Marketman is out to eat…

Marketman & Family are halfway around the planet on our summer holiday. Having achieved near GQ like abdominals, I am letting loose and allowing myself to eat anything I want for a month. I will be gone for a couple more weeks but I have left many posts to keep you amused. My apologies for not being as responsive to your comments or emails as I may only have intermittent email and surfing access. Please continue to visit and enjoy the posts I have left for you; if it is at all possible, I will do some posts from the cities that I visit. Also, since over half of my current readers have probably only come onto the site in the past year, I am also bringing back some older but favorite posts of mine so you can read through them. I encourage you to look through the archives that have nearly 1,100 posts to keep you amused while I am on vacation. Have a great summer!!!


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  1. Have a great vacation, Marketman & family! I seem to recall that you mentioned some posts ago that you were coming to the US. There should be an Eyeball for us MM fans on this side of the ocean! Like one for the East Coast and another for the West Coast.

  2. Cannot wait to read your vacation tales, great finds and the whole shebang.

  3. Vacation means more interesting posts!!! . . . can’t wait. . . have a great time with your family. . . :)

  4. Wow! We wish you’d have a very enjoyable trip! Nandito na pala yung copy ko nung Yummy!!! Thanks very much!

  5. Have an enjoyable vacation, Marketman & family! We’re eagerly waiting for your upcoming posts. =)

    Looking forward to your safe return home, too!


  7. happy holidays y vaya con Dios, MM & family!

    P.S. Thanks a million for the mag.

  8. MM,
    Enjoy your time off with your family, we’ll surely miss you and your amazing posts! Have a wonderful time and we’ll see you or it’s more likely, we’ll hear from you when you get back from your grand vacation!

  9. Ditto to all of the above comments! Family time is always the BEST! Bon voyage! Wooohoooo, enjoy yan!!! Ikain mo nalang kami but don’t forget the pix para alam namin what we vicariously ate! Hehe!

  10. That explains the NY postmark on the Yummy mag’s envelope – thanks again!

  11. My magazine has a postdate of May 2 from NY and got it Monday, that explains it. Thought you forgot to sign it until i got to the page of your article, Thanks MM.



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