We were on tenterhooks for the past two weeks as over 1,000 flights were cancelled in/out of Manila due to the APEC meeting. And we were originally scheduled to depart late today, when just about every single foreign President/Prime Minister or Head of State was scheduled to touch down, but the airline just moved our flight to past midnight tonight, when there is a lull in activity at the airport. And we hope to still make all of our connections with sufficient leeway. But in the stress leading up to the flight, Mrs. MM discovered this fascinating website, where you can literally see every commercial flight over Manila and the rest of the world… It is AMAZING. And during the day today, it was amazing how few planes were in Philippine airspace, compared with say, Hong Kong nearby. Check it out for the travel/airline geek in you. FASCINATING and in real time. :)


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  1. I share your anxiety. I had to checked – in at the hotel across the airport so as not to be late for my flight!

  2. First learned of this site after the Malaysian Airline plane was shot down in Ukraine last year. They showed on TV that all other planes avoided the airspace of eastern Ukraine after that tragedy.

  3. Learned of this website from the storm chasers that I follow on Twitter though I haven’t tried to look at it myself.

  4. mr marketman, gamit ko ito everytime a sibling travels via air. armed with a cellphone, I am able to redirect the “sundo” to be just on time in picking up siblings in the various terminals. From wheels up to wheels down, my desktop companion.

  5. Oh! Thank you thank you for this aide!! Very timely for Thanksgiving! I’d love to share this link, too. I’d be such a diva in my FB circle of friends.. ( until someone shoots me down a notch or two)

    Now, you could probably find that perfect artificial tree (oxymoron?) in the U.S. It would probably be on sale too, with Black Friday and all… Buy a couple decor also. A couple dozens!

  6. Natie, I actually found the “perfect” artificial tree online, a 9 footer balsam fir that has won all the “awards” but it turns out to be 106 pounds and in two boxes, so I can’t take it back as luggage really… so maybe next year, will buy it on sale after the holidays and have it shipped home by sea… :)



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