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Will someone please explain to me scientifically or with a good sense of humor, the real cause of those wickedly pungent longganisa burps? You know, the thing that happens after you consume anything from McDonald’s longganisa to these superb Vigan longganisa pictured above from the Blue Kitchen… For some reason, the combination of pork, spices, vinegar, tons of garlic and intestinal casings reacts with stomach acids to produce the most outrageously smelly longa-burps as I like to call them. Eau de Longa is a unique result of these delicious little buggers…and it is most obvious when you are on an out of town trip and stop at McDo and someone orders longganisa and rice. If one person orders it, everyone in the car might as well follow suit. Because as soon as you resume your trip, these really noticeable bursts of Eau de Longa are simply par for the course! In the three cubic meters of airconditioned space inside a car you just can’t escape the gasses!

At any rate, I think one of my regular readers was or still is connected to the Blue Kitchen which has several branches around the metropolis… I had been planning to review several kinds of longganisa and purchased a few from the Blue Kitchen but I just couldn’t get over the burps so I decided to just have the Vigan longganisa first – it is really good. Not too oily, not too strong on any flavors except the inevitable garlic that makes it taste so good and no humongous blobs of unmeltable fat within. This has to rank amongst my favorite longganisas and it pairs beautifully with a good native vinegar! The Blue Kitchen has dozens of great food items on offer and if I am right about one of my readers, please contact me by email as I would like to do a more comprehensive post on your stores!


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  1. I do like blue kitchen .. their various longganisas and their tapa are yummy. The sukiyaki tapa is really good too. A staple in my home for our supposedly “special breakfasts” that have become more frequent than our arteries can take!

  2. I haven’t tried anything in Blue Kitchen and it’s about time I give it a shot.

    I hate it when people burp — it’s like a fart from the mouth — simple as that. I don’t care if the burp is unintentional or worse, intentional. I just really find it gross with a capital g. I don’t need to know what goes on in the bowels of your being. Smelling someone’s burp is like walking into an invisible cloud of fart in the mall. Talk about bad luck!

  3. yup I’m from Vigan and I say it’s my fave. . . My mom said its because of the reaction of the acids and garlic which creates gases and she says garlic is hard to digest. . . I always have Vigan Longanissa in my fridge, my mom always sends me. . .

  4. Ay I just love Vigan longganisa!!! Blue Kitchen’s is great — pretty tasty. There’s a version of Cabanatuan garlic longganisa sold in Shoppersville along Katipunan that tastes similar to Vigan. Not bad either.

  5. Garlic causes all those gasses… wala blue kitchen dito but..
    when ever I call my friend to order longanissa she would ask me ano
    Ilocano? Batangeno or Pampanga????

    Well the Ilocano is more garlicky both the Batangas and Pampanga are sweet

  6. Talking about longganisa, I swear the local garlic sausage we have in Tuguegarao is the smelliest of them all! You don’t even have to burp, you’ll have longganisa breath for half a day at least after eating it. But it’s so good (deep fried over low fire making a crisp outer layer) dipped in the native suka made from sugar cane, you won’t mind the smelly breath at all.

  7. oooh, I love Vigan longganisa. Growing up in La Union, I remember as a child taking a bus ride to go to Vigan to visit my Mother’s friends and to buy these. YUM!

  8. I had the pleasure of buying a couple of kilos of vigan longanisa to bring back home to manila while on a road trip up and down the Ilocos region last june. My family was very frim that all they wanted was the langonisa as a pasalubong. I said ok without thinking about the consequenses. I didnt have a cooler with me and the ladys at the store told me that they would not spoil during the long trip back to manila. So kept them wraped in a brown paper bag and a plastic bag. The smell of garlic and vinegar lingered in the car for weeks. Next time I’m just buying it in Manila and tell them that it came all the way from Vigan.

  9. OMG! I can’t wait to have vigan longganisa when i go to phils. next month!! I practically gasped when i saw it on ur site this morning :-) haha. yep, the burping is a problem after eating these little critters but being an ilocana, i simply love these sausages. i lived with my grandmother in sta.maria, ilocos sur and vigan was only an hour away. she would go every weekend and buy the longganisa from her favourite suki. it was our weekend treat! thanks for posting this MM. It suddenly whisked me back to my childhood. Have a good weekend!

  10. i’m from pampanga, but i don’t like our longganisa…too sweet for me…anything that is hamonado i don’t like…i prefer the vigan, the lucban or any of the de recado varieties…with fried rice, fried eggs, a cup of coffee,ahhh, breakfast heaven.

  11. It’s the garlic. Someone I knew who had some stomach malady in the past couldn’t take any garlic in his food. What a sad life, huh? Too much garlic can cause serious gas problems. Try having those rolled beef thingies in Kimpura where they use a lot of garlic! Ayayay! Not recommended if you are going anywhere aside from home after the dinner.

  12. my hubby’s from vigan, and i simply love the home made longanisa my mother-in-law make :)

  13. its the same thing when you eat at jollibee. their hamburgers have the same effect as longganisa. the “burp” smell stays for at least 3 hours. i hate it when that happens.do they put garlic in it? i wonder what they put in their patties.

  14. excuse me, please
    that was so rude
    it was not me
    it was my food

    it got so lonely
    down below
    it just popped up
    to say hello


    Anyway, I like my longganisa more savory than sweet… ergo more garlic-and-spice taste, and maybe a little bit maanghang. Longganisa that is too sweet is just not appealing.

  15. arrrrgh! i miss cabanatuan longanisa! same garlic overload as the vigan variety. breakfast meals of my childhood summers in cabanatuan had longanisa, fried whole tomatoes, fried eggs and some warm gatas ng kalabaw to spoon over rice…

    i better start making use of that sausage course i took with chef gene as i dont think i would ever find those sausage varieties here in calgary. i also need to make my own spanish chorizo, my paella doesn’t taste the same without it!

  16. Wow, you can get longanisa at your Mickey D’s? I live in Hawaii and I would trade the saimin on our menu for vinegary longanisa any day!

  17. Vigan longoniza is good. So is Lucban. But my favorite is Calumpit’s. My Dad was from there so we always had a supply of this longuniza in the house. It has more fat that Vigan, but we cook it like it’s bacon. To a crisp. The fat just melts away. It has absolutely no sugar so it doesnt burn. It has lots of pepper and garlic. It also has bo sukang iloco to make it sour. Just right for my taste. Yumm. When I go home for my annual vacations, I would drive to Calumpit, pass by a couple of stops like ensaymada, plants in Tabang, halo halo, putong pulo and then the point of it all, 7 to 8 kilos of longuniza. I always over buy but I tend to give it away anyway.

  18. i love vigan longganis! another fave is lucban longganisa and the ones from cabanatuan (a bit sweet though).. any supplier of vigan longganisa here? i mean, yun from vigan talaga, not the ones na tastes like vigas longganisa lang? thanks

  19. I love both longganiza (especially chicken longganiza) and garlic, and I’ve never had this problem, thank goodness =D Maybe I just digest garlic pretty well ^_^ My fave longganiza is the skinless kind my grandma makes, sweet but VERY spicy, and it keeps its shape perfectly while cooking.

  20. Lori, funny you mention durian burps! This is totally out of topic but I once tried Durian Ice cream from FIC. I don’t eat durian and it has always been a frustration for me because my parents are “avid” durian eaters. So I try to force myself every once in a while thinking it’ll eventually grow on me. Eating the ice cream was pleasant enough- at first, that is. I even finished 2 scoops! But when the coldness of the ice cream went away, the heavy pungent aroma started to set in. I was gagging from the smell of my own breath! Yikes! I’ll never eat durian ice cream again, that’s for sure.

  21. Longganisas are the best! My most memorable longganisa experience was the one I had for breakfast at Banaue Hotel. Really small ones, garlicky and and dry/toasted. Taste was perfect and I never had longganisas as delicious as those. I was told the longganisas they served us were local to the region. Would anybody know what longganisas those would be? Can anybody share their own recipe? Thanks

  22. A must try is the longganisa at the Baguio Country club; a peppery, vinegary variety, which quickly replaced Vigan lonnganisa as my favorite at first taste. Fry till crispy/toasted, then fry the sinangag and egg in the lonnganisa oil. MM, any chance of a recipe?

  23. francs et al…I have never made longganisa from scratch but will keep a lookout for a decent recipe…

  24. fried neurons, that was so funny… reminds me of that other wise saying: “why fart and waste it when you can burp and taste it…” ewww…

    well, it’s not really called longganisa, but i love the virginia ham sausage (originally from cebu!), poke the sausage to make the fat seep out and then simmer in water then let it evaporate and what’s left is the fat to fry the sausage/longga. =)

  25. girlfriday: blue kitchen has a couple of locations but the one i go to is in rockwell.

    my question is: who makes the best longaniza in vigan? or are they all equally good? and can we buy it in manila?

  26. I buy Vigan Longaniza at Sidcor Market (Lung Center of the Philippines parking area) every Sunday.

    Yummy talaga!

  27. This article may enlighten us all: https://in.news.yahoo.com/041026/139/2hica.html (burping as a behavioural problem)

    Possible cause for garlicky longanisa’s source of gas: (from Wikipedia) garlic’s strong aromatic compounds containing sulphur molecules one is not metabolised in the guts. Allyl-methyl-sulphide (AMS) can not be digested and is passed into the blood. It is carried to the lungs and the skin where it is excreted. Since digestion takes several hours, and release of AMS several hours more, the effect of eating garlic may be present for a long time.

  28. I thought the recipe of vigan longganisa was posted here, but all i read were individual thoughts on how you get those smelly burps and gasses after eating longganisa. Does anyone here have the recipe? Pls post as i cant find any.

  29. Better try the vigan longganisa that is sold in tiendesitas. Its the best. Its on the food area. Same stall that sells fried empanadas and okoys. I like the longganisang hubad.

  30. I don’t like the sweet, sticky type of longganisa at all. I enjoy Vigan and the Dipasupil longganisa from Baguio (I believe this is the one served in Baguio Country Club; you can buy it at the market). But my favorite is Lucban longganisa! (Disclaimer: my grandmother’s family’s from Lucban, so I may be biased.) Several places in Manila now have Lucban longganisa, but most don’t serve it properly. The way we do it is: “fry” the longganisa in water (NO oil, as there’s enough fat in the longganisa) while piercing it so that the fat melts out. Fry till it’s all crumbled, toasted and very crisp. Then, to make it even more traditonal and cardiac arrest-causing (Lucban food is notable for its love of MEAT!), remove the longganisa and make your sinangag with the oil left in the pan. This will turn your garlic rice beautifully pale red and super-tasty! YUM! I can eat this any time of day. :-P

  31. The latest health news is that burping makes a person susceptible to esophageal cancer as the cells lining the esophagus tries to protect itself from the acids that backtrack from the stomach! So guys, try not to burp “intentionally”, gosh if you can help it!

  32. I’m from California and I love baking.Me and my husband might go back there in PI for vacation this coming March. I put him on a diet since Jan.3 and I have been buying sliced breads,pastas and crackers made of whole wheat. Is there a place/store in Makati where I can get them? Also where can I get imported sourcream? Where can I find Blue Kitchen? This site really helps me alot. Thanks!

  33. Juana, there are decent bread selections from the top hotels such as the Peninsula Hotel Bake shop that carries whole wheat bread, multigrains, rye, etc. There are also several bakeshops in the malls that are getting better. Ensaimadas can be purchased in several areas such as Starbucks but those wouldn’t necessarily rate as some of the best in my book… The Blue Kitchen is in the basement of Rockwell mall. Imported sour cream can be purhcased at the better supermarkets or at Santis Delicatessen. Look around the next time you visit, you will be surprised how much our food sources have improved.

  34. i love ilocos longganisa!!! but the best for me is the one from batac town in ilocos norte. batac has the tastiest empanada, i guess this is because of the longganisa that they use as filling.

    the longganisa from alaminos pangasinan is quite tasty too. it is traditionally skewered in bbq sticks when you buy it in the local market.

  35. pls. send me naman kung sino nakaka alam ng loganisa vigan recipe 3 days n ko nag i internet di ko talag makita pls.,

  36. Hi leima, unfortunately, I have NEVER made longganisa from scratch…I hope some other readers have a recipe they can send you…

  37. Can someone please e-mail me the recipe for Vigan Longganisa; Response to this is deeply appreciated.

  38. Best Vigan Longanisa I tasted was from MAC’S DELI ,in the food area of Tiendesitas. They have tasty and the best Vigan Empanada and Okoy , too. Try it and you will not regret it.

  39. i finally perfected my version of vigan longganisa, now i’m on the hunt for the recipe for vigan empanada.Can anyone pls have mercy and give me the recipe. thanks

  40. Hi Market Man:

    May I have the recipe for vigan longganisa? Thanks and appreciate it. Dunno if you got my previous email.

  41. I need a direct supplier of vigan longganisa or any longganisa so I can sell these super delicious sausages. Your kind reply is greatly appreciated. Many Thanks!

    Jocelyn Belmonte
    Las Pinas

  42. Yeah I miss these little buggers. My lola used to make them herself and it is heaven talaga kapag kasama ang paboritong suka. Yung mga prepackage mejo ala na yung tanginess iba talaga pag ikaw mismo ang nagtimpla di ba.

  43. hi! good day? can anyone share me the recipe of vigan longganisa. i really love it and i want to make money out of it. thanks…

  44. I’m gonna try that Dimasupil longganisa in Baguio… Will be there this coming October.

  45. I am hoping to get the recipe of vigan longanisa. I have tried bringing them to the US but it can’t go thru customs. I have tried making them but somehow did not taste the same. Thanks.

  46. Does pre-packed Monterey Vigan Longganisa taste like the real thing? That’s the only Vigan Longganisa I ever tried.

  47. Hi,I’m a direct supplier of Vigan longganisa. Auperb quality in taste and competency, family business from Vigan which is now here in Manila. Contact me… 09154358929 or email viganlongganisa@yahoo.com. Thanks!



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