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For some reason, Italian men seem to be able to pull off summer pants in the darnedest of colors. Despite our tropical weather, I don’t think you would find many Pinoys who could pull off pants like these while keeping a straight face. Most of my own pants are either khaki, grey, dark blue, brown or off-white. When we travel I usually pack a pair of blue jeans, as well as black, tan and dark brown pants. Kinda boring, safe, predictable. So I was amazed yet again (this happens every time we visit Europe in the warmer months) to see so much color in the early summer days in Europe, in Italy in particular. Somehow, this all looked pretty normal, and in fact, the brighter or more unusual the color of one’s pants, the more likely they were locals rather than tourists. Up top, a pair of green pants on a very fit man on the way to his office, briefcase in tow…


Here, a bright pair of red pants on an elderly gentleman, perhaps in his 60’s or early 70’s, partner walking along with him…


Middle-aged men with pasta paunches walking briskly in green and orange pants…


A nattily dressed man in bright yellow pants and suede shoes on the sidewalks of Murano…


Can you tell who the tourist is? This summer we will be heading to some rather warm climates in two European cities and I am advised that deep, dark red is the color of the season… hmmm, I have red walking shorts, I wonder if those will work? :)


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  1. eye candy, that first pic, but i love the cool grandpa in fire-engine red!

    but i still don’t get why wardrobe has to follow the seasons. i think winter is sombre enough without everybody dressing in blacks and grays, whereas summer and spring are when everyone steps out in all the colors.

  2. Betchay, OMGOSH, do you know I thought I posted them before, did several searches for “colored pants” “Italy” etc. and couldn’t find my own post! How funny is that. I guess I will just keep this post up for others who don’t possess such a SHARP MEMORY. Senior moment indeed. What a gas. :)

  3. You save a lot of money, sweat and tears by consulting a colorist who can advise you on the most flattering colours for your complexion. You will look and feel cool (in fact several degrees cooler) in the tropics if you avoid black or dark colours.

    Speaking of colours, the traffic light changed while I was absent-mindedly waiting one day when the two old ladies beside me asked what shade of green I was waiting for. I turned beet red of course.

  4. That’s ok MM……we’re allowed a few senior moments once in a while! :) Anyway, the post is still interesting.I love it when you post about your travels abroad.

  5. I used to have an Italian colleague who used to wear yellow pants on dress down days when he was on business here in the US. We all snickered about it and called it his banana pants but since he was Italian he probably thought that he was more stylish than us drab Americans.

  6. MM, Senior moment indeed!! When I saw the post today, I said to myself “deja vu?”. But, I’m glad you reposted it. It reminded me of the pasalubongs my parents brought back for me from their european summer trip in the 60’s. My brother and I were the only ones walking around Cebu in burnt orange, apple green, and bright orange pants!!!

  7. Hahahah… When I saw the first picture, I also instantly remembered you have posted this already!

  8. the guy in green pants on the 1st pic is hot & chica! He’s wearing Hogan sneakers pa :))

  9. You’ve just about captured the colors of the rainbow with all these pictures. I’ve been a regular visitor of your site for a couple of years but I didn’t remember the photos so they’re new to me. :-)

    Chinachix, I also thought about the Sartorialist when I saw this post!

  10. Yep, it reminded of Scott Schuman’s The Sartorialist! It’s another blog I also follow :) I also like his girlfriend Garance Dore’s blog (… sorry for sidetracking!

  11. I am waiting to see the Argyle pants of the Norwegian curling team here, I haven’t seen them in the streets yet, or maybe it is me who’s not going out?

  12. The Sartorialist loves to showcase the well dressed men and women about town in NY, London, Paris, Milan. I enjoy his photos of elegant Italian men, who always seem to bring out a touch of elegance, without losing a certain manliness.

  13. Even when they (western European) wear their tennis/running shoes hehehe one can only pull it off in Europe or South America and definitely not in the Bay Area.

    Though I dig their woman wearing white dress, stunningly beautiful women in a white summer dress. I think mediterranean women looks so beautiful in white, nobody else.

  14. And Sartorialist’s camera’s darling seems to be Fiat’s cadet scion, Lapo Elkann whose older brother, John, the current head of Fiat, is the dedicatee of Antongiavanni’s men’s style book The Suit. There is a japey flow-chart floating around on how to increase your chances at being shot by the sartorialist, here’s the link:

  15. Italians are just gifted with a great sense of fashion. They’re the ‘La Bella Figura!’… always being aware of what goes together. Then, the rest of us?! – scratch our heads and question “How did he or she pull that all together?!!” … Love your postings!

  16. So’kay as long you don’t wear summer pants with the same shirt you wore on NR.

  17. Growing up in Bombay, I always tot that Orange was the colour of the Mendicants, ascetics and wandering monks seeking moksha (liberation), through meditation and contemplation of Brahman – the Creator of Hinduism.
    Sadhus as they are know collectively often wear ochre-colored clothing, symbolizing renunciation.

    Later in life I came across VIBGYOR which is a a mnemonic for the traditional sequence of hues in the visible spectrum and in rainbows. And the different rates of speed at which each colour travels. Each colour has its effect on the human body.

    Orange is the best for those people who are exposed to the sunlight as it keeps the body cool. Also those suffering from insomnia are advised to have a orange night lamp near their beds and cover themselves with Orange coloured coverlet.

    Colours are also used in psycho-therapy.



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