Marketman’s Family Christmas Tree, Circa 2016


We are really liking this new artificial Christmas tree from Balsam Hill. I would, of course, prefer a fresh one, but that’s just not practical or economical in the tropics these days. So our tree is all decked out, and we are very happy with it…


We don’t add too many new ornaments every year, just 3-4 new ornaments chosen on our travels, so what you see now if what you saw on previous Christmas tree posts. But the tree looks particularly elegant this year, mostly red and lots of clear crystal and glass. Classic, perhaps even somewhat old-fashioned. But that’s what we are craving this holiday season. In spades.


A little reference to Zubuchon piggies.


And the first batch of presents haphazardly piled under the tree since we are still wrapping, organizing arranging deliveries, etc. We hope you are all gearing up for the holidays in your home and if I can manage to keep writing, stay tuned for lots of posts from the recent Roman holiday, Christmas posts from London from a couple of years back, posts from San Francisco and New York, and any posts on things we cook and prepare for the holidays!


9 Responses

  1. Those glass/crystal icicles looks great! I hope we get a close-up pic of the gifts so we can see how you used the ribbons you bought in China.

  2. Dragon, we put quite a bit of decor in the back, but I think there is a slight bias towards the front. The tree is visible on about 80% of the surface, as the back is seen at an angle from the dining table on one side, and from a sitting area on the other side. Also, from a weight perspective, we always add decor in the back so the tree doesn’t tilt with the weight of the glass/crystal pieces… Joey, yes, the tree turned out well. The shipping was an annoyance. :) Natie, I hope you have added a few more pieces to your tree this year! Ami, I haven’t even started to wrap… the presents under the tree are for sending out to folks, but I really like to sit down for a couple of hours to wrap presents for close friends and family myself…

  3. My kind of tree. One where leaves are still visible. So unlike the overstuffed overdecorated trees that seem to be all the rage these days.

  4. Funny. We just decided to get a Balsam Hill tree this year, too. Although our motivation is space, not temperature. A new sofa is eating into the space formerly allocated to the tree, so we need a narrower one and that means artificial.



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