Flowers at the Union Square Market


The first Saturday after we get to New York almost always means a trip to the Union Square Market, regardless of the season. Because of an unusual winter with a late cold spell, the market offerings in early May were pretty dismal. Nevertheless, it is always flo2a pleasure to stroll around the market early in the morning (we tend to get there at 7:30 am or so) while the vendors are still setting up to see what they have to offer. Get there a little later at 8:30 or 9:00 and the place is crawling with people. I have been going to this market since it was set up in the late 1980’s and it is amazing how much it has grown and how many New Yorkers now patronize it. On this recent visit, I noticed an inordinate amount of plants and flowers. Perhaps this is seasonal or possibly because the folks that shop at the market would rather take home some flowers rather than food that they would then actually have to cook… So here is a market album of the flowers/plants on offer… Up top are some red or pink dogwood flowering branches which also come in white. They were spectacular. In our shopping cart in the second photo are several types of lush tulips in a phenomenal array of rich colors. Next, some lavender lilacs…


Bucket after bucket of “run-of-the-mill” brightly colored tulips…


Hyacinth blooms in pastel colors…


Trays upon trays of cheery daffodils, the essence of Spring in New England…


Beautiful roses, though probably greenhouse raised…


Some of the finest hybrid and unusually colored tulips I have seen in North America…


Pansies for window box gardens…


Nasturtiums which are not only pretty, they are edible…


And even greenhouse raised orchids, though at fairly steep prices!



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  1. something I would really love to visit!!! Last week in Antibes there was a flower show then a flower festival parade… was working but managed to sneak out.
    Those lilac are great. Am away from the sea at the moment and luckily my sis new place is facing the back side of Hamstead Heath.. lots of greeneries!!!

    Those roses I pay around 2.40euro a piece in France

  2. Those flowers are lovely too bad we don’t have them here in LA well we might have them but I just don’t know where they’re sold.

  3. Cay, I am certain Los angeles must have several weekend or farmers markets where you can get these kinds of flowers… ask around, you may have a new destination this Saturday… Sha, the flowers in New York were quite reasonably priced…

  4. This is what I have been waiting for among your posts,flowers…vibrant,beautiful,lovely, wonderful! I believe there are some places in the West where you can get these. I remember I saw abundant unique hybrid tulips in Vegas,took lots of photos. Feast for my eyes! Great post!

  5. Your posts are making me home sick MM! This will be the first year since moving to Manila that I will not be it to NYC (well the year is not over yet but no plans as of yet!) Really, I am glad you are posting all of these visual and insightful treats, its almost as wonderful as being there!Can’t wait to read on..

  6. Cay, in LA you can see exotic flowers, if not exactly the same ones, certainly many vibrant varieties, at the Flower Mart, in downtown LA, which is adjacent to the garment and jewelry district. Flowers here cost 1/3rd the price than at florists or even at the LA Farmers Market at 3rd & Fairfax Streets. Get there early for a wider variety; it opens at 5:30am. Parking is not always easy to find. It’s worth the trip, especially if you need lots of flowers for a special event.

  7. Seeing daffodils reminds me of spring in England. There’s tons of it planted by the roadside on our way to the office at the start of spring. It really lifts up the spirit, specially the yellow trumpets. Here in oz i didn’t see much daffodils last spring so I just planted a few bulbs last autumn. Hopefully it will all bloom come spring since this is the first time I planted it.

  8. your photos are beautiful! super! they really grab the eyes! thanks for taking them eh? more please. include them in your future book ha.

  9. i’ve been a big fan of the union square farmers market. everytime we have a small celebration at home, i always buy my cut flowers there. and yes, you have to come early to avoid the crowd and have time to pick.

  10. my apartment, one irving place [the building with the four towers on the SE corner of 14th + lex], overlooked this marketplace. miss it!



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