Organic Farming Seminar by Gil Carandang

If you are a regular on this blog, you know I love the stuff that Gil Carandang and all of the folks over at Herbana Farms bring to market. I first ran across Gil at the Greenbelt market behind United Supermarket some 12+ years ago, and I have been a fan since. Gil is giving a seminar on organic farming and since quite a few readers have over the years expressed an interest, I was more than happy to put this post to plug Gil’s seminar…
Technological Trends in Organic Farming
by Gil Carandang
January 31 to February 1, 2009
2-day Hands On Training
P4,000 seminar fee
Km. 59, Bgy. Burol, Calamba City, Laguna
8am to 5pm
Please email if you have any questions or would like to make a reservation to attend the seminar. Now if only I didn’t have a black thumb, I really should attend one of these seminars myself. :)


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  1. I heard so much about this guy from your blog and if I am not mistaken he is your vegetable guy in either Market Market or in Salcedo.=)

    Is there some place else he might be selling his produce here in Makati during the weekdays???? Also do you think some supermarkets in Makati carry organic vegetables?

    I am kinda thinking of adding organic veggies in my diet as well as my family.=)

    Thanks MarketMan!=)

  2. Hi guys, rt gonzales here of herbanafarms. we will be selling organic vegetables during weekdays other than the usual saturdays. just email me so i can inform you as sson as we do. probably 3rd week of january 2009.
    yes, we are planning a cebu seminar by april (summer 2009)
    marketman, thanks for the shout re our seminar!

  3. artisan…. i will inform you once we get our cebu scheduled seminar firmed up thanks….

  4. Best of luck to the farmers with their projects. I was a member for many years of a large CSA (community-supported agriculture) programme in San Diego, and greatly enjoyed the variety and quality of the produce (fruits, vegetables, and flowers), especially if there was something in our box that was new. Our farmer included a page of recipes for new varieties.

  5. karshaar… we at organicmanila are doing something like a CSA, helping farmers get a better price for their produce. i would love to get your inputs about the XSA over coffee. thanks

  6. i am promoting organic farming her in southern mindanao specifically EM. can mr carandang mentor me in the production of indigenous microorganism and other modern organic technologies. right now i am promoting organic vegetable production in lake sebu, south cotabato where we have started also planting vast tract of lands with organic upland rice.

  7. good morning.

    would like to ask if you’re interested in selling your organic vegetables in supermarket?
    please send your price list.

  8. I would like to visit the farm of Gil Carandang first before deciding whether or not to sign up for the 2 day seminar.


  9. sir can i be informed of seminar of gil carandang on organic farming or other seminar related to organic farming. thank you



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