Happy Father’s Day!


No, this is not a post on day old chicks that I sauteed in butter for lunch on Father’s Day. It’s about taking the opportunity to smell the roses, or in this case, view with awe and amazement, some day old chicks, and think about life thus far. Becoming a dad was the most mortifying, satisfying, rewarding, stressful, hair-raising and losing, fulfilling and wonderful experience in my entire life. I never thought I would be a “breeder.” I was one of those focused fast-track businessmen who careened around the region on the proverbial bullet train to “success.” I always thought there were two types of people – breeders and non-breeders…and worse, I always thought, and still do, that people should first take a tough qualification exam and pass it with flying colors before they are allowed to add to (or is it water down) the global gene pool. I mean we give exams to folks who want to drive, or design and build houses, or fix teeth, and yet ANYONE is basically allowed to breed… Just because they can physically MAKE babies doesn’t mean they SHOULD… I was also of the nutty opinion that there should be sound-proof padded lockers on jet planes where you could safely belt in little travelers so they wouldn’t disturb other passengers when altitude affected tiny eardrums (with oxygen, a window to see mom and maybe a little tv). If you asked me 20 years ago if I would have any kids, I would probably have said EXACTLY what is printed on my 10 year old daughter’s favorite t-shirt at the moment – “Duhhh?”

But once you become a parent, or a Dad to be more exact, all of those outrageous thoughts seem to vanish into the Manila haze. Today I got up early at the beach, went out on the terrace, chick2and startled a rather large sized bird that took off from a branch of a yucca plant just 2 feet from the balcony’s ledge. On the plant was a perfectly formed bird’s nest and in the nest were two or three newly hatched chicks (in the photo above). When my daughter woke up she also watched, fascinated, as the tiny little chicks stirred with eyes still shut, in their cramped but comfortable nest. It was the perfect way to start a Father’s Day. For me, the greatest joys of parenting come in moments such as these… it is critical, in my opinion, to recognize, stop and savor them. I chose to take a lot of time off from a career to be around when the Kid was and is growing up, and it was the wisest decision I have made thus far.

Later, at the breakfast table, my daughter brought me some presents and a card. chick3She is fantastic about planning ahead so many of these goodies were obtained weeks ago and carefully hidden away until today. I got two terrific aprons to use while cooking, a great key chain that reads on one side “Top Class Chef” and on the flip-side “Proud to be a 100% ingredient mixing, food, preparing, Well Seasoned Chef,” a luxurious note-pad (joint present with mom) to jot down stuff for this blog, and best of all, a card whose envelope read: “To: The greatest father in the World!” Inside was a card which carried an abstract photograph the Kid had taken in a digital photography class and a terrific personal note inside. It doesn’t get much better than this. Life is very good indeed. Savor your family. Don’t forget to smell the roses or inspect the new-born chicks. Happy Father’s Day!


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  1. marketman, I am a long time reader and first time writer.
    Your nest photo prompted me to share with you also our surprise nest find here in NJ. I was lucky enough to be able to take photos from egg to fledgling of an American Robin.

    takes two weeks to hatch and two weeks for them to fly away.

  2. frugalman, those are STUNNING photos. I viewed them several times! And now I know why robin’s egg blue is a color…I never knew the eggs were naturally so blue! Amazing what you find in your own “backyard”… thanks for sharing those terrific photos…I hope the other readers get to explore that link…stunning!

  3. strangely, this post on how the reluctant-baby-breeder transformed into best-dad-ever brought me to tears. eeeks! happy dad’s day marketman!

  4. “Just because they can physically MAKE babies doesn’t mean they SHOULD”

    — I SO agree with you here, MM! Whenever I’m made to explain why I don’t feel ready to “breed” yet, I’m frustrated by people’s contention that I should have no problem raising kids, since lots of underprivileged, uneducated, even morally unfit people have no qualms at all having children! What, like that’s RIGHT?! I just believe it’s selfish and irresponsible to add to the already-excessive population unless you’re completely prepared and committed to providing for ALL their needs. So I have total respect for your decision to wait till you were fully ready, MM, and I think you’re doing such an impressive job! :-)

  5. Thanks everyone for those kind greetings…makes me feel old :) filet minion, it’s been a while since you left a comment…off on another adventure trip, were you? Katrina, don’t even get me started…80% of the folks who urge you to breed would fail the most basic of parental fitness tests. Living in a country that provides the possible option of having a yaya does not mean you should let them effectively raise your offspring. Arrgh…I could go on and on on this one… In my opinion, everyone should wait until they’re good and ready. And for all those twerps out there that ask newly wed couples if “there’s a problem” if they don’t get pregnant within 12 months of getting married, you should be asked to accompany that dopey question with a medically certified card that identifies your sperm count and motility rating so you can compare it with the guy you are probably offending big-time. Think off-white calling card with black lettering. “Ding-Dong Santos, SC: 85 MM/M and MR: 3.25” – translated: Sperm Count 85 million per milliliter and Motility Rating of 3.25 (wicked perky)… heeheehee. I’m just joking…or maybe not. :)

  6. Marketman,

    Happy Father’s Day! I do hope that someday I get to experience the same level of sweetness from my son… Can’t wait for the day. I’m still in the adjusting to fatherhood stage and I’m loving it…


  7. Anton, congratulations… if you approach parenthood with the right attitude, I think you end up with so much more than you have to put into it… good luck.

  8. Happy Father’s Day Marketman. Great advice for fathers everywhere too! Hope you had a wonderful day.

  9. Happy Father’s Day, MM!
    I can *very much* relate to Katrina’s post. My husband and I have been married for a little over two years and when people ask why we don’t have kids yet the answer “Because we’re just having so much fun together, just the two of us” is simply never enough, unfortunately. I know that when we *do* have kids it will be wonderful. But how we are today is wonderful, too. And wouldn’t it be great for a kid to have parents who are truly each other’s best friends and who absolutely love each other’s company?
    Ok, mini-rant over. Sorry. (I’m not angry, though. Just a little frustrated.)
    Happy Father’s Day again :-)

  10. surprises and planning, art and taste . . . your daughter got it all from you Marketman. . . :)

  11. Marinel…there lies some of the last remaining mystery on this blog. I and my family have chosen to remain more or less anonymous, though folks who attended an Eyeball last November have met me and my wife so they know we exist… However, for a whole host of reasons, it’s our preference not to be in everyone’s face, so to speak…

  12. Fair enough. You should consider writing a book, though. I think you have the most interesting site. I really don’t understand the “elitist” comment made by one of your visitors. The dishes you feature are always the most accessible ones – but with great twist – and ALWAYS very well written. I love your restaurant reviews. I can actually visualize the food and taste it from here. Lol. At any rate, should you write a book, I think a picture of you on the back would be great…don’t you agree?

  13. Marinel, if I ever got to that stage (wrote a book, got it published…) I guess I would not only have to put my picture but do a book tour and signing….heehee.



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