Marketman is away for a few days…

I will be away from my desk and computer for a few days over the long weekend (Friday, Nov. 30 is Bonifacio Day/Heroes Day in the Philippines). I will be checking the website occasionally but will not respond to any emails until I get back. I will also probably be unable to sort through comments under moderation. That means that first time commenters will NOT see their comments moderated for some days. Meanwhile, enjoy the posts I have left to keep you amused, or if you are bored, check out some of the 1,400+ posts in the archives. I hope you all have a great weekend!


11 Responses

  1. It’s about time you take a break from your keyboard and monitor MM. I can imagine all the thought and effort that goes into maintaining such a successful blog. May you (and teh family) come back refreshed and energized.

  2. Ingat & enjoy! But please do arrange a pick up point for the tote and shirts in QC when you come back…

  3. enjoy the weekend! but, please come back with more posts…i was kinda looking forward to a rant on the recent brouhaha, if you will indulge my request. hehehe!

  4. looking for a recipe for a ginisang mongo, ended up in your site, mmmm… not bad!



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