Entitled, Inconsiderate, Illogical, Name-Dropping Trespassers…

Entitled : “believing oneself to be inherently deserving of privileges or special treatment”
Inconsiderate : “thoughtlessly causing inconvenience to others”
Illogical : “lacking sense or clear, sound reasoning”
Name-Dropping : “the practice of casually mentioning the names of famous people one knows or claims to know in order to impress others”
Trespasser : “a person entering someone’s land or property without permission”

This is a rant. A rare, now once-in-a-blue-moon rant. So don’t read it if you don’t like rants.

This morning, I drove to the office at our Yakal Street Zubuchon outlet and arrived before 10am. I was surprised to see 3 cars already in the parking lot even before the restaurant opened, and on inquiry, was told that the cars appear to have parked there as early as 630am, one later at 7am and another yellow car, later still. Our guard was away from the parking lot when they snuck in to park. We have CCTV cameras so we can pinpoint the exact time if we had to. This is clearly a private parking lot of a private business, and it is for the use of our dine-in customers, when they are actually dining in. We have some 16 spaces that are much coveted in parking-scarce Makati, and during busy Friday lunches, we could even use another 10 more. So suffice it to say that our parking spaces are essential to our customers who are dining in. So I made sure that the drivers were not actually in the restaurant (they couldn’t be as we were closed) and by 11am, when the parking lot was filling up with cars of customers, it was clear that these three cars were just plain “trespassing” and using our parking lot as though they were entitled to it, regardless of the fact that they were inconveniencing others, couldn’t possibly have a legitimate logical explanation for why they were there, and worse, they were just plain trespassing.

So at about 1130 am, I taped this sign to each of the three windshields of the cars, now some 4+ hours illegally parked in our parking lot:




In addition, I then parked my car directly behind two of the cars and effectively blocked them in until the point that the parking lot otherwise emptied out and they could get out with little difficulty. My purpose was to make sure they knew that what they had done was unacceptable. If we had another car, I would have blocked the third car as well. Meanwhile, over 250+ guests (in at least 60+ cars and by foot) arrived for lunch, and parking was pandemonium. We could have very easily used the 3 spaces currently occupied by “mystery early morning parkers”. I looked up towing companies, but they tend to tow from public streets only. I thought about calling the police, but why bother with the hassle just yet.

I attended some meetings, then met my brother and sister-in-law for a long lunch at Zubuchon. Two p.m. goes by, then at roughly 3 p.m. the driver of the yellow car that was unblocked, took off my taped notice and told our manager it was offensive and he drove off, unchallenged (I was still eating dessert). “OFFENSIVE???” are you kidding me? What a #$%%@@#(!! IDIOT. Under what possible explanation could you justify parking in a private parking lot, for some 7 hours, while others could very easily have needed it, and you think it is US that is OFFENSIVE? He also claimed he asked permission, even though the restaurant was closed, and when we pointed to two CCTV cameras overhead he just skedaddled out of there like a bat out of hell. I regret not taking a photo of his plate number but I remember the car, and I know it has tried the same tactic once before but I happened to be in the parking lot delivering flowers early one morning so I asked the guard to politely request that they find other parking arrangements.

A few minutes later, the drivers of the two other blocked cars arrived, and our guard just told them to wait until the blocking car was moved, since they weren’t supposed to park there anyway. Basically, I made them wait until we were finished, some 30 minutes later. In retrospect, I should have just let them wait until 11 pm, or 8 hours for their unauthorized use of the spots for 8 hours. No confrontation, no hassle. But instead I went outside and asked them this simple question “what makes you think you have the right to trespass on private property, park your car, leave it for nearly 8 hours while inconveniencing dozens of other people, and think they were acting appropriately???”


The gist of her reply was this, not verbatim “sorry, I parked before 7am, and I eat here EVERYDAY so sorry nalang, but can you move your car now?” to which I replied, “you did not eat here today, and you left the car for almost 8 hours, and you are basically trespassing… If I leave my car there for 8 more hours so you can’t move yours, until 11 pm, then you will know what kind of inconvenience you have caused others…” To which the reply was “kasi, I have to leave now, I have no yaya, I left my child who is at home, I have to leave now.” Still no acknowledgement of any wrongdoing, no admission of her completely defenseless position, and followed up with the “my husband works for the PNP…” to which I answered, “then even more reason you should be aware what the laws are and why we should follow them.” Honestly, now, PNP-husband, child left-at-home alone? What does that have to do with anything??


He says, mid-conversation with the lady “private property?, you are a restaurant, how can this be private property…” (MM rolling his eyes) “it’s certainly not public property as in the roadways, and it is not owned by the government, so yes, you are indeed trespassing and on private property.” Then he counters with “you are offering a service, you are not customer friendly.” to which Mrs. MM answers, “you are not a customer now, and you weren’t eating for 8 hours straight.” To which he laughingly says, “you weren’t open at 7am, so how could I eat here?” OMG, DOES THE PHRASE LOW-IQ KIND OF LOGIC ENTER YOUR PSYCHE JUST NOW? Then the clincher was “I am with the press…” to which I said “good, what agency so I can record and send it to your publisher so he can decide how pathetically gormless that argument is…” Pray tell, what important press-worthy article was he chasing and writing for 8 hours: “How to park illegally and worm your way out of it?”

THEN BOTH OFFENDERS, IN UNISON, claim with dramatic flair, “but we eat here EVERYDAY…”, so basically, their argument is that they are ENTITLED TO FREE AND UNFETTERED use of the parking lot whenever and for as long as they want… even when neither ate there that day. Nor do waiters remember their faces, and believe me, our waiters remember faces of our regular customers quite well. And besides, that isn’t the point, here, is it? And finally, one of the final comments are, “I WORK FOR XXX INSURANCE, AND WE “ALL” WON’T EAT AT ZUBUCHON AGAIN.” They attended whole day meetings at a nearby head office of XXX and the consequences of their actions be damned, basically. To which I said, “please do not ever come back, we would prefer to reserve our parking spaces for customers who don’t feel entitled, act inconsiderately, are illogical, and prone to name-dropping while trespassing on private property…” And soon enough, other cars left and the two parkers finally left, after waiting some 40 minutes against their 8 hours of parking illegally.

So my point is, where is this supreme sense of entitlement coming from? Why are they in any way entitled to special treatment, because they (possibly) once or twice or regularly ate our food? Now they can avoid the minimum PHP400 parking fees on the street, by just parking themselves in a private spot without asking or seeing that was inappropriate? Do they NOT UNDERSTAND the concept of being inconsiderate, that by their actions they were inconsiderate to several other legitimate customers who couldn’t park in those spots while they dined at the restaurant on a very busy Friday lunch? Is logic so sparse in our society today that they really didn’t see anything wrong in their actions, and instead make up excuses why they are SO RIGHT and that it is me that is causing them headaches? Huh? And the name dropping?? PNP husband? Press? That’s supposed to change the logic or arguments at hand? Funny how they all lost their bluster when I said to our staff standing around “to call the local Makati police station just a hundred yards down the road and have them meet these folks…” Ridiculous.

Meanwhile, my evil thoughts included things I could have, and should have, done rather than getting my knickers in a twist, so for future reference, what do you think??:

1. I should have asked our lechoneros to dump 400 sacks of charcoal around these cars, tell the car owners we just got a delivery, had nowhere to put it, and so we had to store it around their cars that were illegally parked near the entrance to our lechonan/charcoal storage areas. They were welcome to dig their cars out from under the charcoal rubble, and leave when they could get into their vehicles and clear a path.

2. Deflate their tires. I have to check with a lawyer, but I think that could be defensible since they were trespassing to begin with, but I have to seek counsel on that, as it may cross a line, so strike that option…

3. Buy a tire clamp from some Amazon or other on-line source (OMG, I just checked, they are only PHP1,500 or so, I WANT ONE OR TWO!), and just clamp their tires down until we can get their cars towed away.

4. Drop a gallon of paint from the roof above, possibly splattering it all over the cars, and when asked, tell them, “if you weren’t parked illegally there, you wouldn’t have a problem.”

But I jest. Just JEST. Really? :)

In the meantime, since it seems they VOLUNTEERED where at least one of them worked, I am thinking about writing a letter to XXX Insurance management, Mr. RH, the CEO, and Mr. JK, the Chief Human Resources Officer, to ask if one or two of these cars in the photos above are company-issued vehicles, or belong to one of their 3,000+ employees or agents, and to kindly ask them to read this post and ask XXX staff to think before they park their vehicles illegally and cause inconvenience to many other people. I’m sure 99% of XXX insurance employees know this was just plain wrong. I, too, am in the service business, but I do not under any circumstances have to suffer fools. Even if it means losing two or more customers as a consequence of THEIR OWN FOOLISH ACTIONS. Particularly fools that are acting entitled, who are patently inconsiderate, unable to discuss a topic logically and argue a point factually, name-dropping trespassers. If either RH or JK replies, I would be happy to send them the full plate numbers of the cars shown above.

The recap, for cliffs notes readers:
1. You trespassed when you entered a private parking lot.
2. You knowingly parked without asking and receiving permission to do so while you attended to business at another company/location down the street for an entire business day.
3. You clearly had an option to park on the street, and pay parking fees and a stay limit of 3 hours by Makati parking authority rules.
4. You left your car in our parking lot for 7+ hours, regardless of inconvenience it would cause to legitimate customers who dined with us at lunch time today.
5. You neither admitted you were in the wrong, and instead used non-sequitur or invalid arguments of “coming early and no one was there, to I left my child unattended at home, to I had a meeting and needed to park somewhere” that are childish, inappropriate, and well, just plain stupid.
6. You did not dine-in before, during or after your 8-hour parking escapade today.
7. You somehow thought it was useful to name drop that your husband was a PNP employee, and the other parker was with the press?! Seriously? I’d love to see an article in the press about what you did. Remember, I have video of it all.
8. You showed absolutely no remorse, or worse, real understanding that what you did was just plain wrong, indefensible, and frankly, stupid.

I hope you guys learned your lesson today, though I sincerely doubt it.


47 Responses

  1. by all means, you have the right to eject and evict trespassers.

    ps. guys, marketman is telling the truth, lunch time in Zubuchon is crazy. ang daming tao!
    we have to keep our hunger at bay and wait to get a table. lesson learned. come early. really early.

    another ps. i noticed that its not your typical resto where you dine and go. instead, people linger. its like dining with your titos and titas and the conversation lasts for two hours….and before you knew it, they order dessert and another round of conversation on why i am still single….

  2. Hay naku! Kulang sa disciplina! It is really annoying and the inconvenience.

    At my place at work, cars park illegally has tire clamp if they found out your not suppose to park in a certain section. Visitor and employee parking sections are well defined but employees parking on the wrong section is subject to being written up after three warnings and multiple violations will result to immediate termination. Visitors are subject to auto towing if not move within a certain period (after repeated overhead paging). Towing fees are expensive.

  3. Some suggestions I have in mind will get me in so much trouble, so I’ll keep it to myself. I have observed though some restaurants do ask their patrons to register their cars while dining in, putting a cap, perhaps a 2 hour parking maximum. I know you shouldn’t have to implement this, as this requires extra work and monitoring, but for those who defy common sense ( and there are plenty ) because somehow they feel like the world is to bend over for them.

  4. Trespass towing is common and legal in California. All costs to the offender. If this is not legally allowed in Manila, perhaps an elected city official may be requested to propose it as a city ordinance. I’m sure the towing industry in Manila would be thrilled.

  5. Marketman,

    Kung kagaya sa mga bangko na kinakabitan ng kadena/tubo sa closing time para wala makapark?

    Kasi hide and seek jan sa makati…. Kung walang guard doon paparada yan so mas better kung may nakaharang they cannot move.

  6. mr. marketman,
    We are on the same boat, ang offenders sa amin, mga drivers of school children who think that our driveway is part of the street parking. Ang remedyo diyan ay gamitin mo yung mga barangay tanods to remove these vehicles. Huwag ikaw, bunutan ka pa ng bakal, pag nagkipagtalo kayo, lalo ka lang ma-pe-per-hwisyo.

  7. In addition, these people are shameless, of which there is no antidote. If you have no access to tire clamps, you can get a sturdy tanikala with an equally sturdy padlock to adorn the wheels. That is what they do in a village I know when they run out of clamps. Just curious, did they pay the 300 per hour?

  8. Yup, chained bollards off hours is a small price to pay.

    Charge (exhorbitant) hourly rates but first 2-3 hour free upon presentation of receipt FOR THE DAY.

  9. What we do here in Tondo when habitual offenders park their truck/trailers across driveways or double park on our side streets is:
    1. Pour used automotive oil inside the cab on the seats and floor
    2. Put dog feces inside the cab and/or smear on their windshield
    3. Set fire to their tires (we have not done this but have witnessed this being done in nearby streets).
    4. Cars are either keyed or their mirrors broken off and tail lights smashed.

    I think the tire clamp is a worthwhile investment, you will recoup the cost in no time. Post signs warning potential offenders and impose a fine. This will definitely deter repeat offenders from taking up your parking slots.

  10. Dragon, good idea. joe jj, no they didn’t pay and we didn’t insist, I prefer the charcoal route so they will get messy and sweaty. Evil grin. And yes, we can craft a local tire clamp with our resourceful maintenance man. ricky, yes, barangay will be made aware of issue. Dona, a rope is placed across the parking lot now, new signs to be added in the next few days. tercer, you are absolutely correct, and I wish folks would just act decently, not abusively. No wonder “road rage” exists as a condition! yes, it’s an admin nightmare, but maybe we will have to do some registration process or ticketing process… jr, tama ka, and I think a clamp is the solution. Vince, some insider MM reader tips. For lunch, come before 1143am. I kid you not, that is the inflection point for lunch. Fewer people before 1143am, then suddenly full (and many waiting) and it won’t start emptying out tables till 1230 at the earliest, so people who arrive at 12 might sometimes wait 30+ minutes… If you are a planner, we do take reservations and you walk straight in for most cases if a table is held for you (we hold for 15 mins only)… use this cell # to book a table a few days ahead of time : 0956.477.1999 Weekends are often busier (why, I don’t know since all nearby offices are mostly closed) and people linger longer. As for the lingering, we have noticed that, but I like it. It means that customers are comfortable… and now we introduce really good coffee (new machine in last week) so your aunts and uncles can continue to grill you over your marital status… Thanks guys, and yes, I am noticing more guys reacting to this post than most posts i write. But of course, thanks ladies as well. :)

  11. Joey Martin, I laughed a deep evil laugh at your “put dog feces inside the cab” and wish our chocolate labrador were still around. Yes, a clamp is the obvious solution, it seems. :)

  12. MM, draft signage for your consideration:

    To our valued customers/clients:

    Parking is free, and for your exclusive use while actually dining at Zubuchon.

    To violators:

    Notice is hereby given and you agree to a tire clamp plus a parking fee of P________ per hour. Management also reserves the right to tow away your vehicle at your expense.

  13. Charcoal around the cars…. Not on the cars!?!? Ha ha! Tsk tsk, not even a simple apology….

  14. Smear cat food on the cars and watch the cats create cat art using the car as a canvass…not to mention the dozens of tiny minute scratches on the paint

  15. Mike, hahaha, I wouldn’t have DREAMED of that option! gej, yes, it’s my pet peeve, when some people GET CAUGHT doing something supremely stupid, they try and justify it instead of admitting it, apologizing genuinely and moving on. I really wonder what their parents taught them as ethical, morally defensible, logical, decent, honest behavior, because I run into this logic fairly often these days.

  16. I feel you MM I also put a big note and call the parking enforcement to give the offender a ticket, Di pa naman ako nakapag pa tow dahil naawa pa din ako sa owner ng car, they block our gate, park on the parkway , block the pedestrian lane, kakagigil talaga and sometimes our tenants are the offender too although signs are all over the parking lot hinukay pa Nila yung bollards Na nakabaon sa parkway.

  17. That is disgusting. Pedestrians are much more civilized. (Not entirely true, but at least I don’t fight for a place to dump a few tons of metal every time I leave my home.)

  18. Gall, cheek, effrontery, call it what you may. The only way to address them is in terms they understand. Unfortunately, feces daubing is one modifier you don’t want to attach to restaurateur. Just have their vehicle moved out of your jurisdiction and let the city traffic authorities deal with them.

    Btw, what’s the noise level in the new branch. Is there piped-in music? I imagine it’s going to be barely controlled pandemonium all over again come Mothers’ Day.

  19. Footloose, the noise levels (at the peak of service) are not for anyone over 35 years of age. It is deafening. Oddly, most people describe it as a HAPPY, LIVELY CHATTER while I might cringe if I were a paying guest. Think of it as an upscale cafeteria. Today, three completely out of control kids broke a glass vase filled with flowers while their parents sat by, unmoved… A few weeks ago, a special child broke a rather beautiful large heavy hurricane lamp as the nanny and parents sat by… And today a near adult autistic boy burst into the offices (beside the restaurant) running and hopping and startled everyone until his grandmother came to apologize profusely and retrieved him. Honestly, such incidents I think are more about the parents, not their wards. Suffice it to say, this is not a quiet refuge with highly honed service that would rival a local ballet… At $10 a head on average, it is an upscale cafeteria with honest food for a broad audience. Tomorrow could test the limits of my relative intolerance for unruly, unmanaged, rambunctious children… But compared to the three “adults” in the parking fracas above, I would suffer the kids anyday instead… :) Leticia, I agree completely. Alilay, it’s amazing how many people have a similar problem, the city obviously is at bursting point…

  20. This curiosity of bad behavior isn’t limited to the PI.

    When I was a volunteer at my parish, an individual parked in the space reserved for one of the priests. Needless to say, his car was blocked in when father returned. The individual asked, ‘Hi brad (as in ‘brother’), could you ask father to move his car?’ To which I responded, ‘No, I’m not going to ask. You can ask yourself. If anything, he’s probably watching from his window and laughing at you’.

    Another time, a well manicured orange haired auntie looked at me glaringly as she removed a pylon that was near her car. It was at that point where she said, ‘I had to remove this’ to which I quipped, ‘well that’s good that you got your hands dirty for the first time in your life.’

    On the point of children, yes, I agree…its more about the parents. During Santo Nino, a young boy was prancing across the pews almost knocking over my statues. To which I glared at the mother and instead of acknowledgement or apology, I get some dumbfounded stare similar to what a pathetic teenager would do when asked a simple question and they could not answer.

    Bastos on my part? Perhaps. But which do we must tolerate insufferably to such childish behavior.

  21. Marketman,

    Saan maganda pumuwesto na tahimik hindi daanan ng tao?

    And yung mga nakakabasag/nakadamage hindi binayaran?

  22. hi mm, offt: in case you haven’t come across this yet, httpss://artcfa.wordpress.com/2010/02/17/pass-the-salt-and-a-megaphone-the-wall-street-journal/

    for a hearing-aid wearing (and above 35) person like myself, it does get crazy noisy with all the glass in there. but i come for the food and the sights. :)

  23. Question from someone who doesn’t live in Manila: Couldn’t you have had the cars towed (at the owners’ expense)? Or is that not a thing over there?

  24. Upon payment or presentation of the bill, cashier (or trustworthy guard) can just stamp to say parking paid. Cost of a rubber stamp.

  25. Dragon, it’s a bit more than that really… the guard will end up acting as a parking attendant, issuing tickets and noting plate numbers, then cashiers have the minor task of stamping them. Then one has to look at times in and out, and it just seems so unappealing by in some ways necessarily fussy. fried neurons, trust me, I looked them up by the 4th hour, and most towing companies tow from public streets, as the government is the opposing party of the private vehicle owner. But if you ask them tow from a private parking lot, they can’t necessarily bring the car to a public pound, so the issue of who will pay for the removal falls back to the restaurant, hence clamping would be more effective but a hassle to deal with car owners. beetleben, thanks, yes, I did see that article, and thanks for dropping by anyway, despite the market level cacophony sometimes. Dona, for me, the best places are the booths good for 5-6 people. They are a bit insulated, many of them have a walkway on both sides and higher backs. We didn’t charge guests for the breakage, again I find that a bit too government like in a way… but that’s just me. We don’t charge our own staff for errors like wrong orders, or breaking things, or similar mistakes (I know lots of other restaurants and businesses do) — it’s just part of the cost of doing business. But we are learning. Smaller vases are being moved away from lower tables, we have asked staff to keep an eye on parties with young kids that are running around and deep down inside… I would like to put a sign on the front door that reads “Unruly or misbehaved children AND their guardians will be placed in the walk-in freezer for 1 hour if they disturb other guests or break anything…” HAHAHAHA. I am joking, joking. :) Getter Dragon, yes, I agree it isn’t just a pinoy thing, but it’s particularly bad around these parts…

  26. Get one of those service shop car jack with wheels and drag the cars to the middle of the road!

  27. ” I would like to put a sign on the front door that reads “Unruly or misbehaved children AND their guardians will be placed in the walk-in freezer for 1 hour if they disturb other guests or break anything…” HAHAHAHA. I am joking, joking. :)”

    MM, I would add to the above “And parents who refuse to control their children will be roasted in our lechon pit!!” HAHAHA

  28. I knew right away which insurance company you were talking about as its the big one in the area. Excellent come back with the PNP wife that since they’re part of the force they should be the ones setting an example and following the law. Consider putting up steel posts with chains when the restaurant is closed to deter illegal parking. https://www.shug.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/Bollard-Chains-3.jpg Put up big signs that parking is only for customers.

    I think parents with unruly children have learned to zone out their kids for their own sanity. Unfortunately, like the people who parked illegally on your space they don’t care anymore that they are an inconvenience to other people. Honesty, I think pagmamalasakit sa iba is dead in this country. Just look at hallways, escalator landings and doorways and you see people who don’t care that they are blocking the way.

  29. “The recap, for cliffs notes readers,” :-D you are funny even when you’re hella mad, MM. Seriously though, they deserved the dressing down, you should have had them towed.

  30. Wow, sounds like the issue I had just 2 days ago! The same feeling of entitlement and the “I’m with the media/press” line.

  31. There are lots of things that can be done with these kinds of maggots but remember Mr. M the golden rule – never do the dirty works yourself. Aside from confronting them and all sorts of suggestions given such as clamps and charges, have someone with a cap on armed with super glue stealthily visit their vehicles as early as when you are sure they are trespassers. Being kindhearted at first, superglue pumped in their tire interior valve sounds good. Why not super glue on wipers (be generous) what happens in front also happens at the back. Super glue inside keyhole sounds good too.. or maybe leaves with super glue accidentally blown attached by the wind on the newly waxed exterior of the vehicle.

  32. A rant! A rant!

    While I will not offer any more suggestions – the dear readers have offered a few that I’d like to employ myself – I will agree that the sounds of Zubuchon – Yakal at peak hours is a happy chatter. Like the sound of a happy house party. :) It’s why I’ve returned several times. The vibe is just… uplifting. :)

  33. Kass, it’s amazing how many people have taken your view on the noise. It’s almost as if people need a gathering place that is safe, lively, comfortable, not too packed in, and with decent food to get together and feel they are with lots of other people, community without knowing them all… it’s really quite surprising. I guess in Makati, or the metropolis in general, this isn’t so easy to do… and don’t get me started on how long people linger… they LINGER. But we like that honestly, it means they are comfy. Or they just want to torture others waiting for their table. We have a really good new coffee machine so the espressos, americanos, cappuccinos are pretty decent as well, for less than the cost at any nearby “moonpesos” :) Mon, evil grin. Millet, yup, me too. nuno, super glue is truly deep down inside heavy evil laughter, but I don’t think I could do that. I could daydream it though. Andrew, ask them for an ID then… :)

  34. I would let the security guard handle it next time, especially nowadays when most people (tokhang champions) value life less.

  35. OMG I am still seething over that third car that got away without any consequence, and with bad behavior at that.

  36. MM, walang Zubuchon dito sa Saudi pero feeling ko sa oras na ito naparami ang kain ko ng lechon… ako yata ang na high blood sa mga illegal parkers mo.

  37. oh dear!!! Yun ang problema sa tao minsan… Mali na galit pa. Bwisit talaga. Sana na tow yan sila para madala… Tuso ang tawag dyan… Ayaw magastusan pero kelangan magpark…

  38. Marketman,

    Its called the pinoy “palusot” or lies and other excuses they can think of for theor bad behavior.

    I propose another alternative solution.

    I live in a house along a main road with several commercial establishments like a tutorial school and a restaurant.
    Every once in a while my driveway gets blocked by an inconsiderate, entitled persons car.

    I normally bring a length of cheap disposable rope and small blade in my suv. When i see a blocking car has no driver. i simply tie the rope to the offending car and tow him out of the way cut the rope and leave the car in the middle of the road to bother others. It is easier than you think.

    Just put up warning signs

  39. Tulongan nyo po ako Kong alam nyo po ang bagsakan ng ube or binibili ng ube kasi marami akong aanihin ngauñg January higit kumulang 75 metrec tons po salamat po sàinyo paki kontak nalang po ako sa email ko maraming salamat po.



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