Mamou’s Gift to the Marketmanila Feeding Program…


It’s Mamou’s first year anniversary, and they have contacted me with some utterly wonderful and unexpected news… On Monday, July 21, Mamou’s management and all of their staff will be donating a significant portion of their day’s receipts ALL OF THEIR PROCEEDS (except VAT) and the staff are donating ALL OF THEIR SERVICE CHARGE EARNINGS to the feeding program for undernourished grade school children that they read about on last year! So anyone who dines at the restaurant on Monday (lunch or dinner) will not only get the same terrific food they serve up every day, they will also be helping to fund lunch meals for undernourished children at a Taguig elementary school. This is a terrific and totally unsolicited gesture, and I am certain the kids will be truly grateful for the assistance.


Last year, I wrote a post about a a great meal we had at Mamou, and it remains one of our favorite restaurants in the city, having eaten there several times since. So if you are a regular customer at Mamou, or have been wanting to give it a try, you may want to book a table for Monday, July 21. Obviously, the more folks who show up and the more they eat, the more funds will go towards supporting the marketmanila feeding program. And I know for a fact this isn’t some publicity stunt; the owners of Mamou were just going to do this quietly and without any fanfare. It’s just their way of simply giving something back, and all of their staff are involved in the effort. I wrote this post because I obviously want to pack the restaurant at lunch and dinner since that will result in more meals for the kids! I will definitely be there for a hearty meal on Monday. Thank you Mamou for this incredibly generous effort to help undernourished elementary school children!

For reservations, contact Mamou at Serendra 856.3569 or 0917.816.2668.


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  1. Wow, MM….Hats off to MAMOU!!!!!!! Wouldn’t it be neat if a few more restaurants joined Mamou’s bandwagon on that day? It could be an annual event!!!….Like here for instance where I am…on a cetain date, about 25 restaurants donate a certain percentage of their profits to a particular org. like a LOVIN’ SPOONFUL (caring for people with AIDS)!!!
    …have to check out MAMOU when I get there!!!

  2. yes, it would really be a worthwhile venture..more power to MM and Mamou. would try to visit their resto when i go home next year. that was a mouth-watering post (about Mamou), MM..those steaks!! and key lime pie?? it’s even hard to get a decent one here in northeast, of all places. maybe, i hangout in the wrong places..

  3. Hi MM, have you checked out the online fundraising project of Chez Pim’s? It’s been quite successful for raising money for a variety of projects, including feeding programs. Maybe local food bloggers and restauranteurs can do something similar on a smaller scale…

  4. MM,

    Too bad I’m flying in from Korea that day and will land on midnight. Like what the “Get Smart Agent” said “I missed it by this [] much.”

    MM, would you like me to bring you some homemade kimchi? :)


  5. My heartfelt congratulations to all your efforts, MM as well as to Mamou…and for those who will join this very worthwhile bandwagon!

  6. This only makes me love Mamou more than ever! We love this place :) Bravo to Mamou and MarketManila for commendable efforts!

    Aside from their great food, they also have a fantastic bloody mary! :)

  7. MM,

    Been wanting to try Mamou for the longest time(and Elbert’s steak room too) but I will go there on Monday with my hubby to shoot 2 birds with 1 stone: try their good food and be able to help your feeding program.

  8. Myra,

    I’ll be happy to bring you homemade kimchi (made by my korean friend’s grandma). Just give me dried mangoes for pasalubong for my korean friend. :)

    Email me at for details on how I can get the kimchi to you.


  9. “ALL OF THEIR PROCEEDS (except VAT) and the staff are donating ALL OF THEIR SERVICE CHARGE EARNINGS”

    wow!!!!….bravo MAMOU!!!

  10. Doddie, you have mail :D Now I’m really going to make an effort to go on Monday.

  11. Myra,

    No emails yet in my yahoo inbox. My dad’s celphone is 0920 5510768, you can send a message to me thru that number. I’m bringing over a kilo of homemade kimchi. :)


  12. I really hope the food & service would still be excellent on Monday even if they are donating that much to charity.

  13. This makes me love Mamou even more!! :D Congratulations on a great year… more yummy steak years to come! :D

  14. At times such as these where everyone seems to be just looking out for themselves because of the economic pinch, this selfless and generous gesture deserves not only praise and commendation but true support as well!

    Well done Mamou! Kudos to the staff and management for this inspiring move to reach out and touch lives! (We know that thanks to you more than our bellies will be more than happy and satisfied today!)

  15. MM, I saw you in Mamou this evening. You looked up when we entered the restaurant. There were few diners then since it’s quite early pa, around 7pm. I was with my husband. You were seated beside your daughter right? :)

    When we were leaving, you stood up to go somewhere. Nagkasalubong tayo. I wanted to say hi but I got shy! I want to ask you sana to autograph the anniversary card of Mamou hehehe. I took it home as souvenir.

    We had a marvelous dinner! The steak is so good. My husband loved it. Kind of similar to Antonio’s. We got the bigger size. What made the dinner so wonderful is the Sonja’s cupcake they gave away after we’re done eating.

    Service is impeccable. I love Annie! She’s the one who took my reservation last Saturday and approached my table when we were already seated and said “hi Tricia, I’m Annie”. So gracious of her. Only in US restaurants have I encountered this.

    Price is reasonable. My husband was surprised with the bill. The steak is sulit daw plus the side dishes. Their iced tea is not instant with just the right amount of sweetness.

    We will definitely go back :)

  16. Tricia, you should have said hello! When we got to the restaurant, we noticed the table beside us were MM readers, another table in front of us was reserved as well and though I noticed the last name on your table (near the chillers, right?), I didn’t connect Tricia with the last name…sorry, I just am so bad with names. At any rate, thank you so much for going to the dinner and I am glad you and your husband enjoyed it! I stood up to go see a cut of meat that one of the owners wanted to show me, but they sent it to our table instead. I am not sure if you noticed it, but it was the most amazing pig’s cheek I have ever seen! Stunning and stunningly large as well. Can’t wait to see how they will use that on their menu! To everyone else who managed to dine or lunch at Mamou yesterday, thank you so much for your support… the kids who will receive meals as a result will be grateful…

  17. Dodie,

    My EXTREME apologies, I didn’t answer you much earlier on your most generous offer to bring some kimchi. I am grateful for your offer, but please, do not take any trouble at all… No need to take up precious luggage space for me. I am sure your kimchi is brilliant, but thanks very much for offering… Again, my apologies for the late reply on this one…



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