Fideua with Shrimp & Chorizo a la Marketman


Here’s a slightly novel (at least in the Philippines) dish for your next family gathering — a fideuá made with fine cappellini noodles and chock full of chorizo and shrimp. The Teen announced one morning that she had two friends coming over for lunch and could we cook something… We didn’t quite have the makings of a full paella, but I noticed a half empty box of angel hair pasta (cappelini) in the pantry and about 1 cup of soffrito in the freezer so we decided to pull together a relatively easy and quick fideua… not sure this is totally authentic, but it tasted pretty darned good…


I sauteed some garlic and onions in olive oil directly in the paellera, then added chorizo, chicken broth, some paprika, noodles, the shrimps, chopped roasted red bell peppers and let this simmer and cook for some 15-18 minutes until the liquid was absorbed. If you do this in a hot oven, the noodles can get a bit crisp on top, and soft and flavorful under the surface. It was delicious and hardly any work at all. For more specific measurements for liquids and other ingredients, check out this earlier post on fideua. Enjoy!


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  1. Looks good! Remember that Buffalo Wing popularity began in the same the manner. Unexpected guests. Limited ingredients. Short time. Serrendipidity is the cook’s best friend.

  2. hi MM.. this is the first time im posting a comment. i cant help it – this looks uberly mouth watering. i always love to watch food shows on tv and download recipes online but when i saw you in jessica soho’s show i got interested knowing that there is a person with such great passion on something (food blogging, in your case).. that passion enabled you to keep this up for some years and not even generating any profit! but just all for the love of it! =) i read your posts way back and have even tried some recipes already. glad to have discovered this. =)

  3. I see why you said it is slightly novel since it uses both rice and noodles. Am sure my hubby will think it’s weird, but being pinoy I sure I’ll like it.I remember eating spaghetti with rice!!

  4. This looks so good, and you make it sound easy to make!

    Just went to S & L yesterday to buy some ingredients. Looks like I saw where your fine capellini noodles came from. Got some couscous! I am guessing that the chorizo and shrimps or similar meat bits/left-overs would easily go well with the couscous right? Got some red and white wine vinegar too for pickling, at only 85 per big bottle, which made me regret buying the much smaller but higher priced Japanese brand somewhere else a week before.

    Betty q, favor please, I was going through previous MM posts and found one of your comments that mentioned your Honey Garlic Salad Dressing. But I could not find the recipe itself. If it’s ok with you, could you please post or send? my e-mail add is Can’t wait to try the other salad recipes you included in that comment!

  5. Did i read that right? pasta… and rice? haha! this dish can indeed become famous in the Philippines as we Filipinoes have the tendency to eat everything with rice… pancit with rice, salad with rice, my dad even eats pinoy style spaghetti with rice!

    Great pictures again MM! looks delicious and i bet it is too! :)

  6. I only get to watch Mario Batali make this on TV! :) cool. never attempted to do this since I don’t know what taste I’m going after since I never tried it :)

    Looks like the italian version of paella :)

  7. This looks fantastic MM! I remember the first time I tasted fideuá…I fell in love! Love it more than paella :) I haven’t tried making it yet though because I am the only one on my family that likes it more! I have to experiment on a fideuá-for-one recipe :) This one with shrimp and chorizo sounds delicious.

  8. Hi, MM. I followed your link to the post where you write about how to make a soffrito. Question regarding the saffron: When you say 1-2 teaspoons, do you mean loosely packed, with the tendrils pretty much intact, or do you scrunch the tendrils first and pack ’em tightly into the teaspoon? I want to make sure I get it right, because saffron (a) is very expensive, (b) can change the flavor of a dish significantly, and (c) is very expensive. :)

  9. fideua! i had those at mario batali’s tapas place in NY. the dish came with clams. they were sooo good! glad to know angel hair pasta can be used as substitute.

  10. MM, I have a question, did you use just regular paprika or the smoked spanish kind? Is the color from the paprika or did you add some saffron?

  11. Fideuà is very famous here in Catalonia (a region where Barcelona is located)…although it originated in the region of Valencia. Here, they uses shorter but thicker fideos than the ones shown in the pictures. Main ingredients used are: monkfish, squid, cuttlefish, prawns, clams and/or mussels. There are “mixed” versions where sausages and meats (chicken, rabbit, pig) are added together with the seafoods….and optionally served with “allioli” (garlic and oil) which is a catalan version of the garlic sauce.

  12. Janette, just realized my accent grave is slashed in the wrong direction; but I can’t find the symbol on my MAC keyboard, any idea how to put the accent on the á the other way? Thanks… :)

  13. @Marketman: I don’t know if english keyboards are the same than spanish keyboards. Anyway, try this: Option+`, a

    Hope this helps…

  14. Janette, I can find the symbol in word, but not in my wordpress post writing thing. Arrgh, how annoying is that? But thanks for your help…

  15. I tried making this dish last weekend using Orzo instead of angel hair pasta with lotsa’ chorizo, shrimps & squid. It came out pretty good. Thanks MM!!



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