Fage Greek Style Yoghurt at S&R!!!


Several years ago, posts on yoghurt for breakfast in Greece, as well as finding Lemnos Greek Style yoghurt in Manila and enjoying it with homemade guava jelly elicited comments about FAGE yoghurt. The Greek style and Greek manufactured yoghurt had this aura of superiority. And since tasting it while on trips abroad, I would have to agree it is noticeably better than most yoghurts for sale in local groceries. This is thick, creamy and substantial. Absolutely delicious. Commercial no doubt, and not quite as good as the fresh silky yoghurt we recently had in Morroco for breakfast, but FAGE is an excellent choice. So when I received a text from a friend (and suki insider) at S&R that they had just gotten their first delivery of FAGE yoghurt last week, and that they would be putting it on the shelves on Wednesday or Thursday, I was in Cebu and a bit crazed that they would sell out before I got back to Manila!


Sure enough, by the time I got to S&R, they only had one type of FAGE left, with tropical fruits which I would normally not buy, but I got one anyway. The fruit mixture is kept in a separate compartment, so you can have plain yoghurt and discard the fruit if you are really desperate. But I actually tipped the fruit into the yoghurt, go to their U.S. website here to see how (I would never have known this otherwise), and it was delicious. Higher calorie count, but truly yummy.


New deliveries scheduled for mid-August. Get there early. I just checked my receipt from S&R and noticed that the yoghurt is listed as PHP159 ($3.50) or so, which is whoppingly expensive when compared to the local yoghurts. Hmmm, was it really that much or am I reading my receipt wrong? Much better value would be the large tub of lemnos greek style yoghurt which is enormous for the roughly PHP700 price… But if you must have some FAGE, at least you now know where to find it. :)

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  1. on occasions that i need thick yogurt i just strain local varieties in a coffee filter for an hour or so. definitely comes out with a more substantial product. but great to have the greek option around, no doubt.

  2. When I first read the entry title … I thought FAKE greek style yogurt. Why would marketman advocate buying FAKE greek style yogurt. :(

  3. For that price I could have 2 liters of homemade, fresh yogurt. Save a few spoonfuls of your Fage, heat 2 liters of full cream milk (preferably carabao’s) up to simmering, then cool down to 110F, mix in the yogurt, wrap the container in a thick towel, and set aside for about four hours for the culture to multiply. I usually get very thick yogurt in our daytime temperatures, especially if I make it towards noon. But if the consistency is thin I just strain the yogurt until it is thick enough. No sweat.

  4. Yey, there is an ongoing contruction of an S&R branch at the North Reclamation Area in Mandaue City!

  5. I bought some last week when stocks are still a plenty at S&R Congressional. I got the honey version and the blueberry one. I LOVE LOVE LOVE! Too bad it’s pricey.

    I might splurge and buy Lemnos soon. ;)

  6. I think that price is reasonable, that is just a little bit more than here. But you’re right it is the most expensive yoghurt in the market I’ve seen but worth it.

  7. Hi MM, I know exactly what you mean about Greek yogurt. My husband was the one who ‘converted’ me to it and you can just taste the difference. I have a favorite salmon pattie recipe that uses Greek yogurt as a topping. Actually the dish is an appetizer but my husband and I make bigger servings and have them for dinner sometimes.

    The recipe is here:
    Pls. remove the link if you feel this is not appropriate. My desire is to share the recipe with you and not get a free backlink.

  8. i was able to taste the Rizal Dairy’s Greek Yoghurt and i didnt find it good. I still love the yoghurt at UPLB Carabao/Cow farm.

  9. The person who turned me into a Fage fan was Joey, and I’m surprised she hasn’t written in yet with a comment, but in any case, that’s great news, MM! At least you don’t have to go to HK to get a Fage-fix. I sure hope S&R will become the regular distributor for it at home. Now, our next yogurt must have is from iceland – think thicker than custard!!! It’s amazingly good.

  10. that yoghurt is good but expensive in the philippines and this could be made for a yoghurt sauce or dip to pair with grilled lamb.

  11. Hi MM–Good to know Fage is not available locally, however, if you can find good organic milk, you’re better off making you’re own yogurt. No need to have a starter, but plain yogurt will do. Very easy.

  12. Fage’s marketing has been stellar if anything since they’ve managed to turn the traditional strained yogurt that is consumed throughout the Mediterranean world into a solely Greek product. Cast aside the marketing buzz and one realizes that plainly stated strained yogurt is very simple to make at home, from scratch using a yogurt culture (quickly done in tropical heat) or simply by straining store-bought yogurt in a paper towel or filter of some sort. There is definitely a tang to Fage’s product, which you can replicate with a similar culture, though I prefer Stonyfield’s organic yogurt as my starter. Same great taste, but a fraction of the price.

  13. Have tried so many greek-style yogurts in the market but this is the best so far. It’s currently 2 for $4 where we grocery shop. Even here in the US, it’s really pricey compared to the others. Good quality and tasty!

  14. OH MY GOODNESS I AM SO GLAD WE FINALLY HAVE FAGE!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH MARKETMAN!!! haha ive been buying 3 tubs of low fat greek yogurt from rizal dairy farms every week but ive always wanted to try fage because my favorite food bloggers always rave about it. and my parents are on the south beach diet so this would be perfect for them too. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! hope they still have stocks though.

  15. I was incredibly excited when I found the Fage yoghurt too! I bought the last one with honey in the freezer and then bought a few of the same flavor you bought. Went home and ate two! Will be stalking S&R Taguig come mid August… or may have to call a few other branches

  16. Oh wow!!!! I am late to comment but so happy to see this! Fage in Manila…finally! I will be visiting S&R really soon…YAY!!!

  17. Haha, I have a competition pala! When FAGE Yogurts arrive at S&R Taguig, I usually finish all of the 0% Yogurt there. :)

  18. Still a better price than Cash and Carry who sell the exact same product for 203.50. However, in California the price is 60 percent cheaper.

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