Gagang Gaga! :)

Gaga greetings from Gotham! A day after landing in New York City for the Thanksgiving holidays, we dropped by Barney’s on Madison Avenue which was in a frenzy for the official unveiling of “Gaga’s Workshop”… Lady Gaga herself, cut the ribbon to the special area on the 5th floor of the store and some of the profits from the sale of special items will be donated to a charity of her choice. We were browsing with the Teen, and debated waiting around to catch a glimpse of Lady Gaga, but decided to just come back later tonight or tomorrow to see what all the fuss is about. The special streetside display windows will be unveiled for the holidays soon, and Barneys on Madison Avenue will be open to the public starting at 11:59pm Monday night. More on the opening, here and here.

A special colorful mural covered the front entrance of the store and guests will walk through the mouth of the “creature” to enter Barney’s. I snapped these shots of the line of half a dozen specially painted New York Taxi cabs that were parked outside Barney’s an hour or so ago. They will be driving around the city throughout the holiday season I gather to promote “Gaga’s workshop.” I will post photos of the Barney’s windows in a few days if I manage to snap more photos. Finally, as we walked home from Barney’s, we randomly picked a Korean food take-out place on Lexington Avenue to buy our dinner, and as we entered the store, a Filipino couple, seated just inside, said hello… turned out to be readers who recognized us. How utterly bizarre is that? I mean, what are the chances of that happening in a city of what, 8-10 million? Turns out the lady was also a good friend of Mrs. Marketman’s cousin who lives and works in New York. Such a small world indeed, despite having breached the 7 billion global population mark. So, hello folks in New York City! :)

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17 Responses

  1. I knew it! I guessed that you will be going to the east coast for Thanksgiving when you mentioned a couple of posts back that you will be travelling for a day. Have fun and enjoy!
    Such a small world indeed. I too am amazed at how bizarre some connections can be.

  2. you’re truly global, MM! wow, in time for the parade! sister must be cooking up a storm now…waiting to see what sister has in store for the feast! have fun, MM and family!

  3. I enjoy Lady Gaga’s music – it’s great to listen to while driving long distances, not to mention some of her songs are great for dancing (aerobic dancing, that is). It would be great to see her doing her workshop at Barney’s. She always surprises with her outlandish outfits – that alone is worth the queueing and ogling.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration with Sister and family!

  4. Vickie, sorry, no plans for eyeball this time… millet, you should see some of the holiday windows, they are spectacular! I am window-photographing for readers…

  5. No eyeball???
    Ok I know you’re busy. If the kid likes Justin Beiber he will be at the rockefeller center Today show tomorrow morning and thankgiving parade.
    Enjoy your time in New York.

  6. It’s a small world after all :)  It was nice bumping into you & your family. Looking forward to your next food adventure! Happy Thanksgiving!! 

  7. yey! would love to see what lady gaga’s up to over at barney’s. just read another popular pinoy blogger bryanboy blogging about it too!

  8. Oh how I wish I could spend thanksgiving in the States again….which is better for you, roasted or fried turkey?

  9. Hi MM, I would love to have a peek at sister’s Thanksgiving spread this year. I am sure it will be another fabulous table. Happy gobble-gobble!

  10. Im a lady gaga fan. Did you watch her show A Gaga Thanksgiving during thanksgiving evening? She is just so eccentric, but full of talent and passion. Have a nice Thanksgiving to you MM and family.

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