Leche Flan, Round I


Okay, round one of the “Leche Flan Battle” with “De Lata” on one corner of the ring, and “Baka/Kalabaw” on the other corner. Heeheehee. “De Lata” used Alaska condensed milk (300ML) and Alaska evaporated milk (370 ML) , 6 large whole eggs and sugar for the caramel coating. No other flavorings. I used the finest organic eggs I could find. This is based on the recipe from a book that aims to set the standards for Pinoy food. I realize folks who are partial to “de lata” will refine ingredients further by specifying Alpine vs. Carnation, etc. but Alaska is what I had in the pantry, so that’s what goes into the “de lata” version. Also on the “de lata” corner, are variations that include no condensed milk and use only evaporated milk and sugar, or alternatively, just condensed milk diluted with equal amounts of water. Proponents also will argue over just egg yolks or whole eggs, with the whites providing bulk and lightness. At any rate, the main emphasis on this type of leche flan is the condensed milk.


In the other corner, I used 3/4 cup of egg yolks or 8 large organic egg yolks, note their fabulous orange color. I also used 1/2 cup of sugar and more for the caramel. 2 cups total of whole milk and 45% pure cream, in other words, a mixture of milk and cream where the fat content was roughly 20-25%. Note that the whole milk is from a brick, that’s what I had in the pantry. Although there is a lemon in the photo, I did not use it as I was trying to compare the two entries without flavor distractions. So while I was wanting to add lemon and good vanilla to this version, I intentionally left it out, in a control experiment type move. Whisk up all these ingredients and strain them into the molds coated with caramel. On this side, one could use fresh carabao’s milk which I have done numerous times before, or heavy cream, or just good whole milk. Also, for both versions one might choose to use duck egg yolks for even more richness, I am told. As for time to prepare, they took almost exactly the same amount of time. It took longer to find a can opener and open two cans than to open the milk, but on the other hand, I had to seprarate egg yolks where the “de lata” version used whole eggs. So prep time was dead equal.


Now a word on the caramel coating. I like mine very dark, almost bitter, to offset the richness of the flan. Others like it nearly blond and cloyingly sweet. I tried to make this batch in the middle and was successful for about 3 llaneras, but for the remaining 5 llaneras, the caramel was quite dark. But the darkness or lightness applied to both types of flan, so again this would not be the issue, only the cream to condensed milk difference would be under scrutiny.


I have always baked my leche flan in a hot water bath, previously at 375F, but with Sister’s sage counsel, I have lowered this oven temperature to 310F instead and gone for a lower heat, slower hot bath for the custard. In the same oven I had 4 llaners, two “de latas” and two “baka/kalabaws). One of each at the hotter back section of the oven and one of each at the front part of the oven. They were in there for roughly 50 minutes cooking time total.


I have never steamed my leche flans so I tried it with four more llaneras. All of the recipe books I referred too simply said “steam the leche flan” or something to that effect. A perfect example of a lack of sufficient instructions, assuming you are a novice. So here is some help for those who have never steamed their leche flans before. Fill the lower pan with enough water to last 30-40 minutes of gentle boiling, say an inch depth of water. Turn the heat on high until the water starts to boil, then lower the heat to medium-low or low to get a gentle not seriously overactive steam action going. I covered the top of the steam pans in a kitchen towel topped by the cover of the pans to avoid steam falling back into the flans. But in retrospect, I would encourage you to top each llanera with foil to prevent condensation falling into the flan. As you can see from this photo, too hot of a steaming action will literally cook your flans in no time at all. Here, I opened the pan after 15 minutes and realized the heat was just too hot, with the flans bubbling up, probably ruined. But at least they were BOTH subjected to the heat torture, and again, still worthy of comparison as the only difference was the condensed vs. real milk.


The flans in the steamer took just 25-30 minutes to cook, or nearly half the time as the ones in the oven. And notice that the darker colored flan “de lata” is also the one that bubbled up a lot more. The flan made with milk seems less affected by the high heat of the steam bath.


Finally, the ones from the oven look very promising indeed, and again, the condensed milk version is a darker yellow/orange color, possibly since the milk had already been processed and included other chemicals. Stay tuned for Round II of the Leche Flan Battle. :)


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  1. Those custards look great! My mom makes them that way too, and adds a touch of lemon zest. She also prepares it using a bain marie, which gives the custard that creamy consistency, and the leche flan comes out with no air bubbles to make it crumbly.

  2. hi mm, we have always steamed leche flan covered with foil, otherwise it will rise and become cakey, losing the smooth consistency.

  3. Here comes the fun part!!! Yey!=)

    The way my grandama taught me was to put foil and tightly seal it with a twine or in our house we use rubber bands, so that the steam will not penetrate the Leche Flan. My dad’s cousin, a great cook, also said that we should first wait for the water to boil in the steamer before putting the flans and then put the heat on low. This process takes 45mins to an hour of painfully awaiting the leche flans to cook. A little more than that and it might be rubbery. She always take one out, jiggles the llanera to see if it holds and place a toothpick at the side to see if the eggs are cooked. Hope this will help you in your quest.=)

    Can’t wait to know if the fresh milk/cream based leche flans holds well with steaming. I want to try making one. And I also like the sugar a bit darker.=)

  4. Yikes, the steamed ones look overcooked. I’ll probably still eat em though haha. My goodness, you’re gonna get a cholesterol attack the next few days MM!

  5. i love leche flan. my best friend makes a mean leche flan. she makes it with de lata version and steams or bake it. when she bakes it though, the caramel comes out too bitter. but whether steamed or baked, it is still creamy and really yummy! and she covers it with foil when steamed.

  6. edik, I never thought it was, but apparently a few people use muscovado for the caramel, which sounds like a brilliant option… will have to try it in the months ahead!

  7. We never use Alaska milk products for cooking. As far back as I can remember, my lola and mother always bought nothing but Alpine for evaporated milk and Milkmaid for condensed milk. They swore these were the best brands. I think people just stick to whatever recipe works for them. Some recipes have been handed down in families. Though fresh is best, go with whatever works.

    Great work on the flan recipes, MM. Glad your back. Amazing how canned milk and premixes have caused much discussion. The blog is back and definitely alive again. Thanks

  8. Hi MM,
    Just an observation, the experiment could have been more consistent if it was
    yolks + “baka/kalabaw” vs. yolks + “de lata”
    whole eggs + “baka/kalabaw” vs. whole eggs + “de lata”

    I remember my sister’s attempts in making leche flan before. The flan with egg whites turned cakey and bubbled more than the ones with just yolks in it.

    Love your site. keep the experiments coming…:D

  9. Dear MM,

    I was taught to make leche flan using the condensed milk and water combo.

    Also, my mom told me to cover the llaneras before covering and steaming to avoid the “water pockmarks” brought on by water droplets of the cover of the steamer.

    Just thought to comment when I noticed how some of the flans turned out.

    Am now craving macapuno to go with those lovely leche flan pictures.

    Thanks, MM!

  10. Mr.MM, thanks for the tip. I have to try the hot water bath instead of steaming. I truly agree with you. Everytime I steam my letcheplan it makes a lot of bubbles and watery.

  11. To me valuable steps in making good leche flan are: once the custard mix is all incorporated strain the mixture with a fine sieve and the strained custard mixture kept in the fridge overnight. I still prefer the dayap zest flavoring. While you are at leche flan rhapsody – one of my favorite combo is cooked string macapuno in it – real macapuno not the corrupted macapuno. Line your mold with usual caramel coating all around the mold then pour in your macapuno and arrange it nicely so it will be even. Then pour another layer of hot caramel in the macapuno. Let the caramel set well before pouring in your prepared custard. The idea is to keep the macapuno in place so it will not migrate and mingle with the custard. My folks like the macapuno associating in with the custard but my preference is the macapuno stays in the bottom so when I unmold the leche flan the macapuno is right on top blinking at me! I still prefer bain marie method in the oven covering them with fold and remove the foil cover 20 minutes before they are done.

  12. Alpine milk is better for leche flan. And to avoid overcooking in the steamer, just keep water simmering not boiling.

    MM, if you ever hold a Leche Flan steam/bake off, I am already submitting myself and my mama’s recipe as entries.

    And thanks for the email!

  13. Ooooohhhhhhh!!! Leche flan and macupuno together!!!!=) dessert heaven!!!=)

    My thing with leche flan is I have to eat it with ube halaya if ever there is one. Not at the same time though hehehe!=)

    I want some of the leche flan and macupuno combo!=)

  14. JunkFood, you are absolutely correct, but I was also trying to “test” the recipe in a cookbook that used the condensada recipe with whole eggs. Maybe another time, I will try it with just egg yolks… thanks!

  15. Marketman, in my experience, when I used whole eggs + condensed + evap and then steamed it, it really would bubble and end up looking like steamed scrambled eggs (just like your picture).

    When I do the same recipe but use only eggyolks, then my steamed leche flan would look like your baked “de lata” regardless of how strong my boiling water is. I don’t know the science but those eggwhites do make a big difference in texture.

    The most whole eggs I’ve ever been able to add to my steamed leche flan was 1. The rest had to be eggyolks.

    I also noticed that when I add dayap juice (or lemon) the mixture instantly thickens. Must be reacting with the milk. I haven’t checked if it helps in shortening the cooking time since the flan is already a bit thicker.

    My little contribution to your experiment.

  16. I am eagerly waiting for the verdict on the best version. Will definitely replicate this during the weekend…

  17. here is a sequel to the MM’s Leche Flan Saga…CUSTARD CAKE!!!!…cake topped with Leche Flan…best of both worlds!!!!…

    Maria Clara, Ted! …chiffon cake gently poured over leche flan and then bake it. I bake it over bain marie.

  18. i remember my lola using chicken and duck eggyolks, condensed, evap, sugar and dayap rind..then cover with plastic (not glad wrap just regular plastic that usually lines the “sako” of the sugar)secured with a rubberband, then these are slowly steamed for about 40 mins…(can’t remember exactly)

    it is usually cooked outdoors using firewood rather than an oven or stove..

  19. whenever i make leche flan, i always steam it with an aluminum foil covering the top of the leche flan to prevent water (during steaming) to drip to the mixture. this is a very interesting experiment. can’t wait for the tasting part.

  20. just one question does the picture of the boy in the Alaska can has changed. I can’t remember if it still the same?

  21. Jan, the boy himself is still the same :)

    Hmm … using whole eggs shouldn’t be too much of a problem. It really depends on the steaming. A gentle steam is the way to go.

  22. Alexana, your Grandma is a very smart cook! Totoo ang mga turo niya sa iyo. And cooking a traditional full recipe of leche flan would take anywhere from 45 mins to an hour. Half of the mixture using a smaller llanera would take about half the time. Indeed, one way to check its readiness is if the toothpick comes out clean. But you still have to double check that by shaking the llanera just a bit. If the flan is still a little too jiggly, steam it just a few minutes more lest you end up with a very soft leche flan.

    Have also tried different brands of canned milk. Carnation used to be okay–not anymore. Alpine is still tops.

  23. I’ve used mascobado for leche flan, and it tastes fabulous. Not just for the caramel either. It gives the flan an interesting color as well.

    I used my lola’s (steamer) recipe, only using fresh cow’s milk (unpasteurized and what not) instead. I’ve tried it as well using carabao’s milk.

    I make my flan in thin ceramic molds, that works just fine.

    Sometimes I put a piece of cinnamon bark or pandan in the steamer to shake the smell up a bit.

    Never de lata, no no never.

  24. =) i use half a sheet of letter size bond paper (lol! koponband!) serially folded around the llanera’s lip (sorta like how some pies are sealed). when i can’t find dayap (which is often), i just use 2 kalamansi. i squeeze the juice out (reminiscent of the BIR) and throw in the peel as well (to be filtered out later). well, that’s about 5-6 hours (spent in fridge) later, when the mixture’s passed through a clean (washed in boiling water and, yes, allowed to cool) piece of cheesecloth. never baked a leche flan before, just steam for 30-40 mins (i don’t really time it, i do the toothpick/matchstick test…), let it cool and stick it in the fridge (last half hour before serving in the freezer).


  26. @DADD-F Thank you very much for the compliment to my Lola=) yes she’s a pretty smart lady who knows here way around the kitchen. She also taught me how to love sinigang sa bayabas na bangus. I tried her recipe for leche flan New Year’s of 2007 and though my Dad knew it wasn’t my lola who made it, it was just right hehehe!=)Must try Milkmaid and Apline evap.

    Let’s see where MarketMan’s quest will bring us.=)

  27. Same Alaska by, just different design of the wrapper. Alpine and Milkmaid are the better brands and are also more expensive than Alaska and Carnation. But the texture and taste are noticeably above. I did a taste from the can and in using the condensed for dulce de leche. It’s because they’re full cream.

    Leche flan with dayap rind is the best for me. I stopped making them because 1) It is so laden in calories and cholesterol and 2) Even after all the straining, they still have bubbles!

    Can’t wait for the taste verdict!

  28. Exciting experiment!!

    My ma-in-law always says,wrap top with foil. She also specifies Milkmaid.She has a way of mixing to avoid bubbles. Then she strains this and carefully pours into llaneras. Yes MM,she instructed me that the caramel should verge on being almost burnt but not quite. It adds a kick to the taste.She always steams hers. Her leche flan is not too sweet either.You can eat an entire llanera!! Mmmmmm all my kids love her flan.I really have to perfect my flan!!
    Am excited to see results of your experiment…like Lee,if there’s a leche flan match off–I can bring my spoon. Leche flan is not yet my forte. I will learn a lot from this experiment. To the kitchen this weekend!

  29. the flame that we use when cooking leche flans is so low that it gets extinguished with a soft blow

  30. Couldn’t wait. I had all the ingredients so I now have some llaneras doing the de lata version–also Alaska in the steamer!! Too excited not to try. Will get some fresh milk and try it this weekend. My son’s excited like me. Hahaha!!

  31. To anyone who cares to try using muscovado sugar in their leche flan, yes! It’s great as I partly mentioned in the earlier leche flan post.

    Alexana, I am intrigued by your sinigang sa bayabas recipe. Will you kindly share it with me? My email: samut_sari@yahoo.com. I, too am not at all fond of using mixes–unless in dire “emergencies”. I even make our own taho, soya milk, peanut butter, yoghourt, etc. Thanks.

    Zena, I don’t bother straining the leche flan before steaming. They always come out perfect. The trick is not to steer too much such that air bubbles form inside. You may start by steering in only one direction.

    Steaming the leche flan need not necessarily result to bubbly, cakey products. With just the right amount of heat and cooking time, everything will be fine. If you’re making a smaller leche flan, check after 30 minutes. For the larger llanera, check after 45 mins. This is the time to start making bantay just to ensure they would come out in just the right doneness.

    I hope these helped.

    And great to have you back MM!

  32. Kudos to your ma-in-law marissewalangkaparis! Iba talaga ang caramel na verging on the burnt–but not quite. That is how I also do mine–with muscovado. The resulting colour also provides such a stark contrast to the custard itself. That is why I simply use the white sugar in the caramel.

    Ay sus! Obvious bang mahilig sa leche flan?!?!?!? I came out with my recipe after NUMEROUS experimentations. And I like my leche flan not just a little bit denser, but also just, just a little bit eggy na nakikipagkumpitensiya sa gatas taste. Spike that with the muscovado taste and steamed just right…ay sarap. Hmmmm….

  33. Leche Flan Clinic:
    Re bubbles: If bubbles are on top, it’s from overbeating, next time let the mixture sit for a few minutes before steaming,sieve, prick any bubbles that rise with a pin. But I ignore the bubbles on top, after all you are going to invert it after cooling. Cover with foil or clear, heavy plastic, heavier than Saran, tied with a string. If you suspect your pan may have a small leak, fill the pan then wrap the entire pan in plastic, fasten with a twist tie on top before putting into the baine marie. The water will prevent the plastic from melting. Do not allow the plastic to touch the leche flan mixture.
    If the bubbles are within the leche flan, which is of more concern, first appearing on the outer sides, you have overcooked the leche flan. It takes a few tries to get the timing perfectly, ideally it should just be barely firm throughout but can be cut cleanly with a spoon.If it disintegrates or looks crumbly or watery again it is vastly overcooked or lacking in eggyolks to begin with. Overcooking is the most common mistake.
    Eggyolks are a great binder and in fact when scaling a bread recipe is not counted as “liquid” because it turns solid when heat is applied.
    If you worry about cholesterol forget about leche flan, I estimate roughly that a recipe with 12 eggyolks and 3 c. of heavy cream, 1 c. of sugar has at least 2400 calories, and serious cholesterol count! Spoonful for spoonful, probably one of the richest dessert offerings, but the comfort food of all time for Filipinos.
    I hope this is helpful if slightly pedantic. All I know is it takes several leche flan attempts to get it the way you want it. So don’t give up so easily after the first disaster, it is not difficult to perfect.

  34. It’s been years since i gave up on making flan but all this talk is inspiring me, hehe. I ended up making cheesecake flan instead. Cheesecake mixture in a pan with just almost-burnt sugar. Looks like leche flan, tastes like cheesecake. =)

    Daddy-F, i tried that but i can’t get the eggs to blend with the milk to my satisfaction. Maybe it was too slow, hehe. After reading sister’s comment, methinks mine was overcooked.

  35. How about the taste MM? Which is better, the de lata or kalabaw? Or is that for part II?

    bettyQ, I was just thinking of Custard cake a few days ago! I was reminiscing about the one made by the nutritionist in my Father’s office when we were kids. In the midst of my baking frenzy for my kids’ birthday cakes I was wondering if the Vanilla buttercream cake I made for one of the cakes will do for the custard cake. Will experiment on it one of this days and search for a recipe.

  36. Sister is right eating leche flan would send cholesterol and triglyceride levels to the roof with all the eggyolks, milk, sugar etc…… :-)

  37. One more trick to avoid bubbles, stir gently using fork instead of wire whisk. Strain then pour into molds.
    Make sure water in steamer is not at rolling boil or else bubbles you will still get.

  38. A word if caution: go easy on the amount of leche flan you eat. They ARE a health hazard.

    My dad had a stroke after eating a lechon and pochero lunch followed by leche flan for dessert :-( I’m not blaming the leche flan though, it was a combination of factors :-)

  39. Until I do a blind taste test of canned vs. fresh milk leche flans, I won’t know which one I prefer. I don’t necessarily believe that using fresh milk is better than canned. With regards to your experiment, MM, I would have to agree with the other readers that you’re not comparing apples to apples. Using whole eggs vs. yolks already makes a huge difference — in fact, I think it’s a much bigger factor than fresh milk vs. canned. Also, the canned milk you used is filled milk, instead of the recommended full cream. So, even without my tasting your De Lata and Baka/Kalabaw flans, I’m already sure which one would taste better. :-)

    As for “best practice,” could it be that they meant it’s the best practice to achieve the result that most Filipinos would consider is correct? It’s not always just a matter of convenience or economy. Although many people use sinigang mix for those reasons, they do know that it’s more correct to use real sampaloc. But with leche flan, people actually think it’s canned milk that’s correct, not fresh. It’s the same issue I have with that “K” cookbook’s sapin-sapin. Regardless of whether the version they featured is authentic, and even if it’s delicious, I doubt that most Filipinos would agree that a monochromatic rice cake could be considered sapin-sapin.

  40. This is the only dessert that I can make. Before, I always use Carnation evap, Alaska condensed and eggyolks only. Never tried using whole eggs coz my Nanay never did. Anyway, Connie Veneracion said that evap leaves a sour aftertaste in leche flan and recommended using full cream milk instead. So I made a batch with Carnation evap+Alaska condensed and the other batch with Alpine full cream+alaska condensed. Connie is right, the Carnation evap has a sour aftertaste compared with the Alpine full cream. So, from then on, I always use Alpine full cream.

  41. here is my 2 cents worth of opinion…not that anyone cares! For bubbles, Sister is right! I usually give my bowl of custard a good “bonk” on the counter so the air bubbles trapped will rise to the surface. I leave it alone for a few minutes. Any surface bubbles i SKIM with a sandok…thereby assuring me of a smooth surface. I arrange my ramekins or llanera on the larger tray. HEAT IN THE OVEN TURNED OFF STILL. PUT that tray with the llanera or ramekins on the rack in the oven. I gently pour the custard using a ladle. To further assure me that no air bubbles are trapped inside, I run a butter knfe through the custard one more time. Cover each one with foil. now POUR COLD WATER into the bain marie and turn on your oven. I cook mine at 300 degrees. By the time the temp. in the oven reaches 300 degrees. the heat inside the oven and the water are more or less the same gentle temp. It might take only 15 or 20 mi utes more (RAMEKIN LECHE FLAN). I take it out while it is still jiggly in the center. There is still heat while it is covered with foil and that will be enough to sort of make “IN-IN”. Do I make sense?

    Your leche flan will not be overcooked. It will be silky!!!

    Queen B: Custard Cake is best made with CHIFFON CAKE. You need a featherlight base such as chiffon when you pour the batter on top of the custard base. I think buttercream is a bit on the dense side. Do you know how to make Chiffon Cake. If not, I can post a basic one I use since time immemorial!

    My apologies to the evap/condensed camp. I am a PURIST…fresh milk for me…not too eggy and not too creamy! It is hard to define that which you are after…just like chocolate cake or any other cake. I have my own set standards which other people will beg to differ!

  42. Love leche flan. Although I find the Filipino version too rich for my taste so I always incorporate the whites. I’m extremely satisfied with my recent concoction: 6 eggs (including white), 2 evap, 1 condensed milk and 1/4 cup of sugar (less sugar or optional if too sweet for your taste). Strain the mixture with a fine sieve, and bake in hot water bath covered with foil. I use a 9x9x3 nonstick pan which takes approx 1.15 hours @ 325 degrees or check the middle with knife. If it comes out clean, it’s ready. I’ve been using muscavado for caramel but with this recipe, I’ve used white sugar and it’s just as good. Maria Clara is right–it taste awesome with macapuno (fresh not out of a jar). Great tip though on how to keep the macapuno on the bottom (or top).

  43. i got confused! which one works? my sister uses evaporated milk and whole eggs and sugar with vanilla flavoring (not the artificial ones) and it works like wonder however i would want a leche flan that sweet and creamy and has a heavier creamy texture. how do you make that? more like commercial leche flans. hmmm goldilocks is one of them. keep me posted on the part II of this leche flan battle that way I will be able to make some nice one for my son’s 6th bday partee. thanks!

  44. It was only last year that I started making Leche Flan the way I preferred it; not too eggy tasting. I scald the milk-combination of homo, half and half and evap milk mixed with sugar, lime zest and vanilla making sure sugar is completely dissolved. No condensed milk for me. Pour in cooled milk mix into slightly beaten 3 whole eggs plus egg yolks. Strain directly into prepared llanera with drained bottled macapuno strings. Wrapped llaneras with foil @325deg oven. Yummy! I am thinking of adding the haleya also next time for the summer Halo-Halo, Time to make Ukoy one of my favorites with the surplus egg whites.

  45. MM, i noticed that you were using Alaska evaporated “filled” milk. I think there is a difference between “filled milk” and the regular evaporated milk. The difference i think is filled milk is from vegetable fat or “coconut milk” and regular evap is animal fat “cows milk”, but i maybe mistaken. So there maybe a difference in the taste test. I don’t think evaporated “filled” milk is sold here in the U.S. since they are imitation and not from animal fat.

  46. leche flan, a best-seller in my mom’s house during family reunions! she makes these with duck eggs, when available (although chicken eggs work just fine) and add little dayap bits on top to give the flan an unbeatable citrusy scent. and yes indeed, the duck eggs give that rich orangey color. she steams or bakes the the flan — when the spirit moves her. these turn out either silky in texture, or firm. either way, ubos tiyak! they never last long on the dinner table.

    thank you for your insights and ‘adventures’! verrrry interrrrresting!

  47. I noticed MM that you used evaporated filled milk and not evaporated full cream milk. My mum’s recipe called for evaporated full cream milk. Would that have made a difference in the final result?

  48. My leche flans last night came out with bubbles although the taste was good.I need to do a little more “burnt” but-not- quite-sugar. But still far from my ma-in-law’s. Comments on the bubbles are really helpful!! Will do this again–but oops–the cholesterol count frightens me!! I always taste what I cook! Will go and see my ma-in-law to get more tips. Hers are really good and silky and she does it so effortlessly….Thanks everyone. I will find other people to eat what I cook…hahaha..younger ones!!

  49. Betty Q., would you please give us the recipe of the chiffon cake for the custard cake? Thanks.

  50. MM…just curious, who are your taste testers? If you did this in Cebu, I think Lee would come knocking on your door with his spoon!!!!…hahaha

    Ms. Myrna: if you want to try the custard cake…make a caramel…coat the bottom of a 9 x 13 pan…can’t use a springform! Then make your custard base and pour into your pan about 1/4 inch thick. I know, the more leche flan, the better…but not too thick! Then make your chiffon cake batter: This is a BASIC one…you can add orange zest if you like!

    2 1/4 cups SIFTED cake flour (sift it first before measuring)
    3/4 cup sugar
    1 tsp. salt
    3 tsp. baking powder

    Sift all above ingredients in a bowl Make a well in the center and add:
    1/2 cup vegetable oil
    a little less than 3/4 cup water
    1 tsp. vanilla
    7 large eggyolks

    I use just a whisk and blend together and then strain to remove lumps.

    Using a CLEAN METAL OR GLASS BOWL, whip 7 room temp. eggwhites with a pinch of salt and 1 tsp. cream of tartar. Whip it until it resembles frothy shaving cream. Then add 3/4 cup sugar GRADUALLY. Then continue whipping it till it resembles just like shaving cream. Do not overbeat! When you lift the beaters, it should hold its shape maybe curl a bit!
    Then take 1/3 of the meringue and FOLD INTO the cake batter. REMEMBER MYRNA>>>FOLD NOT STIR!!!! Then take another 1/3 and FOLD again. when incorporated, FOLD in the last 1/3. I used to do it the other way like pour the cake batter slowly in the meringue but unless you can fold faster than you can pour, the other way is much better. You won’t end up with a bottom that resembles SHOE LEATHER!

    Now, put that pan inside a larger pan …no water yet and then, veeeerrry carefully, pour the cake batter on top of the custard …fill in the spaces. Sometimes, some custard will seep through. It will settle as it bakes. …just don’t make halo! Then put the pan on the rack , preheated oven 350. Add water in the larger pan. but not even halfway only about 1/3 up is good. Now, I have done it both ways…bain marie and no water bath. …same banana results! Oh, ordinarily, chiffon cake with no leche flan, once it is baked, invert the cake on top of wax paper. BUT WITH LECHE FLAN…don’t invert. Just let it cool as is when yoou take it out of the oven.

    If you want mocha flavour for the cake, add 2 tbsp. NESCAFE INSTANT COFFEE in the 3/4 water. ….dissolve it in hot to warm water and let it COOL before adding it in the well!

    Oh, my comment above..not that anyone cares is addressed to my boys and hubby (just in case he’ll visit your blog today, MM) because he usually says…who cares!

  51. Thanks so much Betty. But, why not invert? My friend who used to make this went back home to Iloilo; she used to serve this cake inverted though. I am a newbie to this website and really loved it. Matter of fact I sent the url’s to quite a few friends already, all foodies, of course. Btw, I am based in the East Coast. Maybe we should have a GTG here in the US in honor of Market Manila and Marketman!

  52. Oh. no…I meant you just cool it down that way. Then , when it is cool enoough to handle, very carefully loosen the sides and then INVERT!

    Also, when you make the caramel. only enough to coat the bottom of the pan and maybe about 2 mm thick? Kasi, if your caramel is too thick, when you invert it, the sides will be soooo soaked!

  53. Yeah, Jun! I think I might just do that!!!! Thank you for giving me an idea!!!…Oh, better yet maybe not do the laundry for a week!!!!…hahahahhahaha

  54. Thanks betty q for sharing the recipe, I was just going to ask you if you can post it as well. Thanks! I will try it one of this days. I’ll start with making leche flan using fresh milk first. Your right, I was thinking too that the buttercream will be too heavy for the custard at the bottom and it might sink into it, so I’ll just use your chiffon cake recipe. :D

  55. my leche flan was always “palpak.” either it came out crumbly, too bubbly (not the kind of bubbly that i like), spotty and cakey because of the steam, or “collapsible” after turning it over on a platter. one time it came out like a curdled egg/milk. i gave up since then. my highest respect to those who make perfect creamy leche flan… ako rin, kaya ko rin magdala ng kutsara. :)

    mr. mm and ms. betty q and to the others who posted recipes and tips, thank you very much. the adventures i have are those encountered in the kitchen. there is so much learning in this blog. hope i can share a recipe someday. maybe when the discussion turns to pancit?

    nice day everyone!

  56. @DADD-F: I have sent you the recipe through your email. Thank you for having the interest to our family’s recipe. It ithe basic form of sinigang sa bayabas I think so it is no family secret hehehe!

    Let me know how it goes. Hope you like it!=)

  57. Marketman, can you make a category/index for BettyQ recipes? Kasi, hunting for her recipes is like an Easter Egg Hunt!

  58. Hahaha…Zena, yes, you must have done that in an ultra slow motion. It takes a bit of practice. Pwede mo ring itaktak ng konti ang llanera to give the bubbles a chance to move up and eventually burst and disappear into the air. Cooking can be a lot of hardwork but not necessariy work-work, if you get my meaning. And once the water boils, you can turn down the heat somewhat, just don’t get into the habit of opening the steamer ng wala sa oras lest you lose the necessary heat. A big llanera should not last more than 1 hour. More than that, overcooked na. The smaller llanera naman, more or less 30 minutes lang sa steamer. Konting tiyaga, konti pang practice and you’ll get the hang of it. :)

  59. Naku Ms. bettyq, hindi pala kita paghandaan ng leche flan pag-uwi mo dito at baka masumpa mo pa ako! Hahahaha…polvoron, durian cake, power bread and my native rolls good enough for you??? :) Naks! Akala mo naman kaya kong gawin lahat yun ng sabay-sabay ano? Kumusta?

    Pleasant evening everyone!!

  60. bluegirl, sorry, I can’t index contents of comments… print it out when you see them or you will end up looking for days in old posts!

  61. Bluegirl,just might help-When I want a certain recipe from the posts,I have a notebook and i quickly copy the recipe. I write the date of post and note the owner on the upper right hand side.That way,when I want to cook that particular recipe,I go thru my ntbk–and when I have doubts,I open my laptop and go to the date. BTW,I now have two notebooks entitled MM.
    To computer geeks,I still find this practical so I have the notebook in front of me while I bake/cook.You can have a small plastic to cover the page while you bake–“no bake spots.Haha…hope this helps.

  62. Marissewalangkaparis, great idea. Would you happen to have the url for Betty Q’s pansit malabon? Or maybe Betty Q. can post the recipe again? As I mentioned earlier, I am a newbie here and missed all those earlier posts. And yes, I agree, it was sooooooo hard (most of the time the search is futile) to search for a posted recipe. I have a MM file on Word and everytime I see an interesting recipe I just copy and paste it.

  63. what a perfect timing for this entry! its my father’s biG 65 bday in a few weeks, and im contemplating whether or not to make my own or order a leche for the occassion..i have a few recipes at home, and ive tried diff varations using “de lata” version but not quiet come to a perfect one as yet..i even tried steaming them but i always cover them with foil so that the steam does not fall through. ive tried baking baking them as well using steam bath, but still i think something is missing..thank you for this post as ive learn a few pointers..

  64. DADD-F: What are you talking about there…I told you before it is ALWAYS maaaaaasarap …the food at the KAPIT-BAHAY for some reason. Isn’t it so?

    Oh, If you want to make “taktak” a bit the leche flan, I think doing in on a folded clean rag or basahan will work so as not to crack the caramel and just in case meron matapon so you don’t have to clean the counter. BUT if you want, you can really make the bubbles rise to the surface if you BONK your bowl of custard or TAKTAK as hard as you want and leave it alone first and just skim it off.

    You know what Bluegirl, Myrna ?!? I am having a tough time, TOO searching for my past recipes I have shared. I think EBBAMYRA wanted to know or was it someone else? Anyway, Lemongrass Pork Chop or Chicken…the one like you eat in Vietnamese Rest. I FORGOT where I posted it! I used search engine …haaaaay! can’t locate it! I just don’t want to type it again and send it to her but I didn’t have a choice.

    Anyway, the Pancit Malabon recipe, MM , I think I e-mailed it to you the same time I e-mailed it to Maria Clara…I remember cc-ing it!

  65. Haaay, MM…WEEK-END na …Pancit Malabon, Pinoy Barbecue, Leche Flan…

    This is Chris’ fault! I have been very good in following my New year’s resolution of cutting down on carbs. Now, I am really craving for Pancit Malabon. I don’t know which is worse…the withdrawal I felt – no posts while you were sick or this Pancit Malabon. I guess a platito of it won’t hurt!

  66. Marissewalangkaparis, great idea! Will start on it this weekend… and go Easter Egg Hunting (LOL!)

  67. hi bettyq i have your pancit malabon recipe, you e-mailed it to me too, sorry haven’t send you the pictures oh my god made it countless of times my friends’ birthdays, mine, my son’s and an office picnic it is always a hit and unang nauubos at natatake home. now this is my default b-day gifts to friends. i always have a ziploc sauce in my freezer and packages of rice noodles(luglug) in my pantry. di ko na inalis yung print outng recipe sa ref.

  68. Haaay, Alilay! You are a lifesaver! Do you mind sending it to MM just in case he can’t locate it in his GAZILLION posts? Oh. also to Myrna! Maraming Salamat!

  69. oh pancit malabon!!! i make them but only during the holidays, masyadong matrabaho and expensive!the recipe i got is a native of malabon but i tweaked it a bit because it called for 1 long neck of mantika for the sauce!!!

    sorry ms. bettyq if i sort of switched on your carbo-craving with the pancit word, hehehe… medyo pahinga muna ako sa pansit malabon/luglug bec. i had it “up to here” na… maybe we can exchange recipes and try others’ version naman?

    i have a simple bihon recipe which calls for fried garlic, egg, and cabbage lang for recado. super-tipid and my quick-fix for pancit craving.

    i am fairly new in this blog but already, i have some recipes copied to a word folder. i already have tried some of the recipes, namely, the food for the gods and hinayupak na ensaymada… grabe, very challenging! :)

  70. hi dadd-f! do you mind if i also ask for the sinigang sa bayabas recipe? i like it when others cook it but my version is always a disaster… the bayabas sort of have an off-odor which is nakakawalang-gana in the words of my son.the email is (sorry ha? cli-name kona na ise-share mo sa akin, hehehe) cal_child_inc@yahoo.com. thank you thank you po…

  71. btw, mr.mm, i am so amazed by your blogsite. i’ve never seen a blog as active and interactive as yours! kasama na po sa daily routine ko ang pagbasa po nito… when i first started going to your site i noticed that there’s something different na di ko ma-pinpoint… after going through and reading some of the posts in the archive, i’ve finally nailed the difference – your site is clutter-free! no ads of whatsoever. i understood na rin why you chose to be ad-free. kudos! mr. mm.

  72. Alilay! You have Betty Q.’s pancit malabon recipe! Please, please post the recipe i.e., copy & paste. Thanks a million!

  73. Chris….I know the odour you are talking about…past posts of MM about sinigang …someone mentioned “kili-kili”….hahahaha… but you know what? I made it too …someone I think it was Zena who shared her recipe as well. But somehow, it did not give the odour…maybe the guavas I used werenot too over ripe or just right. Could it be there is also a differnce in taste…the Pinoy ones and the ones I buy here originating from Mexico? But they looked exactly like the ones from Pinas.

    hey, Maria Clara: you have a guava tree….taste and smell-the same from the ones back home?

  74. hi myrna what is your e-mail address, i emailed it to MM already. i already have a folder on my desktop of MM’s and bettyq’s recipes . i also have her chicken with tanglad made that one too yummmmmy.

  75. Myrna,I don’t have the Pancit Malabon recipe. I copy selected ones esp fr MM and betty q.I still have some recipes worth three pages which I haven’t done yet.Eg ensaymada and chocolate cake. Am finding right timing to my always hectic sked. Alilay,can you please email the malabon recipe to marissejavier@yahoo.com. Kung pwede pls?I love cooking/baking.It’s a stress buster for me. Also,an almost empty nest leaves me much time at night so I cook/bake.
    I do the “notebook” as am kinda dumb with the computer (hehehehe-halata age). I know basics but it will take me longer to copy and paste than write it. Ayyyyy…my IT kids are frustrated teaching me hahaha.
    Thanks bettyq,sister and esp MM for this website.I really appreciate honing my skills from actual cookouts. It’s God sent for me. Bless you and all bloggers….

  76. PS…although I learned to do the “folder” on my yahoo cuz of bettyq (MARAMING SALAMAT bettyq). When bettyq emails me I simply forward or move the recipe to “bettyq folder”. I made kulit to my hubby to teach me and now I have a bettyq folder (am so proud)..hahaha.Thanks bettyq and MM. I want to learn how to insert LINKS. Hahaha happy sunday to all…now off to the kitchen again to do more leche flan with milkmaid and alpine. And some apple muffin experiment also.

  77. hi ms. marissewalangkaparis and ms. alilay… oh please do shareyour bettyq folder… iniisa-isa ko pa ang archive, scouring for recipes from mr.mm, ms bettyq and the others… but its taking so long… maaari po ba? salamat po… email add is cal_child_inc@yahoo.com

  78. hi MM. i always make leche flan and i use the de lata version and never fails me. my mother who i consider a leche flan queen, taught me that you have to steam it in low fire (high heat causes bubbles) and for 3 hours to get the sticky & creamy consistency….that what u call like an infinity pool..he he. I always cover the top of steamer with cloth to absorb the moist. hope this contributes!

  79. alilay, may I also ask for a copy of Betty Q’s Pancit Malabon and Chicken with Tanglad recipes? We just found a big big bunch of tanglad growing near our place! Great timing to try something new. My email address is ireneuy@netzero.net Thank you!

  80. Bluegirl, …once you trim the Lemongrass…like you are only after the heart (the tender part ) for the Chicken dish BUT for the remaining outer tough leves (not too tough though), you can save them and each time you want to make Chai tea, squish a few of those outer part and add them to tea. ..OR in the summer, make a Lemonade, with some mint leaves and bruised Lemongrasss….or if you are cooking BAGOONG or Tuyo, add Lemongrasss to boiling water and Cinnamon Stick near the stove so whole house will at least not smell too BAGOONG-y!!!!

  81. met a nun before (may COD pa nun, at may organic market pa then) who sold lemongrass extract for making tea or juice. she told me i can simply boil fresh lemon grass in water, let it cool and drink it like water. just forgot what the health benefit was, but i needed that before. it tasted ok, fragrant water with a hint of herbal lemon. its like having flavored water minus the steep price.

  82. hi ms. betty… thanks for the tip, the entire house always smell of bagoong and tuyo whenever we cook those fragrant dishes :).

  83. btw, lemongrass is also a good mosquito repellant. just pound the white part and rub the juice on your exposed skin… medyo crude nga lang, pero at least organic… no ingredients na hindi mo mabasa… :)

  84. Also, since a lot of people have been asking for Betty Q’s recipe, it might be better to post it so people don’t have to keep requesting to have it emailed to them :)

  85. bettyq, thanks for the tips. ha..ha.. if you hadn’t mentioned using the hearts only, I surely would have used the entire stalk! The tea sounds lovely!

  86. Hi Alilay, may I also have a copy of the Pancit Malabon recipe? I love pancit malabon but I have not tried making it myself. Please email me at gangga27@yahoo.com. Salamat po ng marami! :)

  87. Naku, Alilay! Baka mo na rin ako masumpa!!!!! I didn’t mean to put you in the spot sa katamaran ko MAGTYPE!!!

    You are absolutely right, Kareninyshka…kawawa naman si Alilay!!! I am really sooooo sorry, Alilay!!!!!!!!

    MM, are you feeling better? ..I think you are a much better typist than I am…I just have so many papers to write (not that you don’t! ..but maybe you have an assistant?). Plus my domestic chores are up to my eyeballs now!!!

    At saka any recipe I share, I never saved them! I shall do so in the future! Kaya, once I write them on your blog, wala na sa akin! It is in your blog na.

  88. I think i have Betty Q’s chicken with tanglad recipe, here it is.

    For 2 pounds of boneless chicken thighs or pork:
    3 heaping tablespoons finely minced lemongrass (use the bottom third of the stalk-remove the tough outer stems until you get to the heart)
    1 really small onion cut in quarters
    3 big cloves peeled garlic
    1 tbsp. patis
    1 tsp. freshly ground pepper
    1 tsp. 5 spice powder (the SECRET INGREDIENT!)
    3 tbsp. sugar or honey

    Put everything in food processor and grind to a fine paste. I usually process it twice. Once in the food processor, then I finish it in the liquifier. Rub some of the paste over the chicken. Marinate overnight and barbecue the next day. I usually make 2 litres of the paste so I can freeze them in those yoghurt containers. So when chicken thighs go on sale, I go crazy, buy a whole bunch, rub the paste all over the chicken and pack them in ziplock bags of 15 pcs. chicken thighs to each bag. Then if you have any barbecued chicken leftovers, they make good sandwich filling much like in Vietnamese subs….make a carrot-daikon salad (vinegar, water , sugar to taste, little patis.), drain thoroughly…so you have split french sub, chicken, the daikon thingy, thinly sliced onion, cilantro sprigs, jalapeno if you want, then splash of Maggi seasoning.

  89. Thanks for posting Betty Q’s chicken with tanglad recipe. Can’t wait to try it! Freezing the paste is such a good idea! Now I know I don’t need to panic whenever I have boneless chicken thighs available.

  90. hey ted, mudra, karennyshka et al here’s beetyq’s pancit malabaon recipe

    For 4 people: I soak overnight 1 package of dried FAT rice noodle called LAI FUN ? It looks like spaghetti noodle. Go to any Asian store and they should have it. Here. it’s in a green and clear cellophane package. Anyway, soak it in COLD water overnight …That way, it doesn’t get mushy when you blanch it in Boiling water the next day.

    For the sauce: Peel 1/2 head of garlic and pound it in almires. Then, chop 1 really large onion. Saute garlic in canola oil until golden brown. Do not burn it. Then add the chopped onion. Continue cooking until onion is soft and caramelized. Then add 1/2 package or eeven 1/3 of a package to start with of atsuete powder. Now, add seasoned chicken stock. if you don’t have it, put about 2 tablespoons of CHICKEN BROTH powdr…not bouillon! Then add water about 1 liter to start adding more if needed. Season with pepper and Aji no moto if you use it. Adjust seasoning. Let it come to a boil. Taste and adjust the chicken broth powder .Adjust the atsuete as well. NOW

  91. hahaha… nabitin ako sa posting mo ng malabon recipe alilay… sige, i’ll just wait for it sa email. maraming salamat po.

  92. hi alilay! i love pancit malabon so much!!!!!!! i’m dying to get a very good recipe. Can you pleeeeeease email me at pvems@yahoo.com at nabitin ako sa naputol na recipe. I would really appreciate it. Thanks a lot for your generousity and effort. God bless.

  93. Hats off to u MM =) Please keep all ur brilliant ideas coming.. i sure learned from this blog entry – i can’t help but crave for leche flan (now na) – your regular viewers like me all look forward to seeing more experiments to come, More power to your site!

  94. Try to put small amount of molasses(too much of it is bitter) as your caramelized sugar or honey to your leche flan for a twist.

  95. alilay, marami naman kaming nabitin sa NOW na pancit malabon…kindly post if you have time…its a lot of people’s favorite…ang hirap na maghanap ng tunay na pancit malabon na masarap…instant lang gawa ng sister ko

  96. hmmp thats may favorite i want to cook that bat i dont now how to cook i miz filipino food



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