Lechon Eyeball – Updated Guest List and Directions

Here is the latest guest list for the Cebu Lechon/Inasal Eyeball on Saturday, November 15, 2008 — everyone on this list has confirmed their attendance:

Final Guest List

1. Mila
2. Amina 1
3. Amina 2
4. Lee 1
5. Lee 2
6. Katrina
7. Felipe
8. Moni
9. Ging
10. Fabian M. 1
11. Fabian M. 2
12. Millet 1
13. Millet 2
14. Toping 1
15. Toping 2
16. Toping 3
17. Siegrez
18. Mary Joan 1
19. Mary Joan 2
20. Marichu Tayag 1
21. Marichu Tayag 2
22. Joey 1
23. RM 1
24. RM 2
25. Guest 1
26. Artisan Chocolatier 1
27. Artisan Chocolatier 2
28. Socky 1
29. Socky 2
30. Edik
31. Ivy 1
32. Ivy 2
33. Mel
34. Nina
35. Marghi 1
36. Marghi 2
37. Mrs. a 1
38. Mrs. a 2
39. Shella 1
40. Shella 2
41. John Paul Sarabia
42. Negley 1
43. Negley 2
44. Joey Pacheco
45. Marketman
46. Mrs. MM
47. The Teen

Details of the location and directions on how to get there will be emailed to you today. If you do not receive anything by midnight, please check your spam boxes to ensure that the message from marketmanila.com hasn’t been tagged as spam. If you still can’t find your email with directions to the site by early Tuesday morning, kindly email me and I will send it to you again.

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38 Responses

  1. SIEGREZ, it seems you did not leave a functioning email address so my message to you bounced. Please email me with an appropriate address for details of the venue. Thanks.

  2. We’ll be there! to all out-of-towner guests of MM, just in case you need ANY assistance for anything (except robbing a bank coz i don’t know how) don’t hesitate to contact me: 0917-7265626
    I’m so excited to meet all of you!

  3. I’ve been faithfully exercising and eating my daily dose of oatmeal so I don’t keel over with the sudden surge of lechon in my veins. :)

  4. umm may want to think of a different title for the event. when i saw the title of this post it gave me pause.

    as much as i would love to go myself the idea of having lechon eyeballs for lunch doesnt seem to agree with me.

    ok fine im just bitter that i cant go hahahhahaa

    have fun guys and take lots of pics.

  5. hi everyone,

    enjoy the lechon EB, sadly ,i cant come i have to accompany my niece for her PSHS text this sat…..huhuhu.. enjoy the lechon and chikahan!!!!until the next EB,hopefully i can join

  6. Huhuhuhu…inggit ako.Have fun. Will pray for travelling mercies for all of you. Inggit talaga ako. Fotos ha?

  7. silingan ra kaayo nako ang lugar MM. just a few houses away. so i’ll doing a brisk walking before the lechon attack hehehehe.

    see you.

  8. waaaaah!

    why am i stuck in Cebu when all the fun will be in Cebu…

    first bite near the belly area’s for me! have fun… make sure you guys drink hot tea afterwards… don’t want all that fat to turn to sludge in your colon…

  9. Millet2, Joey et al… NO, NO, NO!!! According the to resident stuff your face expert Joey (I mean that in a good way, Joey) of 80breakfasts, you have to EAT a LOT of food until Friday, to expand your stomach. Then less food within 12-16 hours before the Saturday lunch I think was her counsel… Do not starve yourselves before then… :)

  10. BWAHAHAHA!!! I love how Joey’s now become the gluttony guru! But she’s right — starving yourself will shrink your stomach. Also, eating too much and too quickly when famished will give you an upset stomach. You have to CONDITION your tummy for the event! As Joey said, a runner doesn’t just sleep to prepare for a marathon; he keeps his endurance and fitness level up by running regularly, then just resting up right before the big day. As such, I will eat as much as I like this week (which is to say, a lot), then I plan to skip breakfast on Saturday. I CAN’T WAIT! :-D

  11. haaay, i have been faithfully drinking my norvasc this week just to make sure…hehehe
    you’re welcome millet! see you then!

  12. am so disappointed i can’t be there. but then again it is hard for me to travel now (doctor’s orders getting premature contractions). sana may EB din dito sa metro manila so those who were not able to join the cebu eb will have a chance to meet here.

  13. I hope there’s one “food trip” that’s gonna happen soon within Metro Manila or Luzon (not necessarily NCR). I just got back from Cebu last week.

    In any case there’s one and I won’t be able to check the site often, kindly email me MM. I’d truly appreciate that. Thanks!

  14. MM, I finally got your email invitation. Thanks. Will pay the P1,000 at the entrance. See you soon. Anything you need from Ormoc? Queen pineapples perhaps?

  15. Hey Joey- Joey ka nga! He he! Thanks for the tips :-)

    I’m looking forward to seeing all 46 of you in Cebu!

  16. Moni, can i buy even just one of your pineapples? the best ang pineapples from Ormoc, my favorite! on a healthy note, at least the enzymes from the pineapple can help digest all the lechon we’ll be feasting on!

  17. Joan, no problem. No payment required either. I will buy them just before I take the fastcraft from Ormoc to Cebu on Nov. 15. I hope the Larrazabal farms in Ormoc has newly harvested pineapples on that day. Let’s keep our fingers crossed, both for the pineapples in Ormoc and the weather in Cebu. See you.

  18. Remember to take lots of pictures. MM, I hope you don’t crop the photos so all of you become headless. You can only do that with the lechon! Happy Eating!

  19. i’m sure everyone had gastronomical fun. I just wish this event would’ve fallen on a better weekend for me!

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