King Louis Flowers & Plants, Inc.

WARNING : I was one of the first to write about King Louis, but I regret to take back everything positive I have written about this company in the past, as three separate horrible service interactions with them in recent years leaves me to conclude they are unprofessional, unreliable, unethical and unwilling to service customers fairly and logically. I WILL NEVER PATRONIZE THIS COMPANY OR ANY OF ITS PRODUCTS AGAIN UNLESS THEY HAVE A COMPLETE OVERHAUL OF MANAGEMENT, STAFF AND SYSTEMS.

The best hydrangeas in the city are grown by King Louis Flowers and Plants, Inc. They are the source. king I am sharing one of my favorite suppliers from my “black book” because of the number of times friends and family have asked me to identify my source of these spectacular plants and blooms. Grown in farms near Baguio, the hydrangeas are in “season” from January through about June of each year here in the Philippines.

Two years ago my daughter was to receive first communion and I volunteered to help decorate the church with flowers. I tracked down the main office of King Louis at the Manila Seedling Bank in Quezon City and placed an order for over 50 pots of live hydrangea plants, each with roughly 4-5 enormous blooms. When I went to the office to pick up the flowers, I was simply stunned by the quality of blooms. I had first pick from a shipment that had just minutes before gotten in from Baguio. The General Manager, Mr. Francis Gener, was extremely helpful and accommodating. He explained that they also grew thousands of poinsettias for the holiday season as well as chrysanthemums, snapdragons and other flowers. They also had an extensive selection of potted plants.

We arranged at least 25 pots of hydrangeas around the church altar and in baskets along the aisles. king1We cut the rest of the hydrangea blooms and added several hundred roses and carnations from the wholesale market at Dimasalang to make several large arrangements that were placed on wooden stands along the main aisle of the church. One of these arrangements is pictured here (scanned photo so not too clear). The base of the arrangement was made with overlapping hydrangea leaves around the glass vase beneath. We knew the arrangements had made their impression when several of the guests actually siddled up to them and felt up the blooms to see if they were real… so tacky, no?

Anyway, back to the supplier. King Louis now has a retail outlet that opened at Market!Market! Mall in Fort Bonifacio, Taguig. king2It is the stall nearest the main entrance of the mall and beside the spurting water fountain. It is sufficient if you only need a couple of pots but I must say that the best stuff does not seem to make it to this outlet. Worse, on the last three visits, I was less than impressed with the quality of staff manning the booth. Maybe I am just spoiled but if you need wholesale quantities go to the source at the Manila Seedling Bank. It’s definitely worth the effort. Buy these plants anywhere else and chances are they have added a large mark-up to the wholesale price. Depending on the number of blooms, wholesale prices range from P400-650 per pot. The telephone number I have for King Louis is 9294105.


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  1. I had the previlege of being at this First Communion ceremony (since I was the religion teacher) and was lucky enough to receive a basket with two pots of these blooms. The church was so beautiful that day and I wish Marketman would do this every year! I love hydrangeas and when I saw them being sold in Market!Market! at the King Louis outlet a couple of weeks ago, I had to buy a couple of pots. But, Marketman, alas they did not last long. What can I do to make them stay longer?

  2. Potted hydrangeas need daily watering. They shouldn’t be sitting in a pool of water but their potting medium must always be moist. Even when they look wilted, try water therapy and you might just revive the flowers. I purchased a large pot from King Louis two weeks ago and some of the flowers are still okay. You should be able to keep potted flowers for at least 7-8 days, then I cut them and put in lots of water and they can last up to 4 or 5 days more. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate and they will be happy!

  3. im from mindanao…me and my friend went to bulacan last tuesday and thursday…we’re looking for a king louis farm located in san jose del monte….we’ve been to different farms there..we even tried asking help from the barangay but sad to say, king louis farm is not that popular…

    one of the barangay secretaries told us that way back before, somebody went there, too asking if where’s the exact address of A certain king louis farm in sjdm…but there’s none…is it existing? please email me…

    thanks a lot and god bless…

  4. rats, King Louis has two outlets in Manila that I know of. A retail outlet at the Market!Market! outdoor flower area. And the wholesale outlets (one for plants and the other for cut flowers) at the Manila Seedling Bank in Quezon City. A lot of their flowers are grown in the Mt. Province and I have never been to their Bulacan location. You can always call them at the numbers above in the post to ask them for exact details.

  5. mr. marketman, thanks a lot…. i hope to have the exact address soon-

    god bless you, sir….

  6. Hi,

    I’m Hari and doing plants trading in Indonesia.
    I’m searching in the net to look for anthurium foliage supplier from Philippines.
    Could you help me inform anyone I can contact in Manila for this?
    Thanks & rgrs,

    YB Hariantono

  7. We need and buy Anthurium seed,or anthurium foliage.would you like to give me information more.I looking forward to hear from you. txy

  8. Can you help me where I can buy seeds or cuttings of the Plumeria tree? or kalachuchi in tagalog.. I am looking for the variety of the plumeria tree that yields white flowers with yellow color in the middle.. tnx a lot.. my email address is

  9. Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am interest about Foliage Anthurium. Do you have
    the seeds? I look for the seeds of anthurium,
    like anthurium superbum, anthurium reflexinervum, anthurium jenmanii or
    maybe you have anthurium seeds any else but only
    anthurium leaf not anthurium flower
    If you have the one, could you please give me about
    some information.
    Please give me the detail including the price if FOB
    Yogyakarta Indonesia.
    Delivery can pass DHL or FEDEX.
    Requests information as soon as possible


  10. Selvi,

    Saya tidak bekerja untuk King Louis. I just write about food and flowers. I don’t SELL anything. Thank you for your many emails.

  11. hi. i’m also looking for the king louis flower farm. i got their la trinidad address and had confirmed from a friend there if it’s existing but she’s not sure about it. i got their number also but was not able to contact. is their manila store still existing? any email add? please help me trace them, need supplier for cur flowers for my bridal shop business.


  12. hi,
    shan hr. existing manila store s still located at manila seedlings bank foundation, quezon avenue corner edsa QC, for further inquiries, try to call 9294105/9294110/9294107 en luk for francis gener (manager). ty!

  13. Mr MM,

    do you know if King Louis has a website? been trying to Google it to no avail.

    im planning to go there this february and take photos, just in time for the Panagbenga.


  14. eric, I am not aware of a website for King Louis… they seem to be rather low tech frankly… and I just go to their outlet at the Manila Seedling Bank to get my stuff… but if you notice from comments above, a lot of folks are trying to locate them and get contact numbers from this post I wrote years ago…

  15. President and General Manager of King Louis Flowers & Plants Inc. Mr. Efren Chatto,,
    farm address: Km.3 Asin Road Baguio City, landline (074)4226735/(074) 4226734…try also to contact QC ofc at 9294105(potted) and cutflowers – 9294107/9294110…

    Or u cud try to ask florists at Mom’s the flower shop YMCA bldg. session road, BAGUIO…to help u locate the King Louie Farm…

  16. I need a photos of elegant potted plants to present to my client. They’ll be needing 150 potted plants to give aways to their supplier. Please include gerbera, roses etc.

  17. For More information call
    Baguio Office:
    Tel: 074-619-1262 to 63
    Fax: 074-619-1264

    Baguio Packing Area:
    TeleFax: 074-422-1960

    Manila Branches/Office
    MSBF Compound EDSA cor Quezon Ave.
    Tel: (02) 929-4110,929-4107, 4332-012
    Telefax: (02) 929-4114, 9294105

    King Louis Flowers-Market Market
    Tel: 8562679

    King Louis Flowers-SM Megamall
    Tel: 6356980

    Email addresses;

  18. alam nu po ba history of flowers in the philippines,how it was introduced….tnx,flowers like rose,calla lily,chrysanthemum and anthurium

  19. Hi,
    Im new as a florist here in cebu, and I want to have a direct suppliers of flowers which we dont have here in cebu, coz most of my clients prefer the flowers from other places.
    any way do you have som sunflowers, the how much is the prices?
    per doz or bundle…

    joyce of cebu, mandaue

  20. saan ba pwede bumili ng seeds ng red at blue palm at green palm mayroon bang available thanks

  21. hello everyone… nice article Marketman… to help you locate the MSB here’s their ctc. details:

    Quezon Avenue Extension Corner E. Delos Santos Avenue, EDSA
    Quezon City , Metro Manila, Philippines

    Telephone Nos. (063) 2 – 924-7001 to 2
    Fax No. (063) 2 – 924-0166

  22. hello’ kean from Roxas City, tanong kulang po kung magkano na ngayon ang paso ng orchids especialy ang dendrobium at vanda? istarting entrepreniurs palang po kami. salamat and more powers.



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