/apple green happens to be my favorite color. I used to have different stuff with that color that some of my friends started calling that shade EnyaGreen.
    I can’t say mums is way up in my list of favorite flowers, but I like them just the same. They are colorful and sturdy and easy to care for. Most mums are perennials, so you plant them one time and they’ll keep coming up year after year, with more blooms than it had the previous year. And, being a “fall flower”, mums will give your yard color long after the colors of spring and summer flowers are gone.
    But my most favorite flower is Peonies. They are gorgeous! And when you have them in the house as cut flowers, they make the whole room smell so good. There are varieties that are so huge that there’s probably thousands of petals in a single flower. They are also beautiful on table settings, just like you did with your mums. Cut the stem really short and put one flower in a crystal glass vase and it’ll be stunning.

  3. Stunningly appropriate for the setting. When do we start out vintage tabletop business? I see tons of great finds in the auction houses. Last week at Doyle 75 crystal stems went for $75. It went so fast I didn’t even have a chance to raise my paddle…

  4. we need a dozen daffodils for valentine. we live in manila, philippines. where and how can i purchase.
    thank you.

    weena tan



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