Happy Halloween 2016!


I know things have been quiet on the blog lately. After a whirlwind trip to Italy last month, work has consumed practically every waking moment since. And since I consider Halloween the start of the holiday season (no, I don’t relish hearing Christmas carols on September 1st in the wee hours of dawn), I know I am seriously behind schedule when I just barely get my act together with hours to spare… But I managed a decent set of goody bags for kids of staff, visitors to our home and assorted other trick or treating VIP’s… I got the plastic skulls in Divisoria last week (went twice in two weeks, that’s serious commitment to catching up on holiday prep) for roughly PHP8 each, and in a bag with local and imported goodies they make a nice grab bag of treats.


We always fret that we don’t have enough candy for the kids and many adults that rove the neighborhood on Halloween, but the fear is purely marketmania. We have never run out of candy in the 16 years we have lived in our current home. More is just, well, MORE. :) Although this year looks seriously lean compared to previous years, see here, here and here.


And egads, Puentespina farms/Waling-Waling… how could you have decided not to grow those wonderful pumpkins and unusual gourds that have been a fixture on this blog for years? I was so sad to hear there weren’t any available to purchase at all this year. And was grateful I had planned ahead, and I mean WAY AHEAD, by purchasing these pumpkin candles at 70% off at Crate & Barrel in July this year! They’ll have to do as the only halloween decor, though I do miss these old more serious attempts at Halloween holiday decor, here, here and here.


And as for the ribbon, it’s festive but a bit much. I wouldn’t normally splurge on something like this except if I bought it wholesale, near the source, at say 1/10th the retail price. More on that ribbon adventure, next. And after that, I will start the posts on the recent trip to Italy. So stay tuned. Thanks and Happy Halloween!


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  1. Looking forward to more detailed posts of your Italian trip! Happy halloween MM, Mrs.MM and everyone!

  2. Welcome back, MM! You’ve been missed! Really excited to your Italian post. Happy Halloween everyone!

  3. If I were a small boy again and had not left the country, I would go around trick and threatening at your door in Duterte masked costume. Wouldn’t it be scary?

    Yes, did you slowly perambulate up all the seven hills of Rome?

  4. Footloose, HAHAHAHA, you would have gotten the “trick” option before any “treats”… We didn’t quite make it to all the seven hills, but most of them. And I have figured out the ultimate solution to plantar fasciitis while traveling… it’s a “fishpan worthy” solution that I may post at risk of criticism…

  5. Oh, plantar fasciitis, please do share. I had to buy the first Fitflops I could find when I had a serious attack while on holiday a few days ago. So far they seem to be working.

  6. It is mportant that you wear the right footwear to avoid the pain of having plantar fasciitis…choose one with good arch support and totally avoid flat shoes! Fitflops work for me and they have styles for men too! I’ve tried Hush puppies body shoes and Dr. kong…. They are ok too but choose styles with thick soles (at least an inch)For rubber shoes, World Balance have several styles specifically for plantar fasciitis. Google and do foot stretches and exercises recommended for the condition. As a night splint I improvise by making sure I wrap my feet in my blanket and pull it up to slightly flex my feet thus stretching the plantar fascia. They worked for me so hopefully for you too!



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