I Knew There Was a Reason For Wanting a Drone… :)


I know, I know, I turn 51 this year. But for some reason, on a trip to Shanghai earlier this year, we came across the motherload of drones (think 1/5th the retail price in a drone store near you) and I instantly wanted one. NEEDED ONE. And while I resisted the urge to buy one, Mrs. MM arranged for someone in our large party to sneak one in her luggage to Hong Kong, and later, it was given to me as a Father’s Day gift… It is an entry level drone, and cost less than $20, but it has a camera but doesn’t transmit the signal real time…

So where am I going with this? While I try and get back into the groove of writing posts after 200 short entries but more curated photos on Instagram, which are viewable by all of you, here www.instagram.com/therealmarketman, without having to join instagram or use your phone or do any complicated sign-ups, you MUST, MUST, MUST go to this going viral video that some French tourists took of the Philippines, that partially makes use of a drone with a camera. I think for Visit Philippines 2015, the government and it’s PR people have gone to folks all over the world to get them to visit the country and take videos and post them on-line, to very effective spread near and far. I am not sure if this particular video is sponsored, but I enjoyed it immensely. So check out the instagram photos and the video, and I will be back soon. Meanwhile, I have managed to operate the drone with reasonable control, just chopping leaves on our fragipani or kalachuchi trees and slamming into the ceiling a few times… :)

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12 Responses

  1. Can I have one for my 63rd birthday? Zerho said nobody is too old to have fun…

    I’m so happy you’re posting again, MM. Just got back from a stormy Philippine trip. No chance for Zubuchon visit..

  2. Hi Zerho, I left this comment on that blog last night. The internet can be a wonderful thing. But it can also be misleading… I think the posts on this blog from the lechon chronicles to the visit of Mr. Bourdain to the opening of Zubuchon restaurants is a good summary of events. But logic isn’t abundant to some perhaps. I would leave it at that. :)

    “You are absolutely correct in your chronology of what occurred. However, I must point out that the recipe used by Zubuchon in all of its stores is EXACTLY the recipe that was served to Mr. Bourdain, and which I posted on my blog months before his visit. And while we NEVER used his comment declaring it the “Best Pig, Ever” until we opened the restaurants, it was ONLY AFTER we checked with Mr. Bourdain’s production staff and Mr. Bourdain himself to request permission that we use HIS KIND QUOTE that he responded within minutes by email to say, absolutely, go ahead and use the quote, it was indeed the “Best Pig, Ever” that he had tasted on his travels. So the lechon you eat at Zubuchon is indeed the same lechon that we fed him on the No Reservations Program.

    I also agree that there are several variations of lechons across the archipelago, so very many of them delicious, but I would disagree that lechons whose main flavoring ingredient is a cup or so of MSG in it’s tummy (rather than using other natural and locally grown ingredients) is the way to go. And in the areas you have described eating lechon, the vast majority are made with copious amounts of MSG. But some folks PREFER MSG, I just happen not to. I thank you for mentioning Zubuchon in your post and hope you enjoy many more lechons in the future!”

  3. She was just trying to be literal. Short of ignoring it, excellent calm reply.

  4. I want a drone, too!

    That vid is awesome!

    Charly: because of the music license stuff, no doubt. :(

  5. I checked out the blog that Zerho mentioned above. Gyah! My brain hurts just trying to understand her logic.

  6. Speaking of drones, here’s something a little pricier but seems to be worth the wait :) — httpss://www.lily.camera/

  7. pinkytab, thank you very much for that link. I’ve been away too long. My heart ached with longing as I watched that video.

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