Metro at Market!Market! Fort Bonifacio, Taguig

Cebuanos or regular visitors to Cebu know about Metro Gaisano Grocery Stores. metro1 The Metro at the Ayala Mall in Cebu is enormous and packed to the gills with goods. I love it and always make it a point to shop there for pasalubongs, unusual imported goods not found elsewhere, or just to see what is on offer. Their prices are generally low and the selection downright impressive. I always wondered who did their purchasing or merchandising because they have some really unusual things, often items not otherwise distributed in the Philippines. The imported selection of cookies, munchies, teas, olive oils, etc. are sometimes even much better than the swankiest groceries in Manila. Well, if you didn’t already know, Metro is now in Manila, at the Market!Market! Mall of Ayala in Fort Bonifacio.

Frankly, it doesn’t have anywhere near the traffic of the metro1Cebu store yet so the selection of fresh fruits and vegetables, fish and meats leaves something to be desired. But what it does have is that quirky mix of dried and bottled goods that I like so much. I hit this grocery about once a month to stock up on things I don’t easily find anywhere else. On a recent visit, I marveled at the selection of instant noodles… I know, I know, how often do I eat instant anything but it was impressive nonetheless! I also found Frank’s Hot Sauce, the original concoction used for proper Buffalo Chicken Wings (Tabasco is a substitute only when Frank’s is not available), bottled artichokes that didn’t give you a nosebleed because of the price, nice dried peppers, Vlasic pickles, V8 juices in at least 4 different sizes and package types (for all you South Beach devotees), lots of Twinnings tea flavors, Chinese, Japanese and Korean condiments and sauces, great cereal choices, canned nuts in flavors I have never heard of and a whole other smattering of “stuff.”

I couldn’t do my near daily grocery run there because the fruit, vegetable and meat section just isn’t up to snuff yet. But if the volume of shoppers builds up, things will probably improve. For now, it’s the unusual chocolate bar, vinegar or hot sauce that is going to keep me coming back…

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  1. what i love about metro is their selection of china products that are not available elsewhere. they are still not as complete as their main store in ayala cebu though but thank God they have that Greatwall Pork and Ham luncheon meat which is more tasty than Spam for my family. Besides Spam has gone skyrocket high! :-(

  2. You show a pic of Frank’s Redhot and I think of Buffalo chicken wings. There was a time that nobody served them in Toronto and you had to drive over to Buffalo where a native son, Harold Arlen (Over the Rainbow) said comitting suicide was redundant. Check this link to learn about the psychology and physiology of (ketchup) taste:

  3. Apicio, thanks for the link…will check it out. And yes, Frank’s = Buffalo wings. Really easy to do. Just fry up chicken wings then dip in a butter and hot sauce mixture. Molly, you are right, Metro has a good selection of Chinese goods as well…

  4. I’ve been to Market! Market! only a few times, around 4 times pa lang, and it’s good to know that Metro is now here. Will take a peek at the store soon…

  5. You’re spot on re Metro. One thing they don’t have but ought to being Gaisano, is MASAREAL! I got the check-out girls about it and they said Purchasing can’t stock up on it as Masareal spoils. Nooooo..?! I happen to know it keeps for a week. And there are daily flights to Cebu, right?

  6. Milet, I am not too fond of masareal (haven’t had it since childhood, maybe I should re-try) but the mixture of peanuts sugar and water should be relatively easy to make, if not preserve for at least a week!

  7. I’ve been to Market Market. I have a place close by. It’s where I will shop when I’m in Manila aside from our other housein Malabon. Nice to know it has a good market.

  8. ang ganda sa market maraming mabibili na imported product and all staff of suppermarket was courtius to the coustomer. dito ko lang na kita ang ibat ibang produktong galing sa ibang bansa us canadian food asian food ang sarap mag shoping kasi evry things you need you can shope her in metro marketmarket
    thanks to ms julie,christy sy and to the teamm leader rolly delfin who guid me to find the things i wat to shope.

  9. heya, MM….can u give me the proportions for the butter and hotsauce mixture for the buffalo wings?….my hubby is totally addicted to it and would like to try it at home…..

    your blogs totally rocks!….my twin sister introduced it to me and was hooked….

    love your post on baking supplies……..

  10. Izang, for a kilo of chicken wings, which you should sprinkle with salt and pepper and fry in a deep pan with vegetable oil, prepare a mixture of about 1/2 cup of Hot sauce (Frank’s Red Hot claims to be the original sauce for this preparation and it is available sometimes at Metro Market Market)mixed with about 1/3 to 1/2 cup of melted butter. Then as the wings come out of the fryer or fat, brush them with the hot sauce and butter mixture. Serve with celery sticks and blue cheese dip for an authentic and yummy dish! Good luck!

  11. yeah!this store is great, i bought my running shoes here, an ” ACCEL PROMO Men Shoes dept.” assisted me,he has a good sales talk..he’s very assisting and did not irritate me like what other promodisers do..he’s kind and courteous..i bet he should be awarded as the promodiser of the year..and maybe the management taught him how to be like that when it comes to the customer service..thanks to u and more power!!

  12. Thanks so much the tip on Franks! As a new expat to PH it’s one of the few things i miss. THe other things if anyone can adive me of is American Sour Cream… I’ve tried both Nestle’s version & the Australian Sour Cream from Santi’s & neither are even close to what I’ve become accustomed to in the US. Can anyone advise where to find??? Thanks!!!

  13. Market Market and Metro Gaisano is the place can be. For family, friends and a place for important gatherings and memorable happenings. Shopping in Metro Gaisano Market Market is a wise way.

  14. can u email me the winners in your december raffle entries? I just want to know if who won the raffle coz i’m one of the raffle holders.thnx

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