Green with Tomato Envy…

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Jealous. Absolutely. Instagram, blog posts, magazines, on-line articles all showing off homegrown tomatoes in backyards in temperate regions, particularly North America right now have me green with envy. I love tomatoes, and I love watching tomatoes grow and ripen, and frankly, there aren’t too many available in Manila right now that are even a fraction of the quality and variety of the ones in the West. The photo above is a casual one taken on an iPad I gather (sorry, not too focused) sent to me by Betty Q, our long-time reader and active commenter from Vancouver, Canada. This is just one day’s harvest from her backyard garden. ACCCKKKK!!! They are stunning. And another reader, friedneurons, posts photos on his instagram of backyard tomato bounty from California, and so many others… I want to get on a flight right now to visit friends in San Francisco, and from there inhale tomatoes up and down the California coast, maybe even heading as far north as BettyQ… Thanks Betty for sending that photo. :)


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  1. Can’t fault you, this is indeed provocation enough to covet your neighbour’s tomatoes. If she repeats this with her morels next year, I shall take it as an out and out incitement to commit myco-larceny.

    Btw, I’m sure you will never run out of something interesting to do if I wish you two more scores of Birthday celebrations to come.

  2. Oh my!! Those are so sweet and tasty! I can close my eyes and imagine BettyQs garden. So Zen.

  3. Naku Millet…as I have said to MM, Kung kapitbahay ko lang kayo lahat, I will share all my bounty! This is by far, the best tomato crop I have ever grown! The only thing different I did this year was to let my tomato plants listen to FOOTLOOSE’ kundiman he sent to me a few years ago! While tending to them every day, I played them on my phone…

    At any rate, we are getting to the point of being tomatoed? out. I have half a freezer full of Mrs. Hazan’s tomato sauce, tomato juice, tomato consomme, MM’s oven semi dried tomatoes, smoked tomato vinaigrette.

    Kaya La Emp….pakitanong please kina Cwid, Mrs.P and your dinner group if they would like to taste these tomatoes.

    And anybody else in my neck of the woods, just holler and where I can meet you!

    Oh …and Footloose…come fall, I will time it and fly over to where you are and bring a duffle bag full of whatever I can find of those edible beauties in the forest. Are you up to it?

  4. Beautiful! So much diversity in a single garden, Betty Q. Thanks for sharing MM! Can you send pictures of your garden too?

  5. I am green, red, yellow, orange, and purple with envy!
    That is one spectacular harvest, bettyQ!
    Parang gusto ko mag-migrate sa Canada! :)

  6. This season’s tomato production is winding down in my backyard, aka Farmville. You’re more than welcome to stop by next year for the new crop. :)

  7. and I’m struggling to grow a tomato on my 30th flr balcony :( … An organic tomato grown locally here in singapore cost about $10 per Kg huhuhu

  8. I have always been a Betty q fan for over 7 years. There was a time I would always tell the hubby of Betty q’s recipes and garden like we were neighbors:)

  9. Hi Betty,

    I’m from Mill Creek, Wa, 45 mins from Seattle. I’m hoping to connect with you. My email is

    I’m new here, almost 2 years pa lang. But I started gardening and still have a lot to learn. Hope to hear from you. God bless!

  10. so very yummy for the tummy…i tried growing tomatoes…epic fail always…parating pinapatay ng aphids…sigh…



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