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I think Cebu has simply the best mangoes in the world. So there. Teehee. amang1I was born in Cebu and I probably am biased but it’s my blog so I can write whatever I want! Mangoes (Mangifera indica) probably originated in India, have been cultivated for over 4000 years, and are one of the most widely consumed fruits on the planet today. In fact, Desmond Tate, in his book on tropical fruits, asserts that more mangoes are consumed on the planet every year than apples or bananas. That’s where a billion folks in India make their mark. There are somewhere between 40 and 60 species of mangoes growing from India to Papua New Guinea and about half of these species bear edible fruit. Mangoes like a slight change in seasons or temperature which helps them flower and thus they thrive more a little North of the actual equator (Philippines better than Indonesia, for example…). I could eat a mango every day and if I had to choose just one fruit to consume, it would definitely be a mango.

Cebu’s mangoes have an incredibly thin and fine skin or peel and amang2feel somewhat like a baby’s bum (the top mangoes are individually wrapped as they ripen to prevent bugs and unsightly markings), their flesh is just the right consistency and density (not too watery, fibrous or heavy), and their flavor and sweetness superb. I am not sure I could tell a Cebu mango apart from other regional mangoes (Guimaras being a close contender) if blindfolded, but I subscribe to the belief that they are the best nonetheless. A lot of this cebumangocentric behavior is of course because you are used to what you grew up with; however, I must add that I HAVE tasted Australian, Indonesian, Singaporean, Malaysian, Thai, Indian, Floridian and Carribbean mangoes so I am not talking without any experience at all. I have also tried Central Luzon mangoes but I find their density and often unsettling orangey color to be not my type.

On a recent trip to Cebu, I passed by my mango suki and loaded up a large basket with 10 kilos of ripe and and semi-ripe mangoes to take back to Manila. They were pricey, at PHP70/kilo when other mangoes are already going for PHP50/kilo, and for 30 pieces they came out to PHP23.33 each or USD0.42 cents. It still amazes me that a flimsy basket, packed right, can be thrown into the baggage hold of a large jet and the mangoes come out at the other end hardly worse for wear. I have a totally unproven theory that the reason Cebu mangoes are so good is because the environmental conditions can be quite harsh. And as the summer months approach, the intensity of the heat, the vagaries of the soil and water and the breezes between islands all help to create the finest mangoes on the planet.


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  1. My husband ate but mango when were in Cebu and he even
    learned to bargain. He told the tindera, you know I am probably the only one who comes daily and buy kilos and
    kilos of these mangoes.
    No doubtCebu mangoes are very sweet, but those who read this box from UK you can get good pakistani sometime at July and you buy them in boxes.
    and my favourite is mango fool! I slice the mango mix them with GREEK YOGURT add a bit of brown sugar… goodness heavenly delights.

  2. From my Swiss man: Will exchange tons of mango for gourmet recipes! He said other than mango which he can eat daily… GUYABANO siko karabaw in cebuano, chilled! or guyabano sherbet

  3. Yes! I agree, Cebu mangoes are the best. I sooo miss them. Here in CA they sell a mango variety from Mexico called Honey Manila mangoes but it doesn’t come close to the Cebuano variety. Anyone know where I can buy Cebuano or even Guimaras mangoes here in the States?

  4. I met some nationals from HongKong & Thailand in WashDC
    they specifically mentioned that they love mangoes from
    Cebu each time they come to the Philippines.

  5. Because I can’t get cebu mangoes all of the time, I do eat lots and lots of Guimaras mangoes which are also delicious and Zambales ones as well. But if I had to choose a mango for my last supper, it would be from Cebu… :)

  6. I can well understand the partiality of some people to the mango they grew up with. I also agree that the Cebu, Guimaras and Zambales mangoes are superb. Afterall, they all belong to the Philippine variety of ‘kinalabaw’ and we should all be proud of them.

    However, the DOST began recently a study to identify the sweetest Philippinbe mango. They collected samples from all over the country and tested them for their sugar content. It came out that the sweetest is the mango that came from the island of Lubang in Mindoro Occidental.

    The study does not stop there, though. I was told that this will run for three years to eliminate the possibility of having a fluke for a result. But in the meanwhile, Lubang mangoes are the sweetest.

    I would not wonder why. At Lubang, they have the best soil and weather for the fruit – type I weather and a high lime content in the soil. Apart from mangoes, Lubang has also the largest, sweetest and juiciest duhat (black plum), cashew
    and other fruits. That is why we are turning them into exotic wines very soon.

    Don’t fret about these claims. We are all Filipinos and we are inviting you and your foreign friends to come and enjoy them with us in the island.

    For those who will respond to this, I promise you free samples of these fruits if you come to visit us. Aside from the fruits, you will also enjoy the best unspoiled and most accessible beaches near Manila. Send me an e-mail and I will send you pictures of our beautiful island.

    in the

  7. i agree that the guimaras s the best variety of r national fruit..however, i havent tasted the dried mangoes of guimaras… the dried mangoes of cebu s still unbeatable..infact, ive sent 200 grams of the 7D brand of dried mangoes to my sweetheart in turkey..m still awaiting for his comment…the central luzon mangoes from zambales & pangasinan r also yummy but ur correct again about their color, they r orangery…

  8. I love Cebu’s mangoes!!! I go there every school breakand always, always request for mangoes! it’s cheap too, hence I always bring baskets of it back to manila.

    I found the mindanao mangoes to be very fibrous,while the luzon ones pretty bland. I think Cebu’s mangoes have the right “balance” of factors. Mexican mangoes, I dont like them at all- like tasteless raw mangoes (the ones you eat with bagong)

    My friends in singapore told me Singaporeans prefer philippine mangoes,especially the kids.

  9. hay!naku napakasarap ng manggang hilaw no!!!!!!!!!!tumutolo na nga laway me now he!kailan ko kaya yan matitikman kahit sa pangarap lang heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhheeeeeeeee

  10. I agree on Cebu mangoes being the tastiest. I know North Americans are trying to find 7D dried mango from Cebu. A friend has started importing these amazing dried mangoes into North America in large quantities but they are still hard to get. Find them here at our site…


  11. Back then i never really pay attention to what kind of mangoes my mom buys, I guess as a kid, to my taste buds they all taste the same as long as its sweet im all good. But thank you to for educating me about diff mangoes coming from diff regions of the phils. Maybe next time i come back home, i’ll be able to distinguish what kind of magoes im eating! :)

  12. please send us prospectus on raising mangoes the kinalabaw and pico variety. We are very much impressed with your presentation. at present we are on the third year inthe fruit bearing culture. please supply us necessary info particularly on mangoes, citrus (kalamansi), coffee, langka, duhat, formosa pineapple and banana(sabah, lakatan, tundan and bungolan varieties). I expect to hear from you soonest. Congratulations and More Power ! ! !

    Bong del Rosario

  13. I’m really partial to Guimaras mangoes maybe because my grandfather has a small orchard there. As compared to mangoes in mainland Iloilo like from Leon (which also claims to have the sweetest mangoes), Guimaras mangoes are super-sweet and boldly textured.

    I’ll never forget those several pieces of mangoes from a solitary tree growing near my lolo’s nipa hut. The tree was made to flower the natural way–only with smoke coming from the grasspile. It’s the sweetest of all.

    Unfortunately, Guimaras mangoes ripen so quickly, especially if they cross the strait to Iloilo. My mouth can only savor so much.

  14. google with “CARABAO MANGO DRIED”and you will hit our new website. I am eagerly waiting next week for Mindanao’s carabao dried mangoes from Amleyfood. First time in Iceland this variety of mangos is imported and also first time they are imported dried. Saves a lot on shipping specially coming from so far away. It takes 55 days approx and they left the philippines at the end of June.
    Fresh mangos can be very dissapointing here because they are refrigerated during shipping.The best fruit to buy because the labour is minimal for harvesting compared to blueberries.



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