I Would Love to Invite You All to Lunch on June 13th…

But I think if I did an open invitation I wouldn’t be able to seat and feed all of the guests. So here’s how four MM readers get a chance to join other MM readers (a group of friends formed at the previous eyeballs) and MM for lunch at the beach on Friday, 13th June 2014 in Nasugbu, Batangas.

1. Using the search function on the Marketmanila site (not google, yahoo, etc.), search the word “caviar” and several posts will appear. At the end of main text portion of one of those posts, you will find an italicized number followed by an instruction to search another word.

2. Keep looking for the “clues” in numerical order. In other words find 1, then 2, then 3 until you reach the final number that tells you what to do. Return to this post and do what the last instruction 10 says to do. That’s it. EVEN IF YOU THINK YOU FOUND THE ANSWER EARLY, continue until you count of the clues in NUMERICAL ORDER. There may be additional requirements along the way. So for the sake of the game, no shortcuts please. :)

3. From all of the entries, assuming there are more than 4, I will use a random number generator (yes, they have those on the net) to pick the four folks who will join us at the beach. Hopefully, at least two of the guests will have transportation and would be willing to bring other winners who may not have their own transportation.

4. Lunch is completely on Marketman & Family. You will help us prep, cook and obviously EAT lunch that day along with roughly 16-20 other folks all brought together by marketmanila.com over the last 10 years or so.

I really look forward to meeting new readers/commenters who join us at the beach. Do not stress, do this challenge at your leisure. It will be up for the next 10 days or so, and it’s a way to go through old posts, learn to use the internal search function, and to see some of the variety of topics (in this case mostly “fish pan” material) in the archives. I will announce the winners on June 1, 2014. I am pre-occupied with other matters over the next few days so I will be checking into this post only when I get access to the net, which will be infrequent.

Thank you very much for continuing to be a part of the marketmanila.com family. Let the game begin! :)

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71 Responses

  1. uhhh can i do interpretive dance about your fish skin chicharon post instead?

  2. Haha, I did the hunt for the fun of it but I’m actually too shy to meet you MM. :) Have fun you lucky 4!

  3. Ami, did the hunt work? Did you get to the final clue? I just want to make sure I didn’t screw it up. Thanks for playing along.

  4. hi MM! i’m also doing the hunt for the fun of it.. i’m actually stuck at the 3rd word “F”. i searched until the 2nd page of the results. i searched again from the start. it’s my 3rd try and still stuck. i don’t know what i’m doing wrong :(

  5. worked all right! sorry for being impatient. haha! good luck to the winners. sorry i can’t join since i’m working abroad. thanks MM! :)

    Cat, 25, caviar pie (kahit di ako makaka-join haha)

  6. Yay!!!! *doing a dance of joy at my desk*

    Rosa, 27, paella (!!!!!)

    (sisimulan ko na ang 9-day novena with the sole intention of asking St. Jude to help me win this one!)

  7. Cyn 35, Marketman’s “House” Paella!

    *MM please check. I found #10 when I was searching for clue #4

  8. cynthia, that’s right, I noticed that. A quirk of a few ingredients. But for players, please continue in a numerical order, as there may be additional instructions (!) in later clues… so shortcuts MAY be a disservice to you. :)

  9. I still did 1-10 though, even if I found the last instruction earlier on. It was fun going through your old posts : )

  10. i cant go to nasugbo but i’ll try the search. the last time i did this was the James bond Themed one

  11. Fun! Just maybe :)

    Peter, 32, Wagyu Osso Buco Milanese ala Marketman or basically anything :)

    That’s the first recipe i ever tried from your site.

  12. More or less 30 minutes to search depending on how fast your internet is and if you are not waylaid to read back the interesting posts over the years! I finished the search first lest the system crash if many will be joining. :) After submitting this, I am going back to re- read the old posts!

    Betchay, 44, anything grilled ala MM will be heaven but your paella will be a bonus!

    Enjoy your vacation! :)

  13. shyne, 19, paella , anything with search 1-6 ug uban pa

    btw marketman, i hope this will qualify me to join the cebu portion, kung kanus-a man..:)

  14. Manny, 37, Sugpo, Kalabasa at Sitaw sa Gata. I wish I could go but am not sure since I might be out of the country by then.

  15. Amarit, 19, Foie Gras. I am long time reader.I would love to attend this lunch.. I hope to win.

  16. Cristy, 26, Paella a la Marketman/Crew :)

    Although I cannot make it should I win (won’t be home for summer break until the first of July), I loved searching for the clues. Great idea, MM! Have a blast! :)

  17. Julius, 32, Lechon de Leche with Truffles but can I give my slot to my sister if I get selected since I’m currently based in HK? Thanks! I enjoyed the hunt… #2 clue was a clincher

  18. I did it and found the last clue! It was fun!! :-)
    bes, 42 Zubuchon! Unfortunately, I cannot come, oh well….

    After 14 days in the Phil., I’m back here in the US.
    To all those attending – paki kain na lang ako!! :-)

  19. hey MM here’s a thought:

    what if you make the 4 guests write about their experience with the lunch. it would be interesting to see a “lay” outsider’s point of view sampling your feast for the first time. Heaven knows we wish it were the rest of us.

    if they are too shy to write, maybe some quick snippets? blurbs?

  20. Gangga, 42, lechon with truffles. Won’t be able to join though. Had fun with the “treasure hunt!” =)

  21. I’ve been a reader since 2007, though I rarely (maybe twice) comment. I just entered for the fun of it, but like ami above, just to shy to meet MM. might get starstruck and tongue-tied.

    jenneth, 32 (now this is really fun, the age part), any of the dishes offered in zubuchon since Im based in Manila.

  22. John Dale, 18, I’m a huge fan of your paellas. I’ve tried several times to make them, the operative word being “tried”. Haha. The last time I tried to make paella, it came out more like Spanish Seafood Risotto. :))

  23. Although I can’t make it I did it just for fun. It was a joy going through yr posts again and was in awe of how
    much you have posted throughout the years….and yr photos are so amazing! Your travels have been a wealth of information and I have learnt so much through yr awesome blog.
    Thank you, MM!
    If I were going I’ll be bringing racks and racks of lamb as my contribution…sayang naman :((
    To all the lucky guests who are going….I’m extremely envious….enjoy:-)

  24. Here goes nothing, last time I tried entering the contest I won but was unfortunately unavailable…
    Hezron, 18, paella or chicken inasal

  25. Irene, 35, paella ala MM

    Toxic last couple of weeks at work so this was a welcome break. I originally said I wouldn’t be able to go, but hey if the universe wills it… :)

  26. Kass, 21, kilawing tanigue… Or any of your kinilaws, for that matter.

    Oh, and I came across this gem from the archives while searching for the clues:
    “Someone once described me as having champagne taste on a beer budget.”

  27. it was fun hunting clues…

    April, 35, paella negra!

    moving to Spain in a couple of months with the husband and kids…it would be interesting to have a first taste of paella in Cebu.

  28. Mel 47, “Several hundred battered, cute and defenceless baby anchovies fried to a crisp in hot oil”

    A good way to test somebody’s patience:)

    Seriously, I won’t be able to make it to your list MM,but an eyeball with you and your other readers come February 2015, would be nice. My Kiwi husband would surely enjoy Filipino food as prepared by experts:)

  29. agnes,44,paella….fingers …and legs crossed I get the invite :-)

  30. I wish I can meet you again sir. But we’ll be celebrating my mom’s 65th birthday then. I hope you’ll have another meet up like this soon. Best regards.

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