How to “Lechichor”…


The power of mass media, and television, in particular, always surprises me. A few weeks ago, I wrote a post on a little lechon experiment we did at the office, here. One of the blog’s regular readers, a highly respected news broadcaster, probably opened it (while hungry) and one thing led to another, and they had research assistants texting me if it was possible to film a “lechichor” being made from scratch.


A day or two later, I found myself back in Cebu, doing an impromptu demo (I wasn’t aware I had to do the actual demo). Regulars on the blog know I hate video but I did the best I could. After all, this is about the roast pig stuffed with chicken and spicy chorizo…


Even if the temperature is mild, I SWEAT when the cameras get turned on. And I ALWAYS forget when I have a remote mike on, hence actual recording of me in the bathroom (thank goodness only #1) or talking about this inane thing or other back inside the air-conditioned office until the next part of the shoot. :)


I am always embarrassed to say my Filipino language skills are appalling, but I managed two fairly decent sentences before totally being voiced over by Jessica Soho. I fumbled at the ingredients description when I got to “native” red bell pepper (matamis na piper? bill piper? pulang pepper na hindi maanghang?) — egads, there is no translation it seems! :(


At any rate, it aired on the Jessica Soho show last Sunday and within hours we got requests from folks if they could order the lechichors. We don’t have it on the menu, but due to insistent emails, we are now making them available on special order basis, only for whole orders. And it’s only really now that I realize the dish is poorly named… if it is to be consistently Filipino, it should be lemanchor (lechon, manok, chorizo) or lechokizo or lechomancho… hahaha. :)


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  1. But “lechichor” has better recall, MM. Keep the name or Zubu-fy it!
    Zubulechichor, anyone? :P

  2. I just watched it on You Tube. Wow, ang galing. Looks so delicious as usual. Someday I will go back to Pinas to eat this lechon. Sarap!

  3. lolz, totally had me in stitches about the remote mic, like the final scene of “The Jinx”. Hope you didn’t have any incriminating monologues ala Robert Durst. :D


    Siling(sileng)-lara I believe is the Tagalog vernacular for sweet bell peppers. One of the many things that I have learned while half-watching the Dazas cooking show many years ago; waiting for it to end and my Mom to give me control of the TV so that I could watch my Saturday morning cartoons. :D

  4. sir marketman, ok to use bell pepper on air, kahit sa talipapa yan ang tawag nila, itatanong pa sa iyo, pula, berde or dilaw???

  5. Reminds me of Luke Skywalker sheltering in an eviscerated tauntaun to survive the cold, or Bear Grylls in a camel.

    My two cents:
    a: Tinukang Lechon con Chorizo
    b: Sinupot sa Lechon

  6. Lechoken?

    My sister is coming back from Cebu later and I’m really excited as she’s bringing home Zubuchon for us. Woohoo!

  7. MM, if I may ask where did you acquire that beautiful wooden platter that lechon is on? I would like to purchase one myself. How long and wide is it?

  8. tercer, I am not sure about the specific platter in the photo, but I think it belonged to my mom and we’ve had it for 30-40 years. But I do have 2-3 others that are up to four feet long and which I had custom made from molave or langka or acacia wood. There’s also one in ironwood that was given as a gift, but it’s so darned heavy we can barely pick it up once the lechon is on it. :) If you really need one, we have three that we could sell to you, but they are made of fused together bits of wood and commercially manufactured, I have them in our offices and just hadn’t gotten around to putting them in the stores for sale. They are pricey, however, at around $120, more than I paid for the custom made ones from several years ago…

  9. I think lechichor is quite an apt name, MM :) I can’t wait to try this when we vacay next year easter!



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