Ginger Turns 100!!

Well, not really. I have always used the 7 dog years to 1 human year ratio, so at 14.3 years old, our chocolate labrador “Ginger”, named after our Gingerbread house tradition at Christmas in our home, turned 100 years old in our eyes. It turns out that it isn’t so simple, and that the ratio changes as the dogs get older, so she is really somewhere between 80 and 90 years old equivalent right now. She isn’t in the best of shape, and we are grateful to have had her all these years, well surpassing the 11-12 year expected lifespan of a lab. With three yayas she loves (and who love her dearly) and pushes around, a great vet, a loving home, she has managed to make it through her 14th Christmas…

She’s really begun to lose it (mentally) lately, which would be understandable at 100, but she still has many moments of full lucidity and lovable cuteness that makes up for the fugue states. Our goal in October was to see if she would make it to the holidays, so she could hang out with Daughter, who is home for the holidays. On Christmas morning, Ginger was the first to open presents, and she got soft treats to munch on, and a body brush since her greatest joy is being rubbed and scratched by her human friends. :)

She still goes for two daily walks, but only goes about 30 meters before turning back to head home, winded. She still barks at the neighborhood cats, but no longer gets up to chase the bejesus out of them. Ging, our resident Vet at marketmanila, says she may still have up to year to go, but as soon as it is clear that her quality of life is truly impaired, we will know what comes next… We are hoping for the best.


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  1. That’s gonna be a real heartbreak when the time comes for Ginger to go to Gingerbread heaven :( . I love and adore dogs and cats. But i don’t want to have a pet cause it’s so heartbreaking when you lose them. . mas masakit pa sa break-up ng boyfriend/girlfriend.

  2. THE DOG!!!! Truly lovable and blessed with humans who love her!
    The Teen is in great shape. Glad to”see” her too.

  3. Make it a point to black out the price tag on the toy I present my dog. Don’t want to let him know how cheap I can be.

  4. happy new year Mr. MM! My shitzu is turning 9 and has lots of health issues. The one that is more troubling is she going blind. She sniffs her way around the house though. Tough cookie!

  5. I got to know Ginger for following you blog for a long time is always a happy feeling reading about her.She look good at her age,The Teen is a very lovely young lady now.

  6. Aaaawwww, Ginger! Congratulations on another Earthly Christmas! 14+ is a great age for a Lab, especially in the Philippines.

    That bond between The Lady and The Dog – priceless!

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  9. I realize that I have been reading your blog for more than 10 years now. :D and Ginger was still a young dog and your daughter, not even a teen yet. I’m feeling ancient! May you have Ginger for a cuple more years. <3

  10. So sorry to hear of Ginger’s recent passing. I was destroyed when Georgie passed years ago (golden retriever, very friendly, playful breed) A dog’s love is so beautiful and pure, gets right into every corner of your heart and lights it up no matter what the weather. They really become part of the family, so it hurts to let go when they have to go Home. I can feel the deep affection you have for this little soul when you write about her. I hope you & your family find comfort in happy memories of her as you journey through your loss. Sincerest condolences, sir.



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