Getting “The Photo”…


When we got to the marker at the Cape of Good Hope (the most South-Western point on the African continent, and NOT the most Southern point as it is often mistakenly thought of), of course the Daughter wanted a good photo. Something that would mark her visit to a rather interesting geographic landmark. She was the same way at the western most point of Europe a year later, or her fascination with crossing a bridge in Turkey to go from Europe to Asia and back in minutes… This current generation is quite photo obsessed… I suppose because of all the social media, etc.


The signpost was just mobbed with people. For some reason, we had arrived together with perhaps a half dozen tourist buses which disgorged Indian, Chinese and European tourists in droves. I thought a photo of the actual marker would be useful, but note just how many hands and feet were right around it.


Frankly, I thought the set up was hopeless for decent photo, and note that the Daughter opted to try a photo from way behind the marker, up top.


She then managed to get to the sign between waves of tourists like us, and we got this shot, better but not great.


She tried to pass it off with cuteness, but all those other “bodies” just mess with the program.

IMG_9326 (1)

And failing all else, and trying hard to avoid photo-bombing other folks, she kneeled down in front of the sign for this snapshot. After this, we gave up and went to the lookout point to see the crashing waves near the Cape.


On the way back after lunch, acting on a hunch that all tourist buses would have careened on home, we decided to return to the marker and lo and behold, there were only two other people in the vicinity (see them in the background?)…


…so strike the pose and shot # 1…


…change the angle slightly and get the crashing waves plus the Daughter, the coordinates and the sign… and finally you have the much wanted SNAPSHOT.

IMG_9380 (1)

Then we figured out why there might not be many folks around, as soon enough several of these baboons came ambling over to us as we clambered back into our van…


…because baboons, after all, can be dangerous. :)


9 Responses

  1. That’s how I am, will try and try, and or wait for a better shot, sometimes it irritates my hubby.

  2. Ha, lucky daughter, that rarely happens on a touristy place! I remember trying to get a photo with the Mona Lisa at the Louvre, it was a mess. And the portrait was smaller than i thought it would be.



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