Lanzones / Langsat

Lanzones (Lansium domesticum) are native to Western Malaysia and have alanz1become a relatively popular fruit in the Philippines and Indonesia. Known as langsat in Malay, these fruits grow wild and in cultivated plantations in Southeast Asia. Most common in Borneo, Java and Mindanao, these tropical fruits ripen and spoil relatively quickly and are rarely seen in the West. In the Philippines, over 75 % of all lanzones is grown in Sulu province, a revelation for me as I always thought Laguna and the Southern Tagalog region was the primary area of cultivation outside of Camiguin in Misamis Oriental – hmm. Camiguin is known for its annual lanzones festival and their fruit is supposed to be unusually sweet and delicious. In Luzon, the lanzones season has just started and will last another 5-6 weeks at most. In the South, Mindanao has lanzones from January to April.

An oval khaki colored fruit, lanzones has several alanz2segments within with white, translucent and juicy flesh. They kind of “pop” in your mouth and can range from unbearably sour to incredibly sweet. Often there is one seed larger than the rest. The seeds are wickedly bitter and highly distasteful – biting into too many of them is a real turn-off. There is a sap to the skin that is extremely sticky and fairly gross on the tongue – kind of like spreading a faster drying Elmer’s glue on your tongue. When just ripe, this is a tropical fruit par excellence. It has flavor, juiciness, sweetness and a uniqueness that is not found in western fruits. Apparently, bats have figured this out and they munch on the ripening fruit with a vengeance. In Indonesia, they wrap pungent bundles of shrimp paste and hang them on the trees to distract or repel the bats; in Paete, Laguna they apparently hang kerosene lamps on the trees to do the same task. The resulting view of hundreds of hanging kerosene lamps on a hillside is said to be spectacular.


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  1. Ahhh, Bua-han or bulahan, as the lanzones is known in the Camiguin island! I was assigned on a supposedly 6 months tour of duty as a rural doctor in the municipalities of Sagay and Catarman. I had to stay another 6 more months because of these reasons:
    1) No one wanted to replace me(hehehehe, their loss – I had my fill of this glorious golden fruit!!), 2) Kind, friendly, happy even if materially poor people 3) Hibok-hibok volcano-right on my doorstep!, White island, Katibawasan Falls, Ardent Springs, fresh seafood, night fishing and of course, the incredible sweet lanzones, lanzones and more lanzones!!!

  2. the way to eat these without having dagta on your fingertips is : first, remove the crown, divide the fruit into two, tear the skin from top to bottom (don’t tear all the way) , then bottom (the end of the first torn skin)to top, top to bottom and so on… sort of segmenting the fruit… leaving a fan-like fruit skin afterwards and dagta-free fingertips…

  3. I dont know if its just me but somehow, I found Bangkok Lansones to be sweeter and more easy to eat (read:less seeds!)

    Or maybe I havent been wowed yet by the Camiguin variety since most of the ones Ive had , at least to my knowledge, comes from Laguna.

    I wonder whats the secret behind Bangkok lansones…

  4. Happy Birthday Marketman!!! Now that we know how old you are, no more talking about being “middle-aged” as if you’re an old geezer, ok? ;-)

  5. Happy Birthday, Marketman! been lurking here and I just enjoyed reading than commenting..but Karen says I must greet you ^-^

    but seriously, from a section of my aorta, Happy Birthday , sir!

  6. Dodi, everything I have heard about Camiguin is encouraging…sounds like a great place for a holiday adventure…maybe only the ferry is a bit hairy. Suzette, talk about fruit peeling trivia! I have to try that the next time I buy lanzones! Thanks for that. IvanM, I am with you, bangkok lanzones do seem to be sweeter, and if purchased in bangkok, much cheaper than our own here at home. Karen, thanks for the greeting(s) plus coercion of lurkers to send theirs as well :) !! Thess, thank you. Lurkers coming out of the dark is always nice…

  7. Camiguin? hmmm simply my favorite island vacation
    …rustic place away from civilization and jollibee…7
    volcanoes…white island, hot and cold springs, waterfalls, diving, safe and quiet, and cheap too! Imagine they burn coconut husks on the road side to light it up? you’ll hate it if you’re the usual filipino mallrat

    only a short ferry ride from Balingoan, Misamis Occidental (?).
    plane in to CDO then van/RO-Ro to Camiguin

    Bangkok has delectable fruits due to government support and research not like Pinas kung ano tumubo yun na…gaya ng sa bayan ko…only philippine mangoes are better :(

    paete, laguna

  8. belated happy bday marketman …..was on holidays, and i’m just catching up with all your entries …. hope you had a fab bday :)

  9. I live in South Florida (USA) and have recently heard from a friend from the Phillippines about Lanzones and would like to get one growing here along with all our other tropical and “special” fruits. Can I get seeds or cuttings from you? I anxiously await your reply.


  10. Tracey, thanks for the visit to; unfortunately, I don’t have lanzones seeds and wouldn’t even know where to get one. Not even sure if it is possible or legal to send it across borders… perhaps trying an exotics nursery in Florida or Hawaii or Guam might work better.

  11. is the dagta good for any use? we have a research problem and it has something to do with its sap and i need to get it for its basis. The question is what is the basis for choosing lansones. emaul me plz.

  12. I am not aware of any uses for the sap of the lanzones. The rest of your comment is jibberish to me, frankly. I do not understand what you are asking… but basically, I know of no uses for the sap.

  13. My name is Lance. I live in Hawaii on the island of Kauai. In May of 1991 I got married to a Filipino girl from Bacarra Ilocos norte. We have 3 children ( 2 girls & 1 boy). When my wife had our first child she crave for Singamust so now our first child is born real white. Than our second child she crave for lanzones, I didn’t know what it was so I gave her lychee but she (my wife) knew it wasn’t lanzones. Than when my wife gave birth to my third child she didn’t crave for anything, Than in March – April we visted the Philippines. I saw a vendor on the corner of this market selling which I thought was grapes, Later I found out it was lanzones. Mmmmm! Very good! Now I can see why my wife could tell the difference.

  14. Hello,

    I’d been to Camiguin the places you mentioned and tasted also the Lanzones but don’t you know that Concepcion, Talisay, Neg. Occ. has the sweetest Lanzones in the Philippines?! Dagta free eating is not using your nail to get the crown or break the skin, but just hold the fruit and press between your thumbs and fingers snugly to break open and enjoy eating them. Use Kamias on your fingers in case you’ve eaten plenty.

  15. Lanzones taste good almost anywhere ewspecially when you stumble onto them in the jungles of Borneo, high in the tree.
    You must try Durian for an awakening – even the Hotels would not let us take Durian into the building. They are scrumptious but hold your nose tight – even a skunk is less bothersome. Plenty of Sinkamas here in South Texas but not as good as those from the Philippines. Used to live across the street from a tamarind tree in Puerto Cavite and they were the best. My friend agreed, even after he fell out of the tree and broke his arm.I recently decided to make a list of fruits that I have tasted during my worldwide travels and found that my list was so short compared to the list I found on the internet “Fruits of the World” by their common name. I could not find the name “Siniguella” listed. Maybe I am spelling it incorrectly – help me out. I remember hunting in the Bataan peninsula and collecting carabao mangoes – they were huge but are not listed on the internet. How come?

  16. Fred, try sineguelas in my archives and just keep scrolling back until you find it. Maybe you also tried, atis, duhat, makopa, indian mangoes, tamarind, mangosteens, etc. that are all in my archives…

  17. I’m have a lanzones tree here in hawaii that’s about 10 years old and all it ever does is put out big leaves (12″ to 20″ long X 4″ to 8″ . the tree is about 12 feet high. I’m wondering if anyone can help me to get this tree to bear fruits.
    Thank You

  18. Marketman,
    When will be able to buy Lanzones and Philippine Mango on-line? I’ve been here in US for more that 2 years and I really want to buy Lansones and manggang Kalabaw or piko.

  19. Edith, it is dependent on the US Department of Agriculture…which may take decades. Unfortunately lanzones have a short shelf life and spoin very quickly so I am not sure it will be economical to send it all the way there. As for mangoes, if we just got the hygiene right (sprays) I suspect they would be more realiztic an export…

  20. I used to live in London, UK and many times was able to buy lanzones in Chinatown. I believe the fruits came from Bangkok, and they were good.

  21. i’m wondering if there are any other uses/form you can make of lanzones, other than eating it as a fruit. I would never have imagined mangosteen jam for example… How abbout lanzones jam or some sort of fruity thingy?… Hehehe

  22. Lanzones is in season for such a short time that people maybe just wanna eat and enjoy them as fast as possible so no time to make jams…hehehe! I agree with some people here that the Bangkok variety just seems much sweeter and does not have much sticky sap on it…For those who want to try these, I saw them being sold nowadays at Farmers’ Market in Cubao and at Tiendesitas in Pasig City (Phil.)I could eat a kilo in one sitting…I love this fruit!

  23. hi! i am currently making a proposal about lanzones as insect repellant for our investigatory project in school. my parents said that lanzones’ peelings or skin are very effective insect repellants when burned. i am asking for anyone’s help to find out if this is true. thank you!

  24. hi! i was wondering…what nutrients can you get from lansones?
    i really need the information. please and thank you!

  25. eilow! i am currently making a proposal about the lanzones peelings as a paper production for our investigatory project in school. can i ask,,,what are the method in doing this experiment,,and what does it means when we says lanzones peelings..??? plz i need it now,,, thank you!!

  26. This Fruit is very delicios and it gives nutrients in our body and hope it will have many products will do in this Fruit and help our economic problems.

  27. I was born and grown up in Concepcion, Talisay, Negros Occidental and I can guarantee you we have the sweetest lanzones in the Philippine. Although the volume produce in the place is not that big as compared to Camiguin or Southern Tagalog our product can stand up to the sweetness of any lanzones that you can found anywhwere in the Philippines.
    If you need info about this fruit please feel free to email me at

  28. I’m interested to buy (pakyawan) of lansones harvested from Paete, Laguna. Does anybody know of a grower who may be interested to sell their harvest?



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