HK Street Food – Lobster and Crabs

Marketman in Hong Kong for a bit of post-holiday relaxation. I like nothing more than to explore street markets or street food in foreign cities. hkseafood It always fascinates me what locals like to sink their teeth into. Imagine my surprise after two hours in the trenches with my wife and a friend at the super packed ladies market in Mongkok when at the end of the street, as you emerge from the market you turn to one side and are greeted by this terrific display of cooked seafood. The stuff just looked so appetizing, and the aroma was unbelievable. Locals were buying servings of crab to take home and eat with some steamed rice. The whole point and pay system (turo-turo) was turning over tremendous amounts of shellfish as I tried to get some decent pictures for this website.

While this site was primarily meant to highlight Manila markets and food sources along with the different types of produce, seafood, etc… you will inevitably get some posts from elsewhere on the planet simply because I happen to be there. Skip this entry if you are a purist.

The stall in the photographs was cooking the dishes right in front of your eyes. Writhing crabs were thrown into super hot woks and sauteed with oil, garlic, spices and onions. Other dishes on offer included whole steamed lobsters and crabs, clams in black bean sauce, etc. Nearby stalls were offering local exotica such as “smelly tofu” — this totally pungent tofu that smelled like rotting epidermis. Friends swear it tastes terrific but I didn’t get a chance to put that to the test during this recent trip.


Enjoy these photos!


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  1. What street in Mongkok is this place you’ve written about? Don’t know where “ladies market” is, but next time I’m in the area definitely plan to try seafood place you wrote about.

  2. great photos. and how true! i have been to ladies street in Mongkok. The name of the street for those who want to get on the next plane is Tung Choi Street It’s a long street. so you want to go to the section from Dundas Street to Nelson Street. The seafood is on Dundas Street.

  3. Marketman, i’m really mad you didn’t call me when you and the family were in town. what are old friends for if you don’t look them up? even if you know more about the streets of hk than i seem to, please let me tag along on your next jaunt here. love, jane

  4. oh my gosh, someone pass me a tissue i’m salivating!
    i have yet to find seafood like that in colorado :(

  5. now i am glad i found this page. i hope theyre still there at the end of this year. i am there!



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