Here are the first batch of WINNERS!!! Yahoo!

Marketmanila is just a couple of dozen posts shy of a major milestone, my 4,000th post — that’s over 10 years of posting more than one post per day on average! That’s the reason I have been “celebrating” by giving out all kinds of goodies for readers. But I have been remiss in the speed of putting up the contests or questions and awarding the spoils… So here are the first few winners!

For the two bottles or plastic tubs of Marketman’s lard, the winner is:

Comment # 26. Mandy
Dec 14 2014 940pm

For her somewhat incorrect answer of “fresh cheese” in the box which actually had pine branches and wreaths (but we had lots of fresh cheese in another box checked in). I hope you are able to use the lard in a pie, but I apologize for not getting it to you before Christmas! Congratulations!

For two bottles of Sister’s experimental marmalades and jam, the first winner is:

Comment # 145. Rona Y
Jan 15 2015

For her answer of PHP225 for the three floral arrangements. Everyone was guessing too high. I know it’s hard to believe, particularly with Valentine’s around the corner, but the three arrangements cost ONLY PHP210 total! Amazingly cheap. And Rona’s answer was the closest, though 5 people were at PHP240, one person at 239 And there were folks at PHP180 as well. So Congratulations Rona!

For the second set of two bottles of Sister’s experimental marmalades and jam, the winner is:

Comment # 16. izaia
Jan 16 2015

For following instructions. :) Congratulations.

If you didn’t win, don’t fret, there are several more goodies to be won, so stay tuned. Next up, two batches of prizes of cookbooks/magazines. Then perhaps one of our molave wooden boards. And for my 4,000th post, I will be raffling off a PHP5,000+ wholesale value market basket. And for lurkers out there, who are shy about leaving a comment, don’t be. I have NEVER ever used a commenter’s email address without their permission and no one out there will even see it. Confidentiality and security is serious around here. So feel free to join in the remaining contests. I will only use your email address to contact you if you win. Good luck!

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20 Responses

  1. No way! I’m soooo excited! And the timing couldn’t be better as I’m due to land in Manila Friday night!

    Thanks so much!

  2. No way all those flowers cost just 210! Wow. I’m off to Dimasalang!

    Congratulations to the winners!

  3. OHHHH…just like La Emp, will eagerly await the wooden board giveaway!

    Congratulations to all the winners …those are priceless jams!

    BTW, MM…I sent you a message from the contact form and shared with you complete with tricks of the trade our new favorite cookie at home….BABY PALMIERS!!!! I was able to perfect the baby palmiers to the shape, sweetness and texture I want it to be….so please check your emails in contact form plus regular email for I sent you a photo! I think it will become one of your favorite cookies as well! All my testers namely my boys, nephews, friends and neighbours all wanted more and very much interested in learning how to make them. Forget what you google on how to make it…they do not tell you tips or tricks of the trade!

  4. Has the email to the winners already gone out? I only ask because i can’t remember which address i used…oops!

  5. Rona, sorry, no, I haven’t sent emails out yet, will do it by the 11th, I just have to deal with stuff at work in Cebu and get that all out of the way… thanks.

  6. Hi Betty q, I too would love to get my hands on the petite palmiers recipe please. I am hoping MM would share the recipe by forwarding the same to my email address listed in this comment. Otherwise I would be grateful if Betty Q could share it here.
    Thanks in advance!

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