Maison Kayser, New York


Very, very good croissants. Just a minute’s walk from Sister’s place in Manhattan. Nice. Kayser is an import from Paris, and they have managed to make a pretty darned good croissant in New York. Shatteringly flakey, yet chewy at the same time.


It was a huge pleasure to take a brisk walk in the brisk weather to pick up a few croissants, pain au chocolat or avec raisins secs every morning during our last trip to New York, just after Thanksgiving 2012. The Kayser shop and sit-down cafe is a huge hit, and it’s always packed with neighborhood folks and tourists alike. Breads and pastries seem to be very freshly baked and the counters are always struggling to seem like they have product to sell.


With good butter and Sister’s abundant selection of homemade marmalades, this was breakfast heaven indeed. I could eat 3 or 4 croissants if I let myself indulge.


The pain au chocolat was also quite good, but the pleasant surprise was this pastry with golden raisins. Really good. Would definitely go back for more of everything. If you happen to be on the upper east side and have a sugar low, or just want some affordable edible luxury, pop into Maison Kayser for a nibble or two.


Maison Kayser
74th Street and Third Avenue
New York, NY

A more comprehensive review of Maison Kayser’s goodies, here.

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18 Responses

  1. How fortunate for The Sister to have this near home. It seems bakeries abroad would rather have stock-outs (and the opportunity loss, and customer experience of making the trip to the bakery only to go away empty-handed) than take the chance be stuck with more-than-day-old products they were not able to sell.

  2. Gej, if you are a regular and from the neighborhood, you know to the 15 mins when the freshest stuff comes out of their ovens… for example, croissants at 7 10 and 4 or baguettes at 9, 11 and 5pm… then you get it HOT. :) And yes, the bread just seems that much better… but I have to say, I think tropical humidity levels in the Philippines just screws up many local bakers, even if they had a great product coming out of the oven…

  3. Looks soooo good! I finally tried Paris Delice on Makati Ave. The croissants are very good. Costs P50 per piece. Apparently, the pastries are flown frozen from Paris. I still have your calamansi marmalde so I’ll indulge next time around. Really just have to be careful with croissant since it has lots of butter!

  4. it’s heartwarming to see a top list fave featured here. I accidentally discovered eric kayser while on a shoe-string budget trip to Europe in 2006. While walking the arrondisements of Paris for a cheap breakfast, i came to his store i guess on the other bank and bought a mini baguette. Munching it while walking, it was the best baguette i had. The dough is well riped full of artisanal flavor that there is no need for any condiment. Till now, i still have that white paper bag kept. They opened a branch in Singapore i guess early last year. So for our cravings, we need not go to Paris or NYC. Their Tokyo branches also preceeded long before the US launching.

  5. The comment above is a croissant overkill! hehe…but seriously, those are beautiful croissants.

  6. happy new year mm and family! the croissant looks fabulous, wonder if they will open a branch in chicago sometime. mm, have you tried a pretzel croissant?

  7. hmmm…i would probably bring along some butter and a mug of coffee, and wait inside shop till the breads come out of the ovens, and then have my breakfast right there!

  8. Pretzel croissant has quite a cult following, the best one is at:
    The City Bakery
    3 West 18th Street
    (212) 366-1414

    The croissant’s buttery taste and pretzel’s saltiness are perfect together!

  9. Yakitate! Japan Episode 30 brought me here the Maison Kayser, it does exist

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