Marketman Tastes Some Lukot / Sea Hare Secretions


My post a few weeks ago on Lukot or Sea Hare Secretions got a lot of reaction, the most obvious of which was “what does it taste like?” At the time, I had photos and some basic market information, but I didn’t get to taste the unusual ingredient. After some research and the unusual source of the ingredient, I was curious what it tated like as well. Well, earlier today, I got to taste some kinilaw na isda with “fresh” lukot and I must say, it was quite delicious! It was a bit overwhelmed by the vinegar, but I think this is one of those things that is texture driven, in the same manner that say jellyfish or fish lips are more about texture than flavor. The lukot had a smooth noodle like texture, and if I had been blindfolded, I would have guessed they were some sort of wheat or rice noodle. I can see why they would be sought after and used in kinilaw or tinowa (a soup of fish and vegetables). It’s been a very busy few days at work in Cebu, so posts are slower than usual. But stay tuned for the next few posts on Marketman’s new lechonan and the “fat run” we conducted in it for our lunch today… :)


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  1. I was really intrigued when you first posted about the lukot. Looking forward to more posts on your lechonan. =D

  2. I think I missed that post about lukot, sounds and looks exotic and interesting…something I would try if i get the chance. ;)

  3. Hey Markeman,

    Can’t wait for the Marketman’s new lechonan. Oh please, please, pretty please unleash that post. Hope it comes with a “recipe”. Anyways “have a Good Weekend”

  4. there’s plenty of lukot here in Davao, but I got to try it only a few years ago in one of those seafood stops near the lapu-lapu monument in mactan. a few strands were mixed in with some very good imbao (clam) soup.

  5. I’m pretty adventurous when it comes to food. But sea hare poop?…I don’t know……Gagging reflex might just kick in! :)

  6. Am at the edge of my seat waiting for those lechonan photos and stories. That will definitely make the rest of the rainy weather season seem far far away!

  7. waiting patiently,MM..cebu lechon is the best. i have a friend in makati who has his cebu-lechon flown in for special occasions. (even though the lechon lining the streets of arevalo, iloilo, on weekends, and those from villa could come thisclose…but, i’m biased ;-] )

  8. Never saw lukot in the markets of Metro Manila. Gosh, I miss eating lukot in tinowa on a cold morning =)

  9. MM,why is your lechonan in Cebu? It should be here in Manila so we can all feast there instead of getting tortured by just looking at pix!!!! :)

  10. amen, CecileJ! :-) last time i ate Cebu lechon was a year ago…a branch in MMla, MM, please?

  11. Hey Mrs. CJ, I think MM just learned the rudiments of lechon-making there in Cebu…I would do the same thing like go where the experts are and bring back home what the I have learned…I hope I’m right,MM…if not so sorry mga MRS. and Mr.!!!!

    This is one post that I will not miss no matter what. Every summer, like in August, my brother has an OPEN HOUSE and together with his compadres, they make lechon…I will tell him to log on to your blog…Finally, he will be able to make Cebu lechon …keeeping my fingers crossed!!!!

  12. Hi Marketman! I am a lurker-fan! Hehe. You are right, the texture of lukot is of a soft noodle and a bit slimy if I may add. I get to eat it often either in our tinolang isda or as kinilaw with sliced tomatoes, onions, ginger, and vinegar! More power to you Sir!

  13. Marketman, is that your hand in the pic?

    What kind of watch are you wearing?

  14. Hey, MM, did you try tamilok when you were in Palawan? I didn’t know what it was but was told to order it upon a Palawan friend’s recommendation. The resto didn’t have it and when i saw it featured on TV, i was VERY glad they didn’t. It was a very long worm that lives inside mangroves. They flush the inside with water but still looked very wormy to me. Again, probably a texture thing.

  15. zena, I just happened to watch a portion of the program Pinoy Big Brother last night and they had the contestants munching on tamilok on camera. They looked a bit gross, but to each their own. And besides, I worry about hunting through mangroves to harvest them… but a native from Palawan assures me they are feasting on a section of the decaying mangrove roots or branches…

  16. Tamilok looks nasty but I would eat it. Although some vinegar makes it taste better. Anyway, Lakers win. Lakers win. Onward to San Antonio for game 3.



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